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amazing game as always! got 5 gems but after that I just couldn't figure how i should plan my movements with so many guards 😵 any plans to add in checkpoints for less skilled ninjas like me?

Cool! Thanks again~

sure! and thanks <3

Glad you enjoyed ;] and what for?

Thank you for playing! It's possible I made the hitbox too small, the utensils have a rotating rectangular hitbox and sometimes it just goes right over the ingredients.

Nice game! Would love to see obstacles or other shenanigans that get in the way of potion making. I would also make it more clear when you're holding a gem. I was able to get a score of 10~

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That's a good idea! I'll be adding red eyes. And no the pot doesn't "hurt" you, it was just a way to make it intractable with the player. It also disables firing for a short time. Thanks for playing and for the kind words/feedback~

Thanks for playing! yea the cross hair is where you aim but it doesn't account for gravity which is why it seems high. didn't want a game where you just clicked on enemies. but yea not ideal for left handed people 😅

Anytime~ Would you mind also playing and rating my game as well?

My pleasure, thank you for making it~ Would you mind also playing and rating my game as well?

Awesome work dude! At first I didn't realize I had to do all the puzzles in a specific order and I didn't really care for it but then found it as a neat little puzzle as itself. The visuals were stunning and I found the chirping birds very relaxing~

Had a hard time making any cakes. Is there a way you can use your other hand?

sorry, im using game maker and don't have Linux so i can't do that 😢

Had a really relaxing time playing your game~ The art work is stellar and the music was super soothing.

I love all the particle effects and how cute jammy looks in this game. there's a good variety of things as well but it ended up kind of confusing me for a bit (especially the difference between orange and pink)

really love how jammy looks in this. the whole slapping your ass thing is also very weird but funny. I don't think I was ever able to use fruit, was there something I had to do after collecting them?

Hey great game! I love rhythm games and I just had to play this one with my DDR pad. Cheers!

Very clever puzzle game. Really had me thinking and I love the art style.

Cool game! really good looking art and a really interesting mechanic. Wish there was more.

Thank you for your review! It makes me so happy to know that, even though this game is easily exploitable, you had such a good time playing. 

And I have to agree with Nekomatata; this Review is 10/10 👍

Glad to hear you like the concept! I think I do what you're talking about in this video from my twitter:

I admit, it's a bit hard to get used to. But fun when you do. If I make a fuller version of this game, I plan to gradually introduce concepts so you feel like a grappling pro once you start to get a feel for it. Thanks for playing!

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Pretty fun game. I also made a game about drifting although mine's is more about drifting into enemies. I really like how the drifting feels in your game although it kinda sucked when you get stuck on a wall.

That's strange you don't hear anything. There is sound and music, you may have to extract the zip. I like the idea of adding a bit of screenshake, but at the same time I don't want it to be overwhelming. Thanks for the playing and the feedback~

Thanks for the idea. Yea I'm thinking about toying around with some other mechanics. I'm glad you had fun with what I have so far, definitely want to continue working on this.

I was thinking about making the enemies bigger so it doesn't feel so finicky where you either miss the enemy or hit the floor so it's nice to hear my suspicions being correct. I also feel like I should explain the slingshot mechanic better for next time as I noticed a lot of people either not pulling back or not holding down the spacebar. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing~

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Wow that was really cool. I loved the visuals and the song selection and it was super satisfying to hit those notes. At first I wasn't sure if I was supposed to ram my car into those blocks lol. Nice work. I hope to see more songs added ;]

Really tight platforming and I really like the visuals to your games. It was really short and simple but I had a good time throughout (although I wish there was some sort of win state at the end). I think there is more you can add to this in terms of juice and features but that's all I have to really say. Good work.

awesome game. just wish it would let me know my score after i run out of time. but other than that i found it really fun and addicting!

Holy shoot man 10.2s is fast. I checked the leaderboards and I found your name there. First time working with networking so it's still a bit iffy. Thanks for playing =]

that was the original plan but i found it hard to balance without making it too easy or too hard. thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing

lol yea i put that in because i thought i'd be funny. thanks for playing ;)

That was really hard lol. Beat the boss but died on the button... Really great game with really good aesthetics and music. The sliding while moving felt a bit inconsistent. I would slide quite a bit if I tried changing directions so if I wanted to change directions, I ended up releasing to stop quickly and then move the other direction. Would love to see a combination of the puzzle elements with the fighting elements and health packs x.x

Simple and fun! I actually got to the end of the song and won. It kind of ended the song really abruptly and it told me my score was 0. Like others said before me, I really wish there was more input when I get hit.

I got to 128! that was incredibly satisfying. I loved your game. Simple and really polished. That screen shake and funky music was making me bop every single try.

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That was fun and interesting. I kind of wish the grey aliens stood out more because I was kind of straining to see where big groups of them were in the crowd.

That was incredible and serene. The visuals and music put me in awe. My favorite game of the jam so far.

Kind of gave up climbing the section between the two trees with the vines coming out. Couldn't even get close to going up that high.

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Really like the look and concept of this game. I felt like the movement was buggy and sometimes I felt like I was getting hit by enemies who weren't even close to me like when I'm walking between the vines in Level 2 which kind of soured my experience. The procedurally generated music was.... interesting.... xd

Really awesome submission with great music and visuals. I love all the patterns on the different enemies. It's really difficult at the normal difficulty because you get a lot of fast moving monsters that are difficult to react to especially when they come from the top or bottom of the screen. Another thing that makes it really difficult is the particles. They look really cool but the monsters often camouflage with them or the background making them really hard to see.