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Excellent little game. Not easy to use the boost power, but so great to reach the end. A game very well made, with great graphics, original narrative part and very nice music and sounds. A pleasure to play. Thanks for submitting this game ^_^

My projet : No Turning Back (with a "k")

Version for Fusion : Steam, please. 
Contact : @YAZORIUS (twitter)
Thank you

What to say ? BlurredGames projects are each time short strong moments, neat, which let imagine a whole deep lore. They are teeming with details, and force the contemplation of places, objects, elaborate lighting. Lot No. 242 is not to be outdone, with these two universes intertwining through this strange door. The Giger/Lovecraft aesthetic is delectable and remains intriguing to perfection. The audio part is also finely produced, and the whole gives a unique atmosphere, between the exploration of archives and a mysterious temple. As if the player goes from a "Tomb Raider" to a "Prey". Many professional AAA games don't have a quarter of the wealth underlying/suggested, here. Highly captivating, BlurredGames projects would all deserve to be deepened to become complete games. BlurredGames would then have enough to become a video game institution on its own.

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What to say ? BlurredGames projects are each time short strong moments, neat, which let imagine a whole deep lore. They are teeming with details, and force the contemplation of places, objects, elaborate lighting. Lot No. 242 is not to be outdone, with these two universes intertwining through this strange door. The Giger/Lovecraft aesthetic is delectable and remains intriguing to perfection. The audio part is also finely produced, and the whole gives a unique atmosphere, between the exploration of archives and a mysterious temple. As if the player goes from a "Tomb Raider" to a "Prey". Many professional AAA games don't have a quarter of the wealth underlying/suggested, here. Highly captivating, BlurredGames projects would all deserve to be deepened to become complete games. BlurredGames would then have enough to become a video game institution on its own.

Thank you for these very motivating words. I'm very touched that you enjoyed the experience so much. My particular style hasn't often caught the attention of players, and I'm more than happy with your wonderful comment. If you are looking for short reflective experiences, feel free to take a look at my other projects. Thanks again.

If I understood correctly, you got the wrong project to upload: I looked in your profile, and there are indeed two projects with the same name. The one you uploaded here, empty, and a "demo" version that finally contains the game. So I downloaded the latest file, and I was able to play this project that I had finally already tried there some time ago, for an another game jam. I won't go back on my remembers which were excellent: this project is simply a gameplay jewel. It's nice, original, well found, with a balance between difficulty and reward, in order to grumble without ever getting too angry ^_^ A beautiful project which unfortunately suffers from this error in the project uploaded for the jam. But let everyone try to discover beyond the error the real game on your page, a game which is in itself absolutely awesome (the last levels are really difficult ^^). So, again, well done for this project !

Thank you for these oh so motivating words. This project was born from the superposition of several themes of simultaneous game jams, which gives a rather confusing project it is true. And the intellectual challenge of the content of the project is quite present, which can put off players who are already struggling with its form. I am delighted to see, despite everything, that some players insist on succeeding in progressing, or even finishing the game. Rare players who are so many jewels for a developer who is a bit on the sidelines like me. So thank you again for this comment.

Indeed, the start of the game may seem disconcerting to players who might mistake the viral simulation for real. Thank you for this motivating comment. The experience takes place in many different stages : sorry that you didn't like the optical part too much. Despite its apparent simplicity, it was difficult to create graphically to obtain a really effective visual deformation effect. As for the cube, I specify in the walkthrough that it is even possible to print the pattern directly, using the contextual menus at the start of the game. Thank you again for this comment which, I hope, will motivate players to try this game to the end ^_^

I just played your game on my Android tablet. Touch support is a risk in a jam, as few gamers will make the effort to configure their device and then install third-party software on it. I tried despite everything, and I don't regret it: your playing, in addition to being very fluid and intuitive, is splendid. The mountains in the background are magnificent, the day-night changes and bad weather are very successful. The birds to avoid are unfortunately too repetitive and in a strange position for their flight. It's all the more visible as the rest is perfect, from the eagle following us to the flights of birds in the background at the start of the game. My score is 145. Not huge, but it allowed me to discover a nice part of your game. Be careful, the score continues to increase after losing if you stay on the page. Anyway, this game is good, and I really enjoyed the touchscreen gameplay as well. The link with the concept of choice is not clear, but that does not take away the qualities of this original runner.

