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Gloomy SundayView game page

A game about a mysterious song.
Submitted by Lord Kuro — 4 hours, 8 minutes before the deadline
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Please list any pre-made art/music/other assets you used.
Rpgmaker Dlc: Zombie survival, modernday tiles, futuristic tiles, Gloomy sunday piano cover, several sound effects from and More detailed credits included.

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Team of 2

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Interesting story! I included it in my compilation video series of the Ludum dare 42 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


Thanks for trying it! It was a nice surprise to hear someone played it so long after the jam.


Nice story. It's a shame that the game is unfinishable without the walkthrough.


I'm stuck. What should I do after escaping the ghost on the roof ?


Thanks for trying the game! If it's after the first roof escape, check the clock in the piano room. If it's the second, look at the bookcase of fairy tales in the office. I also included a text file with the walkthrough if you get stuck anywhere else.


Hey! I revisited your game! Take a look here:


Thanks so much for the follow up! It really means a lot. I'm glad you made it to the end this time, and thanks for all the feedback! :D


OK! So now that I knew that there was an ending, I replayed this game.  The story is pretty good, I actually was pretty into it.  I think it still needs polish overall.  I'll check the walkthrough while writing this comment.  OH, there's a good and bad ending.  I see.  Ok, well, I got the good one because I'm duh bess! There's nothing really pointing to the idea to burn the music instead of playing it.  So maybe you can add a bit of lore to the game so that there's a choice.  Something about someone maybe thought burning things was cool and good for excorcism... I dunno!

Other than that, getting to play through it was a treat, just needs more depth and polish!


Ahhhhhhh met a few early ends with the ghost!  Maybe a restart from the last cutscene feature would be better? 

I think the tiling lacks a little dimensionality as the perspective looks a little odd. The sprites could also be a bit more appropriate e.g. for the ghost. Otherwise, gameplay is solid, the main theme is great and the lack of music when exploring was also a little chilling. 


Hey! I just wanted to let you know that a video of one of my playthrough/reviews is up and you're a part of it!
Take a look here:


Thank you so much for that! Do you have any ideas on what might make it more clear that you need to run from the ghost? It's no good if everyone gets game overs early on in the game lol.


You had to run from the GHOST?? I had no idea hahahahahahah
Maybe giving us a short cutscene... Maybe the ghost kills something in front of us and that makes it clear.  Maybe just giving us more room to get out of there would be good.  Even an inner character monologue that expresses the need to run away would be solid.  I'll have to play again then =P  Definitely one of the hardest things about creating a game can be clear objectives and endings.  Maybe putting a Continue screen at this point with an auto checkpoint before the ghost kills you would be sufficient?  That way it doesn't look so final.


I noticed the note in the boiler room changed into a plant or helmet depending on which way I approached it.  As someone who use to tool around in RPG Maker my guess is the sprite is "facing the player" when activated.  Other than that everything went pretty well. Thanks for including the walk through... some things would take too long to blindly figure out.


Thanks! I missed that one.


Well, that was a neat little RPG game.  Well put together but I couldn't figure out if there was more... I got the laundry item but couldn't find it anywhere in my inventory?  Is it interactable? Is there more than one ending?

Overall, though,  great work!


Thanks for trying it! There's two endings. The teddy bear in the laundry room was mostly a little joke item that didn't get finished in time. There's a walkthrough included that tells you how to find both endings, but let me know if the walkthrough isn't clear enough.


I'll try to find it on my own in a bit.  Thanks for letting me know =D