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Excellent entry for this gamejam ! Great use of the assets, good level design for a nice but challenging puzzle game. The level with the spaceship is really hard, but all along I played the game I enjoyed everything ^_^

Yes, you're right, this game in its actual form is very (too ?) simple/minimalist. I know I could add more things like speed changing or direction to choose, and more different levels. But it's only a gamejam project made in few hours, so I focused more on the music (it's my job) than the rest of the game (level design, gameplay, ...). If one day I want to make a bigger game from this gamejam project (but it's not my actual priority, to be honest ^^), I'll create my own graphics and do better variety of gameplay, ennemies and levels, with a lot of funny and cute cutscenes. Thank you for your nice and constructive comment ^_^

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No checkpoint needed for only 4 actions to do, that takes less than 30 seconds to reach the end. No story needed as this short game is only about a lost rabbit for an arcade game, and not a narrative game focused on a scenario. No time to make changes as this short game have been made entirely in 6 hours today, music included. This frustrating game is made for fun, for a gamejam only, and has not any commercial goal in its actual form. But thanks for trying it, even if you seem to have completely missed the point.

I love the concept. Well thinked and well realised. Congrats !

I love the concept. Well thinked and well realised. Congrats !

As usual, BlurredGames proves to us that it is possible to make a AAA videogame alone. The frustration of seeing the end come is all the greater when the immersion in this Amnesia inspired universe is successful. The sets, the lights, the music, the photos, the texts, ... everything is done to arouse anxiety. A game which makes hope that BlurredGames releases soon a complete game, specially a new opus of Amnesia on its own. Bravo again.

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It's not a bug ^_^ This girl is really hard to catch (the best way is to block her when she walks on the fence from the bridge), but she delivers an important clue to finish the game. Have you seen english mistakes or something here (except camera clipping : I can't do anything for that ^^) ? Thank you for trying this little game. How weird ! You forgot to speak about the marvelous main theme music ! ^^"

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Very addictive and well made arcade game ^_^
"It's raining rocks, hallelujah, it's raining rocks, amen" (on a famous melody)
Obiously I really need more red (<-read "green", of course) cristals to survive a little more ! ^^"

Thank you for your comment. I don't doubt it's deeply impossible to understand in this version. of the game If you speak french, you can have all the keys of the story in the text I've uploaded in the Devlog of the game. Thanks again ^_^

Not always easy, this little platform game proves to be very fun. The simple graphics, colorful, bring by their side griphonné adorable childish aspect, while the levels are sometimes quite complicated to overcome. The penciled animations of the characters is a real plus.

An ingenious little platform-puzzle game. Pleasant graphics, classic gameplay well implemented, effective level design, this game allows to spend a nice interactive moment.

Uh ... Should we express the obviousness of the excellence of this game, since playing a few seconds is already enough to grasp its full strength? The VN gameplay makes this title a captivating interactive comic, with breathtaking graphics and a very original storyline. The choices are astute, the reflections full of humor, and we appreciate the characters very quickly. Superb experience !

Astonishing to see what people can do in such a short time. Here, an adventure full of humor on a background of Greek mythology revisited for our greatest pleasure. The graphics are particularly successful and original, especially for the characters.

A real little traditional point & click game made in a few weeks! Many dialogues, objects in inventory, a code to discover, sets made by hand, with many animations full of charm and an omnipresent humor. Very entertaining!

A game that shows all the know-how of the creator, with efficient and varied gameplay, in beautiful backgrounds, with a particularly engaging atmosphere and an intriguing scenario.

A cute little RPG, full of life. Some fights are difficult (for a person not used to the genre), but the story motivates enough to know more. Gameplay and aesthetics classic but timeless.

Very nice concept. This game has incredible Art (especially the introduction style), and is really enjoyable with its logic and pleasant sober universe. Well done !

As you create new projects, your skills increase considerably, and your control of the atmosphere is refined. Even if for my old laptop this is more and more difficult to run (your game requires resources that my PC does not, and sometimes it lags when I turn the camera suddenly ^^), your latest productions when Gamejams clearly show your immense potential for creating a complete game.

You manage perfectly your 3D engine, you know how to model, animate, and arrange the assets to create coherent places, you can integrate many variations of gameplay that enrich the game experience, in short, you already have everything in hands to do something absolutely brilliant and captivating, with very high rendering quality comparable to AAA games. I can't wait to play a complete game made by you: I do not doubt that it will live up to my expectations the most demanding.

So, congratulations to you for this new high-flying gamejam participation performed alone in only 10 days.

I love this game. The simple atmosphere, the respect of the theme, the challenge, the pleasure of achieving the levels, ... There are, of course, some errors in the trajectory provided by the ball that does not always take into account the obstacles on the road, but as soon as we understand the concept and the small "weaknesses", this game is very pleasant and motivating. Very nice entry for this gamejam. I have not reached the 13th level yet, but I do not despair. Bravo!