A game that has a wonderful atmosphere. The graphics of the ourney are simple but successful, the music is very captivating, and the choices offered in the story very interesting and well brought according to the choices already made. A great entry into this jam, congratulations for this very clean and immersive result.

The story is really very complex, with many characters hiding secrets. Many possible choices that guide the outcome of the game. Extremely original, with a captivating lore, which the rich and neat graphics illustrate wonderfully. The whole creates a truly captivating work. We are far from a production for game jam, as this project is successful, long and remarkably tied up both in its content and in its presentation.

It looks like you forgot to upload your game file. No download link visible. Either there isn't, or it's "private/hidden", but it comes down to the same thing: impossible to try it and rate it. Pity.

Big big game! Obviously, we may regret that this game was not designed for this game jam, nor during this game jam, but that in no way takes away to the excellent ideas present, as well as the pleasure of letting off steam. The graphics are very good, the game engine very fluid, and even if we may regret the progression only from left to right (no depth, despite the presence of enemies a few meters away), this game remains a great success. Well done for the job!

A Visual Novel. A perfect genre for this jam, as each dialogue ends with a choice of answers. The story is intriguing, and the graphics serve it wonderfully. Original, with beautiful epic music, a complete investigation, several different protagonists and locations, save and load option, a complete achievement system, what more could anyone ask for? If not the promised date with Jasper ^^ Wonderful game, congrats.

For information: even if this game jam does not impose any precise theme and only suggests optional themes, this project takes up the challenges below.

- my game is a strange hack simulation where quickly the player who chose to play loses the choice options

- play, finish and accept the end of the game is the butterfly effect (clearly stated in the game, and illustrated by pretty butterflies) which can change the world (at least mine ^^)

- in this game, the choice is as meaningful as it is illusory

- continue (and search), or quit (give up). Only real purely binary choice left to the player. Will you be one of those who will succeed in reaching the end?

I specify that a complete solution is accessible in the devlog of the game page throughout the month of March, in order to allow everyone to discover this game, and succeed in finishing it if they wish, without being blocked by the main puzzle.

This is a game that assumes its nerd side! Although there are no calculations, this game features the unreal number "i" in an entertaining little platformer / reflection, offering many levels. I particularly liked the aesthetics which are perfectly in tune with the concept, both in the very old-school graphics and weird the 8-bit music. Getting started is quick, the game is easy to understand and complete. The challenge is accessible and allows you to have a good time to progress gradually. A very original and personal way to take up the jam theme challenge. Well done !

^_^ Yes, I've made the game called No Turning Back. Sorry if you can't finish it.
Have you tried with the complete solution I've given in the devlog ?

Yes, the introduction is very long, but essential for the presentation of the universe which is, in my opinion, the most important thing for a successful immersion in this world combining two strong references of video games. I had considered allowing the players to skip the introduction, but they risked skipping this long presentation too much to finally stumble over puzzles and leave everything without having understood who they are, nor the references, nor why we still have a voice-off who comments things. Afterwards, there's no rush either, and 2 minutes of reading with a remarkable dubbing actor is a rare luxury in independent games, and what's more in game jam projects. I fully understand that this introduction is long, and that's why I put a counter of the remaining time at the top of the screen. As for the "zooms", yes, these are places that give a clue or will open later: this game is not an exploration game but a reflection/puzzle game. So you have to find the puzzle and try to solve it. Even if it means looking for some clues if the player does not succeed (because doing things at random offers very very little chance of succeeding). There are 4 rooms in all: if you got stuck in the hall or in the room on the right, you just haven't solved the riddle of the arrows. Thank you for your comment.

