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Pong remake with music effect improvements
Submitted by AL25 — 8 days, 19 hours before the deadline
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*Note: now submitting not final version so there might be some other music (from NCS/MonsterCat) and I might use fonts later

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Submitting not final version...

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Interesting game. I included it in my compilation video series of the Ludum dare 42 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I'm not sure what caused it, but ran into a bug where the ball got stuck in the center of the screen and the AI quit moving (I could still move my paddle).


Ball moved really slowly at some point. And then it stopped at the middle of my screen.

If the whole purpose of the game is to match the beats with the ball's speed, maybe you should speed up the music along with the ball's speed.


So I can win just by not pressing a key ?


Nope. Because then the ball will always bounce between your and Ai's paddles. So neither you, nor AI will win.


Hey! I just wanted to let you know that a video of one of my playthrough/reviews is up and you're a part of it!
Take a look here:


I think it needs a bit more polish (like you've said).  It would be cool to see a sort of linear increase in speed on the paddles that translated to a linear increase song speed as well.  Cool concept!

Great work!


there is some glitch in this game... when the ball touches the wall, the AI flickering....


I like it! Really nice to play, let's hope for a complete gameplay soon :)


Interesting idea! I would like to be somehow able to use the music in my favour. Is that possible in the current version of the game?


It's not possible because the music beat analyzing is not made with some algorithm - I just have those beat times... Because making pre-processing audio analyzer was too hard for me


I must admit, this got me a bit confused. I really like the idea of having the ball following the beats, but... It doesn't seem to? Maybe because it accentuate beats that are not particularly noticeable in the song?

I really don't know. Because otherwise, the game is nice! Well, catching the ball when it goes really fast sometimes impossible. But outside of those moments, it works like a pretty great rhythm game. Plus the visuals are simple, but provide good feedbacks. Well done!




Great background music, the AI is much improved from the last version I played, now it moves if the ball stays in one place for too long, creating more depth to the game. As I commented on your earlier versions, this is such a great twist on classic pong, but I don't think you have fully unleashed what music could do to pong. There is so much potential just looking at this game: change speed by tempo, change size by volume, obstacles on the board that also react to the music, slow mo when the beat drops and start picking up the pace after that. Again, it takes some more work to turn this from a cool idea to a good musical pong, but I think you had a great base. Keep it up, I can't wait to see what you add more to the game!


Thanks for the feedback :D ! Yeah, this game could fit many more features in it.


This is a really clever idea. I gather that the ball stopping moving near the middle of the music is because you're still working on it? Hope you get that finished soon, because I'd love to keep playing it longer.


Yup, I haven't finished analyzing that music.


And that's ok. I'm just excited by the concept :)


There's a rocking soundtrack and nice animations. Weirdly though, the ball goes into the center and stays there. Nice work analyzing the music beat!


Thanks! Tho soundtrack wasn't made by myself.


Concept wise, I really like this. The visuals are simplistic, but it's pong so it fits perfectly. Not really much to say past that, because it's a work in progress.


Loved the visual juice on the hits. But everything seemed to slow to a crawl just before drop, and then just stop?


Yeah, because I didn't complete analyzing all beats of that music... Lack of time...


No worries, I know that feeling!


Seems that this is something that people would do in regular rhythm games -- they "map" or "chart" for a music piece.

Something else to mention about: That 16th notes are to fast to catch. Maybe it is better if there are note visualizing effects.


Yeah, those few are way too fast but I left them so it would be a real challenge. :D


You should add a cover image for your game!