Congratulations to the winners of this contest. I am sorry for my absence, both to finish my project correctly and to try all the games submitted. Last Friday, my father died ... So I spent most of my time with my mother organizing the funeral until the obsequies. I'm just coming back today. Still sorry not to have been able to participate in this gamejam fully. I will try the contest games in a few days, when I'll feel better. Again, congratulations for this gamejam.

Thank you very much for this motivating comment. The demo is a little short, but I work few by few to make a complete chapter. Stay tuned ! ^_^

OK ! So I've finished the demo ! Yeah ! Nice game.
By the way, no technical trouble for me (I played on an old laptop with Win7 ^^).
Voilà ! ^_^

Nice game. Very intriguing. I enjoyed the exploration, but I came across an error by passing a door on the right (above a weird little monster behind a box). The sound effects are sometimes a little loud. The graphic atmosphere is successful. I would have been curious to know what was behind the door. Congrats.

I am posting here the error message I've encountered :

action number 1
of Alarm Event for alarm 1
for object obj_door:

Moving to next room after the last room.
at gml_Object_obj_door_Alarm_1
stack frame is
gml_Object_obj_door_Alarm_1 (line -1)

Yes, De Offectibus will be a disturbing and confusing experience. This demo is actually probably too confusing because of the lack of informations (it's a demo, obviously), but yes, the game will remain such weird experience in its finished version. So, thanks for your comment. I hope that the final version will respond to all the expectations of the players like you ^_^

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I've done my best to offer something playable here: I just uploaded my game on Alas, many riddles already designed (and sometimes even whose graphics and sound effects are completed) could not be implemented due to lack of time. This project, in its current version, is a little frustrating demo with stressful music ... But if we can not do a lot of things, we can still appreciate the atmosphere and graphic/esoteric style of what will await the player. I intend to move forward in this project in the next weeks, to propose a real second chapter.

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Thanks for your understanding. I've created the empty project, in aim to activate my participation in your gamejam. I'm going back home tonight, and I'll have a few hours to finish the prototype of my game (which unfortunately will not be complete anyway). I will refine the project the following weeks (I'll need it to keep my mind busy) to come up with a coherent chapter. In the meantime, the testers will still be able to get an idea of what this chapter should be.

Unfortunately, I am not sure that I'll be able to propose a playable prototype before the end of this gamejam. Many personal worries (health status of a very close person who lives his last days) have kept me away from my computer these last days, and I will be away from keyboard  all day tomorrow.

I'm afraid, so, that I will not be able to participate correctly, But I will still try to propose something (playable or not) to prevent this gamejam to see its number of participants drop by my fault .

Anyway, I will obviously continue the development of this second chapter, even if it is beyond the delay of the gamejam, and mention this "Screamworld" gamejam in the credits of this chapter, because I would not have conceived any of what I've prepared for this prototype without it and the motivation it brought to me.

All this to warn, therefore, that my prototype of chapter 2 will not be reached at all, and so, don't expect something good/playable/finished. I am obviously the first one to be sad of this situation.

If I particularly like games like Myst, I unfortunately do not have the time to realize such universes, integrating in a natural way moments of reflection in these worlds with breathtaking graphics. Maybe someday. But for now, the major influence of the games I make (Kitrinos & De Offectibus) remains based on 4 titles: Shivers, Jewels of Oracle, Aura & 7th Guest. Games where a succession of intellectual challenges and puzzles enrich a game of exploration in relatively small places.

I hope I have the time to finish my prototype for this gamejam, because I seek above all to deepen the universe, without invading too heavy and numerous texts and references: thus, if curious players have fun to make various searches, they can discover many subtleties in the game that are not accessible without looking outside the game. So, for now, I have not created anything as definitive graphics (some drafts of test, without more) and absolutely nothing programmed or even written in music. I feel that the final rush will be intense! ^^

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Hi ! I'm Yazorius, from France (Bordeaux).

Mainly a music composer. I've learned to use Clickteam Fusion in aim to find some projects using my own music (because I'm fed up that nowadays the job of music composer is mostly took by technicians/sound-designers using pre-made loops, samples and synth pad, giving a fast result full of emptiness, "cliché",  with only one or two boring chords and ininteresting melodies. My own point of view).

I've studied music composition, harmony, counterpoint, music instruments (piano, organ, ...) at the Conservatory of Music. I'm now a music teacher, and try to add different skills to my professionnal possibilities, like graphics and programing. As an adventure videogame fan, I do my best to make adventure projects. With a friend, I've already made a free puzzle game ("Kitrinos") available on most online videogames store.

I've dicovered Gamejams in 2016 with the BlackCubeJam, and since, I've participated to plenty of different gamejams, online (on Gamejolt or, or during an event in my city (like Global Gamejams for exemple). Some of my projects are still available on Gamejolt and

This actual screamworld gamejam will help me to create a new chapter of a project made for the Darktober 2018. All will be new (concept, graphics, music, code, ...), and be playable independently of the first chapter. I'll just keep the black&white aesthetic, to keep unicity of the full game.

You can discover some of my previous creations here :

GameJolt : :
GlobalGameJam :
GameJam + :
Bandcamp :
Soundcloud :

Excellent !