Whoops ! I thought, given your name, that you were French (and from the same city as me: Bordeaux, or even from the collective of independent developers "Bordeaux Games"). I made a mistake and I'm sorry to have answered you in French. Thank you for your answer and the effort to translate it to me in French ^_^ I will follow your project carefully, and I am delighted to see that it has already gained in depth. Excellent continuation in your projects.

Here is the last game I haven't tried yet. A very inspired game, with a beautiful staging, dialogues, successful characters, ... The challenge is unfortunately a bit high for me, and I was quick to never succeed in taking up the challenge against the balls green. But all of what I have been able to discover suggests something very nice. Hoping that this project becomes a real complete game. Congratulation for this work.

A game offered only for Android? Would it be possible to take advantage of the addition of a build for PC, in order to be able to try and rate your game? It would be helpful for most players ^_^

This game is in itself an intriguing narrative experience. Very short and linear, it is sometimes confusing to understand the story or what to do, but the strange atmosphere has the merit of being very present. I really appreciated the movement of the car, and the point & click aspect. Some good ideas in this project that deserves some attention on the scenario, the correction of some minor bugs and narrative fluidity. Well done for this original project

I feel totally stupid: impossible to find the key corresponding to the jump. Two possibilities :

1) it exists, it's quite stupid, but I can't find it despite my many tests (and it is then urgent to specify it in the game page so that the other players/testers are not blocked like me).

2) there isn't, and it's of the same ilk as the "Nothing" project with situational humor (but oddly, since the game is classic in its form, the humor is less perceptible)

I therefore have all the trouble in the world to know what to write and how to vote for this project. Is this an error on my part, bugs, or a humorous will of the developer? Never hesitate to clarify things somewhere anyway, whether in the game page, or in devlog articles.

Very nice little game. Obviously, the obvious lack of relationship with the theme imposed by the jam is a problem for the vote, but the pleasure of playing remains nevertheless something important for a player. And this pleasure is present, with simple but effective graphics, pleasant sounds even if they are very recurrent, and above all a variety of challenges with balls of different sizes and colors, and the possibility of slowing down time with the "Matrix Bullet Time effet style" which makes it possible to make a link, if not with the theme of the jam, at least with the first Matrix movie. A successful game by its arcade side, even if the addition of the timer on the screen, or points won, or even a local score table, would have been a plus for motivation. Congrats for this short game.

Salutations, cher bordelais. J'ai bien apprécié ta courte démo. J'aurais essentiellement en "reproche" de regretter que le personnage puisse sortir de l'écran (car, en tant que joueur, forcément je tente de voir s'il n'y a pas des zones planquées à l'opposé de là où on nous dit d'aller). Pour le reste, c'est amusant, et j'ai bien apprécié l'usage du combo clavier+souris. Evidemment, un petit peu de musique en fond n'aurait pas été de trop, mais pour un projet de game jam, on peut déjà saluer l'effort de variété de gameplay. Au plaisir de découvrir d'autres réalisations que tu auras faites, ainsi qu'une version plus aboutie de ce projet.

Uh... When we propose a paid project in a game jam, I usually go in the niche of the genre: "we only offer free, so that all the participants, the jury and those who created the jam can test each project". Afterwards, I detect a lot of humor in this project here: a fairly substantial price (on, at least), for something that looks completely “empty”. The title, the screenshot, the html only to be downloaded if you pay, the grotesque price... this participation is undoubtedly a way of making fun of extreme commercialism, while playing on the concept of compulsive buying. A theme that we find clearly assumed in the last Matrix. I doubt that the goal is that a person one day pays the high price of this project (even if one is never safe from a curious as rich as idiot). We are here in the abstract, the questioning. From the level of an empty copy for an exam on the subject "knowing how to take risks". Why not. The idea is playful and perfectly in phase with the mixture of the real and the virtual. Some kind of metahumor. I appreciate. If I'm right, the project is a good idea: you had to dare! If I'm wrong and therefore misunderstood the intent, savor the irony of the situation.

