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I think anything that needs to be said has been said. I also liked what you did with the animals. Great Work!

I didn't notice a beat or volume change ever really. I think the volume only changed if the beat did but often the beat stayed the same so the volume didn't change either. Overall pretty simple.

First off, timing didn't SEEM to matter. Not saying it didn't but I just pressed the arrows as fast as I could in the correct order and I won. I think timing is important. 

Second, order isn't as intuitive as you might think. It took me several mistakes to realize when two options appear you have to do them left to right. I thought they were at the same time then thought you could do either or. If you want one done before the other they really should reflect that as they drop.

Lastly,  While the avatars on the dance floor are cute and fun the arrows don't really take that into account. Maybe you should take damage if you press an arrow  that runs you into another person, wall or enemy. That way when you drop two arrows at once I'm supposed to pick which direction I want my avatar to go for that beat.

This game has a lot of great potential!

I think most of the "jarring" complaints are related to the second layer. Softening that a bit or choosing a less harsh tone (since its ever-present and high in pitch) might help. By the fourth layer I was really getting into the grove of things but around a certain point I just majorly crashed and burned. Some second chance mechanic would be good. Otherwise great game!

The game started all right but crashed when I actually tried to play it. I'll try it again later on a better computer (this is on Win7). 

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The crackling is likely due to clipping. My audio was on very low to begin with so I didn't get that. Sine waves mesh together and increase amplitude which eventually will peak what the computer is able to output thus creating crackling. Solve this issue by lowering the output each individual tone is at so when the chord plays they don't go over the headroom.  Another possiblity is that your sine waves are not being cut at 0 if you are looping. Going from -10 to +10  wil create a clipping sound since you are skipping all the decibles in between.

I know the game is called chords but listening to sine waves meshing can be a little jarring. Perhaps they could be parts of jingle or short musical sequence? Either way the audio lends very little to the game. Its mostly a puzzle game where you collect items (in this case, notes) to complete the level. Perhaps using w,a,s and d to determine direction and making the block auto-move to the beat of the music? The controls made sense but doing it manually took too long. The game has potential but it's still pretty rough in design.

Good idea but for an RPG style i guess some stroy would have been nice. Great concept though.

bah my current computer can't play this game... I'll have to test on a different one...

I didn't die.... but I should have... I got shot soooooo much. Interesting concept!

Maybe some kind of word puzzle where you ask a question and give a tonal response and its up to the player to find the correct answer with the pitch tonation as a clue!

I like what you were trying to do here. Pitches were assigned to letters and length was decided by size of the word with player manipulation on maximum length allowed. As for how to make a game out of this... Maybe some kind of word puzzle where you ask a question and give a tonal response and its up to the player to find the correct answer with the pitch tonation as a clue!

It didn't seem too difficult to me though I played with a mouse. However I got curious and started to purposely hit everything and afterwards no scores would save.

I feel like this could have been pretty good. I love the retro music, fits with the style. I assume you are supposed to put in a rythm to match the symbols you choose since no line has the same symbols-rhythm as any other however if such is the case, we really only need one button.  Very rough game but I love the concept!

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Did you actually get a win condition? If so what was it? I'd like to see/hear the finished product as intended.

Is there a win condition? I tried messing with the composer until I got something that sounded all right but I wasn't sure if it was ended. The composition part could use a little work to make it clearer what the goal is. Does order matter? Its hard for me to tell what is playing the music and what is "hinted" for what is needed. Maybe we should only hear what we placed when we click compose which starts the timer over or maybe clicking on an object plays it's melody and silences everything else. Either way liked the concept. 

Do you have a non android phone version? Like PC or something?

bug on level select floor where I can leave the ship and float in space? Missing a wall. Otherwise neat concept. Love the visuals and music. Thanks for the seizure warning... you weren't kidding with this game!

Got past level 5 and then couldn't lose. Lisa was always last. I didn't even move and still didn't lose. Went past round 13 then I quit. Something with balloon pop lose conditions maybe?

Pretty simple and neat concept. 

I'm not sure if it was made easier... I lost my shield multiple times but never died, either way I liked the game and I like the concept of killing enemies with good beat and getting rid of bullets that way

I noticed the note in the boiler room changed into a plant or helmet depending on which way I approached it.  As someone who use to tool around in RPG Maker my guess is the sprite is "facing the player" when activated.  Other than that everything went pretty well. Thanks for including the walk through... some things would take too long to blindly figure out.

Goofy and fun. One of the few games I played to the end.... although that might be because I died but could play to the end anyway :)

Wasn't really my cup of tea but I like what you were going for.

Reminds me of those old Flash Video - games popular in the 90s. I didn't laugh once but I was pretty guarded. Good timing with certain dangling jokes however the humor isn't for everyone.

I like the game but am terrible at it. Any change I can hear the music without winning? lol

I had some trouble by the doors because they shot so quickly!  I ended up firing towards doors and keeping ranged before I went into a room. Also preferred rifle over shotgun. HOWEVER I like that the music depends on weapon selected.

Didn't realize this was a meme? Cute game and fun to play around with.

I had fun playing this and the music was great but I feel like our damage was far too weak in comparison with the boss. It took me like 10 tries and 15 mins just to beat one of the bosses. I'm glad you only have to defeat them once though.

Not really sure what the goal was other than to have multiple sounds playing at once? I created 4 or 5 nodes I believe playing all sorts of chaos in sounds. While neat and innovative to a degree I have no idea what the plan was.

I loved the concept of what you are doing here. I came in very early on... My server had like maybe a dozen people though so I didn't really see how it turned out after everyone else joined.

Simple but fun. Music is fantastic!

I got to admit that this game charmed my heart! Haha! I legitimately loved playing this game to the end. Although, I do agree with the others about the complex paths near the end needing clearer starting points. Too many arrows on screen confused me. Maybe you could have the arrows go from white at the start to yellow at the end in small increments (or something similar)?

Loved the visuals and music. This game lulled me to sleep with its relaxing music however I struggled with the goal of finding the birds.

Hello! Thanks for releasing the pc version of this. I was able to get past 100 and hear the new music. and the new keytar riff. However I can't move tracks. clicking the up and down arrow keys didn't do anything for my character. Could you make it that pressing the up and down arrow keys moves me as well? Also there were times when the controls seemed laggy. Since I couldn't change tracks, I had to use e to destroy things I couldn't jump over and often it didn't work when the timing was correct and I had to press again... As a result I freaked out and spammed the key and wasted multiple attacks.

It might be an issue with my computer as its running Windows 7.

I'm not exactly sure if this is a game or a concept but it seems like it could be neat.

Games with multiple buttons like this throw me but I love the concept and the music!

This is probably the most adorable game I have played yet. This would be a fun game for kids learning songs. Sometimes I didn't know what I was playing since it was a problem with my skill and not actual beats.