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There are window controllers that exist for Java that you can use to achieve a similar effect. Java shouldn't be something that's limiting you.

Actually, I used a proprietary language from GameMaker. Sorry I'm still not understanding your question though. Every object in a level exists and are never deactivated or anything like that. The window just acts as a camera/viewport of the level with a physics object attached. It's similar to a sidescrolling action game.

I'm a bit confused by your question so let me know if I answered to it, but the entire level and all objects always exist. Moving the window just changes your viewport/camera on the level. If I wanted, I guess I can deactivate objects that are a couple pixels out of camera view but I didn't really feel like there was any major performance issue where that was a necessary measure.

Yep, this is a known error for developer's good_game_design. It sadly doesn't exist. (It's supposed to crash)

Thanks for playing my game, hope you had fun or at least found it interesting. 😉

sure~ would love to see how it turns out

Thank you~ And the dynamic soundtrack should still exist in the downloadable version(which is why it's recommended) tried for a long time but I couldn't get it to work in the html build

If you'd like a hint you can try to pick up the middle blob first ;)

Nice game! I wish there were more scenarios to pop up. I really enjoyed the addition of that since the last time I played but I only ever got one.

Wow thanks for playing and the stream. Should've added a jump scare or two ;p

Wow thank you for the recorded playthrough and feedback!~ And yea I think the biggest weak point was the lack of a tutorial. Might add that in in a bit. Happy to hear you still enjoyed it ;]

Thanks for playing and the kind words!~ You can touch the ship again to regain health btw ;]

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thanks for playing!~ and actually the blue one is a bit stronger but i guess i should've adjusted it more ;p

Edit: thinking about it, i think it has to do with the fact that the blue pulls in, so there's much more friction happening

I love it! the hectic nature is so awesome and I love how extra hectic it gets when the soul queue gets full. Wish it scaled to be even more difficult with time though since I started to get a hang of it. Great work!~

Use the fat cat as a bounce pad (hold space to jump higher) then use the fast cats as a speed boost to jump across the gap ;]

Neat game. I really like the dilemma of trying to go deeper for the sweet loot but the dangers of doing so. I think this game could really benefit from having some enemies and some more diverse upgrades other than just a longer timer. Good work!

I can't believe it's infinite butter

that's a lot of butter

I'm really sorry about that ;[ had to pick a resolution size when I started and now all the code is pretty reliant on that...

Thank you for the kind words ;] I find that consistency is a really big factor in getting things done. But also since I was on break from grad school I didn't have much else to do ;p

Very polished with a super interesting take on the theme. I love that there's multiple weapons too but I wish they weren't randomized, I usually just tried to die asap if I got bomb or sword.

Thanks for playing and the feedback!~ There is variable jump height but I scaled it back since the bouncy cats felt pretty bad the way I had it implemented (gravity as a higher value when the jump button isn't pressed) but I guess I should've fixed it properly. Definitely learned a lot while working on this. Glad you still enjoyed it, cheers

Thanks for playing and the kind words :)

Ah thanks for letting me know 🙂. The trick to that level is to use the hole in the window to slowly carry the chick across. You can start the level by scooping him up with it as well. Thanks again for giving my game a try~

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Came back and was popping off (survived 2 winters in one game) and second day after this error popped up ;[


slug.lua:164: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'previousForwardsShift' (a nil value)


slug.lua:164: in function 'draw'
grid.lua:665: in function 'drawEnemies'
main.lua:790: in function 'drawGameplay'
main.lua:1785: in function 'draw'
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

Got 160.2 but only because I hit 2 ducks by luck. I wish I had more control in the air so I can actually plan my duck massacre 😈 I also feel adding upgrades would make this game super addicting. Well done with your entry~

Thanks for the kind words! and let's just say it's a feature that the spikes can forgive you from time to time 😂I'll keep in mind about the level difficulty, thanks for leaving a comment~

I see, do you plan to continue development later? And sorry for only being available for one OS😣

Got 96! This is really fun and addicting, but I feel like there's quite a few bugs to fix like triangles getting stuck on walls and balls being reset for no reason. I also feel getting a highscore is very rng reliant since you have to just hope to get a ton of good upgrades all the time and I also felt cosmetic upgrades just felt the worst (even more than the downgrades) since there was no meaningful choice to be made and I felt it always just made the game look worse. Don't mean to criticize this game too much 😅 Thanks for making this, I genuinely had a good time playing~

This is my favorite game of the jam so far. The puzzles are so good and I love the dialogue although it does feel a bit long winded sometimes. I completed the first 7 levels only to be shocked that there were more worlds with more gameplay types, I'll definitely be coming back to this once I have more free time.

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This is a really smart game and one of my favorite games of the jam. It's really challenging and forces you to think multiple steps ahead. I wish there were also health pickups (maybe a big fly on a more troublesome enemy?). I also feel this would be better suited towards playing with arrow keys, but that's just a preference since I don't want to be bothered with clicking all over the screen. Regardless, excellent work!~

Edit: Never have I been so sad (last day)

Thanks for giving it a play~ and sorry for the technical difficulties. I knew when I was pursuing this idea that it would be hard to accommodate all screen resolutions/scalings and it was one of the things I decided to sacrifice so I could properly focus on school work while working on this. Detailed resolution settings requirements were put on my itch page but I realize now that people can skip that page by downloading it here instead. I plan to fix level 2 to be easier after and adding resolution disclaimers within the game after ratings. Sorry for the frustrations and thank you for leaving a comment on them.