Initially, everything was working fine. Then, the screen went black, without being able to do anything other than restart the game. And since then, the screen goes black as soon as I stop the advertisement on the screen, second possible action (after having closed then reopened the door) each time I resume a new game. There are surely some bugs that prevent you from being able to play correctly. Despite this, the idea is nice and the reference to FNAF perfectly clear (even if I've always had trouble understanding what people find good in this series of games). Bravo already for having managed to create a fangame in such a short time. Due to bugs, I won't be able to continue the game, but the little I did was successful.

Your game interested me a lot, but alas, it refuses to launch: the image of the frog is displayed, but that's all. The computer's fan then starts to spin noisily, and nothing changes: the game is blocked there. By clicking, Windows offers me to wait for the software to respond or to cut. If I wait, nothing happens (except the fan is running at full speed). Only useful option: quit. Pity. No idea why it's not working for me. If other players manage to get this game to work, I'd be curious how they did. FYI, my PC:

- 2.50GHz 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-11900H 2.50GHz

-Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080

- 64.0 GB RAM

I doubt that the problem comes from my computer.

Original and fun project. The relationship between 2D and 3D is well made. Despite a fairly strong repetitive side, this game is quite successful. The moving walls, the messages, the quality of the ballistics, the change of cameras, ... many efforts have been made to make this game immersive. Respect for the theme of the game jam is present. The project is clean and well done. Congrats !

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Ok, jadi ini permainan lompat. Saya tidak dapat mencari kunci untuk bergerak ke hadapan, jadi saya melompat di tempatnya selama-lamanya. Nampak agak memenatkan kerana terlalu kerap muncul. Secara grafik, ia adalah pelik, tetapi mengapa tidak. Saya tidak nampak banyak kaitan dengan tema gamejam, tetapi saya rasa permainan ini dibuat untuk keseronokan, tanpa perlu mengikut peraturan jem. Jangan teragak-agak untuk menentukan kunci untuk bermain. Dan untuk mengehos fail secara langsung, anda perlu menentukan "html" dan bukannya "boleh dimuat turun" dalam halaman projek.

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En effet, même si la reconversion professionnelle semble tirée par les cheveux, l'idée est amusante. Malgré le côté quelque peu répéti-tif. Mais bon, on s'amuse, c'est le plus important, et pile-poil dans le thème matrixien attendu. Ravi que la conservation entre Maflebel et Hikaria ait eu lieu, et ait abouti à un projet aussi décoiffant. Il s'en fallait d'un cheveu (ni blanc, ni sur la langue, ni même coupé en quatre) pour que ce jeu ne voit pas le jour. Une diversité graphique des protagonistes aurait été la bienvenue, car on tourne un peu court avec ces 3 pelés et un tondu ... mais bon, l'accessibilité immédiate permet au moins d'éviter le mal de crâne à en perdre la tête. Malgré une coupe parfaitement réussie, on a à chaque fois droit à un visage mécontent ... pourtant il serait bon parfois que les chauves sourient (ouais, bon, j'ai vu Batman hier au ciné, fallait que je la fasse, désolé).

Sorry, but it looks that you forgot to upload your game (fort the html part). A file remains downloadable, but no executable file in it. I also understand that this is a game designed under Unity. Beyond focusing on the inadmissibility of this game in this game jam dedicated to Clickteam Fusion only, I would have been curious nevertheless to discover your project, which is seems impossible. Is there a specific manipulation to access and play your game?

This is a very well imagined and realized platform game. The challenge is very present, sometimes a little too difficult since if you lose you start all over again, but this game is particularly logical, and very well thought out. Going from the real world to the fictional world allows you to take advantage of the advantages of each, such as the different location of platforms. I enjoyed the changing aesthetic of the universes, and although I was put off a good number of times by bitter failures, I was able to insist until the devilish second part of the game ... A great entry in this gamejam, and which absolutely respects everything that was requested: the matrix, the logo, the universe, ... while offering a rich and exciting game. Well done !