Après de nombreuses heures de jeu, j'ai terminé l'aventure ô combien décalée et captivante du trio geek. J'avoue avoir été moins prompt à voir la fin que la "blonde" qui a réussi le challenge en 8 heures à peine, là où j'ai passé plus de 10 heures à fouiner partout. Mais difficile de bouder ce temps passé sur ce jeu : originalité et humour sont les deux maître-mots de ce point & click qui n'est pas sans faire songer au meilleurs titres issus des Lucas Arts de l'âge d'or du genre. Blagues et situations improbables, personnages "charismatiques", références culturelles omniprésentes, ... servent un scénario frappadingue merveilleusement réalisé dans les moindres détails.

Techniquement,  ce jeu bénéficie d'une réalisation soignée, avec des graphismes en phase avec l'esprit "old-school" que prône ce titre. Les moments de réflexion se résument essentiellement à dialoguer avec de nombreux personnages, ainsi que trouver des objets (parfois assez difficiles à apercevoir) afin de les combiner entre-eux ou les utiliser dans les décors riches et variés. Observer, parler, prendre, ... le choix classique d'actions hérité des ténors du genre : ce jeu offre assurément de l'intérêt pour les aventuriers confirmés, tout en demeurant accessible aux novices.

Alors certes, ce jeu possède quelques rares éléments encore améliorables (comme l'ajout de réflexions ou actions grotesques optionnelles suite à un mauvais choix/clic), mais rien ne vient réellement nuire au plaisir du joueur, au contraire. Pour un titre amateur, il a déjà tout d'un grand ! Captivant, intrigant, marrant, sympathique, logique et fou à la fois, "3 Geeks" est de ces gemmes qui méritent d'être découvertes et appréciées à leur juste valeur. Pour un premier jeu, c'est un succès indubitable !

Thank you for your nice comment. It's really a chance that my lack of knowledge (how to texture correctly, in the engine, an external 3D model I've made) make this exprience even more strong ^^ For the music, I've done my best to make a darker/strange atmosphere. I'd liked to make something better, with traps or something else (I was planing to make water fill slowly the maze ... but it was too late to implement that). So, thank you for your kind words. I'm happy, now to go back to the pure 2D where I feel really more confortable ^^

A lot of fun, ... when I realised I can use the "J" key ^_^ Very original graphics, and a huge 3D result. Obviously, the music and sounds are missing, but the game remains excellent. I hope to play your post-jam version soon. As a first 3D project, it's really awsome ! Congrats !

I do not know if I missed something, but after opening the door of the room (where there is someone who snores) with the key and found the matches, the corridor outside becomes all black, and I do not can do nothing but return to this room. The game remains an interesting experience, with a simple gameplay that fits well with this type of games.

I really enjoyed the adventure! Very original, with a very special atmosphere. The aesthetics are very well chosen to portray this particular universe. The gameplay is a little strange at first, but I quickly get used to it (having no information in the Darktober's game page, as for most games submitted, I went to see the original description on's page and had the vital information of the "T" key). I hope this demo will become a complete game that I will certainly happy to continue. Well done !

I had a trouble with my "english" version of the game : the only version displayed was the french one. So I've uploaded an english version this morning, for people who want badly to understand the little few texts, displayed only at the beginning of the game. Nothing in the main game have been changed, and I let the original "french" version file for the players who want to compare with the "new" one.

(En) As the game description in its main page of is not imported in this gamejam page, I prefer add the informations here too :

(Fr) Comme la description dans la page principale du jeu sur n'est pas reportée sur cette page de gamejam, je préfère ajouter ces informations ici aussi :


This game uses Left and Right mouse button. So you'll have to try, even if nothing tells you to do. Sometimes it does nothing, sometimes, it's needed. Just be curious, take your time (<- very important) and try, try again, and again. This game is not made for impatient people, but for the ones who love thing, look, listen and ... try.


Ce jeu utilise le clic Droit et Gauche de la souris. Vous devrez donc essayer pour voir si ça change quelque chose, même si rien ne vous dit de le faire. Parfois il ne se passera rien de particulier, par fois ce sera indispensable. Soyez donc curieux, prenez votre temps (<- très important) et essayez, essayez encore et encore. Ce jeu n'est pas fait pour les gens impatients, mais s'adresse à ceux qui aiment réfléchir, observer, écouter et ... essayer.

Indeed, the goal is to learn, in aim to keep moving, to get rid of hateful tweets without taking the time to read them :  ignore them (the hate) to focus on the hearts (the love).  A simple message, even if clumsily realized. Thank you for your comment.

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I'm on Windows7, and I've got the same trouble : the game launch and suddenly close. Impossible to launch the game again. I've encountered this problem with two other projects. It's probably a security protection from my antivirus. I'll try later, with my antivirus desactivated.

Impossible to desactivate my antivirus (BitDefender).  And it's the reason why the game stops : my antivirus delete immediately the main "exe" file as soon as I launch it. I'll not be able to play this game (and some others of this gamejam), I'm sorry.

EDIT : with the new Windows version, no problem at all ! Great ! ^_^