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Punch monsters in rythm, before they kill you.
Submitted by Fledered — 18 hours, 6 minutes before the deadline
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Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Please list any pre-made art/music/other assets you used.
The music is made with Medly on IOS
Casual Game Sounds by Dustyroom
iTween by PixelPlacement
Simple Scene Fade Load System by Flat Tutorials
ScriptInspector3 by Flipbook Games
TextMesh Pro by Unity Technologies
chimerical__quiet-park by chimerical

How many members in your team?

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Anything you want to say to players before they play?
Just one hint :

There is a"Next" button in the end panel of each level.

Maybe you could try it on the last level ? :)

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Nice graphics! I included it in my compilation video series of the Ludum dare 42 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


Thank you for testing it !


Great game, nice concept and lots of polish. Difficulty is harsh from the second level, but then you already know that! I'd definitely be interested to play an extended version of this with better tuned difficulty. Certainly one of the most addictive and complete-feeling games of the jam!


Thank you for your comment !

Don't worry, an extended version is planned, so you can still follow me on ;)


Very well polished game, and it's lots of fun once you have the timing down. The only thing I can think of that might improve it a little is some kind of visual indicator that you're on beat.


A lot of people wants a visual indicator like this.
Don't worry, I'll work on this game after the jam, so you can still follow me on !


A Really astonishing and atmospheric game! I like the music, well done!


Thank you !


The music was very enjoyable, especially  Monsters Everywhere.  I really liked how you made it so Finally Fun only used up down left or right, giving the player time to adjust to the mechanics before adding any angle. The graphics were simple, but they maintained a refined look. This was a very fun game to play.

I tried to play through the game on Normal. The first song went well, but when I went to the second song the difficulty seemed to spike pretty hard. I spent around forty attempts trying to beat Monsters Everywhere. I never beat it. Im not sure if the input is messing with me or if the timing is off, but I felt something wasn't right. On Dance of the Blind the background almost feels as though it is spinning, which made me dizzy.


Thank you a lot for your feedback and your compliments <3

I know there is a problem with the difficulty curve and I should  indeed change the background of "Dance of the Blind"


Very polished, I liked the music, and how the enemies spawned. The difficulty seemed to spike pretty hard! Cool visuals as well :)


I agree, the difficulty curb isn't very good ( the second level is even more difficult than the third one xD )

Thank you very much for your  feedback :)

Submitted (3 edits) (+1)

I really like the vibe and the atmosphere of the game. Kudos for great timing with the monsters, I think they appear right on the beats, and the patterns are repeated for a couple of times allowing players to learn the pattern and know exactly where the monsters would come. 

There are 2 things that I find can be improved. First, better visual feedback on how good my punches are. I understand that I should be aiming for the eyes, but Im not sure where the eye is - I know it is the white dot that by itself is not very easy to spot when monsters come at high speed, but how big its hit box is? I tried the normal run multiple times and Im pretty sure I got ahead of all the monsters yet still achieved not as good score as I expected (just around 5k), so I felt like there is no way I could improve my score without knowing how big the "perfect" zone is. Second, monsters coming from the top and bottom almost allow zero reaction time because of the narrow view horizontally. This would be quickly fixed by zooming out just a touch, or at least having an option to control the camera zoom would be really nice.

Overall, very fun game. The idea has been executed very well and the game has a good amount of polish. Great work!


Thank you a lot for your feedback !

Punch need indeed a better feedback, but I didn't have the time to improve it. Actually there is no "perfect zone" : you can get the maximum score by punching exactly in the center of the monsters, wich is quite impossible so don't worry if you can't achieve a perfect score :)

I had a lot of feedback on the difficulty of vertical monsters. I'll change that in a future update.

Thank you again !


I sort of had the feeling that its impossible to achieve that score, but I turned to the easiest mode and I did achieve almost perfect score, so it was not really that impossible. I understand that timing the eyes to be on the beats would be much harder to time the monsters, but when players feel like they have done the best and the game is not rewarding accordingly even in normal mode, it probably needs to tune down a bit. Here I suggest a very quick fix is to not use the same scale of points for final ranking the same in all modes, like in normal mode the score scale could possibly be lowered a bit, which makes sense because there is a reward for catching up with faster speed.


Not use the same scale of point in all modes is a neat idea, thank you !

Alos, it may sounds weird, but I actually like the fact that getting a perfect score is impossible.


My god, I have the worlds most solid sense of stability and a strong stomach but the visuals here were so dang motion sickness inducing.  I was not enjoying feeling like I was swirling around the entire time...  Overall, I felt it was  a bit busy for a timing game.  maybe ok at higher levels to have all those particles and things cluttering up the window but at easy, I think the foreground should be fairly empty.  I think your little dudes fly in too abruptly most of the time.  I could manage it, but there was almost 0 time to react to some of the patterns.  I understand that they're the same everytime but that doesn't mean they should have too little time for a first time runthrough to be successful.

Overall, I liked it! Pretty nice music and a good vibe =D

Good work!


You're actually the first one who tell me about a motion sickness problem, but I agree with the overdose of particle. I'll improve that in the future.

I also know that there isn't enough time to react, but in my opinion, it's part of the game's difficulty. But maybe I'll need to change some things...

Anyway, thank you very much for your comment !


Really great game! The rhythmics and feelings are excellent. I'm very bad at aiming, but I still had a lot of fun! Good job!


Thank you very much <3


Nice game ! Great graphics, music and concept. The levels are hard for me (I'm very bad playing such reflex games), but I've done my best. "Easy" mode is good to discover the levels before playing them in the "normal" mode. The harder modes are locked, but I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to play them.  I keep your game on my hard drive, in aim to try again in these few days. Good job !


Thank you very much for your comment <3

The game is really hard, it doesn't matter if you can't succeed in the harder modes. Good job !


Really awesome submission with great music and visuals. I love all the patterns on the different enemies. It's really difficult at the normal difficulty because you get a lot of fast moving monsters that are difficult to react to especially when they come from the top or bottom of the screen. Another thing that makes it really difficult is the particles. They look really cool but the monsters often camouflage with them or the background making them really hard to see.


Thank you very much for your comment !

I know the game is really difficult, but I like the fact that monsters are nearly impredictable, and you must memorize the patterns of the level.

It can be frustrating, but I hope it's not TOO frustrating (and there is still the easier modes).