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The music was very enjoyable, especially  Monsters Everywhere.  I really liked how you made it so Finally Fun only used up down left or right, giving the player time to adjust to the mechanics before adding any angle. The graphics were simple, but they maintained a refined look. This was a very fun game to play.

I tried to play through the game on Normal. The first song went well, but when I went to the second song the difficulty seemed to spike pretty hard. I spent around forty attempts trying to beat Monsters Everywhere. I never beat it. Im not sure if the input is messing with me or if the timing is off, but I felt something wasn't right. On Dance of the Blind the background almost feels as though it is spinning, which made me dizzy.

Thank you a lot for your feedback and your compliments <3

I know there is a problem with the difficulty curve and I should  indeed change the background of "Dance of the Blind"