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Keep The Song Perfect!
Submitted by Bonyok77
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I made everything on my own.

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Anything you want to say to players before they play?
Block Rhythm is a Tetris-themed song making game!

The goal is to keep the song perfect by placing the tetris block accurately as it's ghost by moving and rotating it.

Hope you enjoy the game!
Read the description on the game's page before playing...

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Cute graphics, nice game! I included it in my compilation video series of the Ludum dare 42 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


Even knowing that the faces had to be oriented correctly, I could have sworn at first that the game was punishing me for pieces I had positioned correctly. When I played a second time, it did seem to be me that was screwing up after all! Having said that, I did find that some pieces came to rest a whole row above others, and that this was quite disorienting.

Good fun, and a nice twist when it plays back the song at the end. I only wish that the "wrong note" noise was a little less annoying - even when I managed 95% on my second playthrough, every wrong note still really grated. :)


Great game and good concept ! It's just reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally difficult...


haha yea, sorry if it's too hard for you! it is indeed true for some people... I should have added several modes with different difficulties.... if I may now, how many percentage do you get?


Around 70%


Neat concept! It took me a bit of time to understand that the faces were supposed to be aligned. And even so, it can be difficult to read sometime. But other than that, it's quite nice to play! And the ending is a nice touch. Well done!


thank you for your nice feedbacks :)


Took a while to figure out that I don't have to hit space when the block reaches its shadow - that I can just leave the block in the correct position and move to the next one. Sometimes it felt like the game punished me even though I did everything correctly.

Overall a nice concept and I think it could be developed into something really cool. What if you'd have to do all actions in time of the music?


yea for that problem, although you position the block correctly, you also need to make sure that the block's face orientation is the same as it's shadow!

but anyway, thank you for playing and rating my game :)!


Lovely graphics, really fitted together nicely.

I'm not sure the positioning is spot on as sometimes I definitely had the block in the right place and it still failed me.

While playing I was concentrating on the bottom of the screen, and just glancing to the top to see my progression in the song caused me to miss a block - maybe the notes counter could be at the bottom?

I did love the bit at the end, replaying the song - that was really nice and a great touch.


for your issue, you need to make sure that the block's face orientation is the same as the ghost!

and yea I think I should put the counter at the bottom, thanks for your suggestion!


Great visual style and a nice twist at the end! I think there were a few times where I messed up although the block was clearly making its way to the ghost. This could benefit from a shorter/faster song.




I was starting to wonder where the game was going, with no points on screen or any sign of progression other than increase in diffuculty, but then was surprised at the end when the game played back the results as a song! That was really cool! Love the idea and it's done well.

If you choose to continue working on this, besides some more songs, my suggestion would be some kind of visual cue to show which block/ghost block is currently active, as it gets a bit jumbled up when the game speeds up.

Great work!


yea that would be great, I actually made the currently active ghost  to be more untransparent, but I think that's not really clear, so thank you for your advice!


Hey! I just wanted to let you know that a video of one of my playthrough/reviews is up and you're a part of it!
Take a look here:


wow, I don't know what to say but ... yeah, thank you very much! I'm very happy because my game never entered youtube before ...


No problem, I believe it's important for us devs to give each other feedback to grow.  This is just a fun way for me to do that =D


Really neat game!  I think that it's really cool that it creates your song after you finish.  I would like to see some other tracks and things but overall, pretty well done.  I was really confused on controls even though I read them before, but hey, that happens!

Great work!


thank you for your reply! I'll play your game soon in my free time...