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Not sure? I think we used a code to block line of site to create 3 dimensional walls?

Thank you for the feedback! We did include in the How To Play that characters open doors of their color but perhaps we should have colored the border around each player to further match the door they opened.

As far as "additional abilities" we actually had planned for each one to have extra abilities! Smuggler had a decoy, scientist had a stasis field, marine had an AK and engineer had a "monster tracker". However due to scope we ended up changing the plan and had to instead give all of them weapons and just made the marine's auto-fire weaker since no one could stop the monster fully anymore.

Also the "smuggler" (since she had no doors she could open) could unlock crates that provided resources for each classes' tools (ammo, batteries and stasis fluid) but since the abilities were scrapped, so was the smuggler's extra ability.

In the grand scheme we just didn't have enough time :) but we are happy you enjoyed what we could get in!

Thank you for keeping sfx a little lower than the music. It bothers me a lot when I adjust volume for music only to have a blaring sfx. I liked the concept but I had trouble understanding how each character worked before I read the description page. Even after I did I still couldn't pick up boxes with the strong guy using shift. Also when I tried to throw the other characters he only threw them left for some reason? The music was chill but maybe too chill for your challenge level? I did have to get used to "jumping" with a fan and using spacebar to swap characters but I did enjoy the experience. I would recommend moving them a little faster though :)

Sorry I kept clipping and couldn't get a good grasp on this game. I will say the typing text was a little ear piercing so maybe a lower pitch on that. As others have mentioned the perspective makes it hard to see where I could go and I felt like I was getting caught in places I shouldn't have. The music was a decent choice for a puzzle aspect and the visuals were nice individually but an overarching color scheme might help with navigation. 

Haha, if you screamed when the monster attacked you that makes me giddy inside! I'm glad you were able to get that immersed into our game! Sadly if a member of the party dies it is entirely possible you won't escape :( 
It wasn't designed that way initially but we had to scope some things down and wanted an easier way to keep with the theme.

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We're happy you enjoyed the experience! Yes, the Monster AI had more issues before and luckily we were able to solve some of the pathing issues. We also played around with the idea of a minimap but it was a little counter-intuitive of the direction we wanted to go. The idea that limited vision and a lack of direction sense is something we wanted to capture in the suspense. Though if the direction was lacking so much that it frustrated the player then we might want to look into a compromise... Perhaps a map that, once discoverables (like other people or items) were found it showed up on a map but without the actual pathing? That way you know roughly where to head but still have that "have I been here" sense of direction loss. 

Thank you for your suggestions and thoughts!

Wait really? I play tested it multiple times and that never happened! Any idea what might have happened to cause that bug? Sorry it glitched out on you like that but we're happy you enjoyed the game nonetheless!

Interesting! It reminds me of Million of Minions.  I would have like to see the theme more present... slime monster and the snake should have had unique powers that could work together better with Llucks as opposed to them all becoming minions. Also spamming spacebar to call the minion after defeating them seemed buggy at times. The music choice was nice but some attack sfx would have been appreciated. All in all pretty good!

Neat idea!
Overall I liked the concept. Personally I would recommend having a "track moving" audio that plays when turning and moving and a separate "squeak audio" happen randomly... as it is now the squeak is annoying and happens too much. Some background music might have helped with that. Is there a win state? I feel like I killed all the enemies and that was it... no game over the end or anything of that sort.

Still pretty solid game.

Overall the concept was good. Thematically it didn't quite fit and sadly the game had too many bugs for me to really enjoy and grasp the game. I managed to bug past several doors but in the end it didn't make sense to me. There is a decent amount of art and I like the level design but check your color schemes. There are several items that stuck out visually because they more vibrant in color but there was no way to interact with them. In such cases I recommend keeping everything the same color level. The ambiance was good but some additional audio feedback would have gone a long way.
Keep at it!

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The door match the color of the character. So engineer can open orange door, marine can open green doors and scientist can open white doors. The gun scares off the alien if you do enough but the threshold is high.

Great Game! The music was a nice choice but some sfx would have gone a long way... especially as there wasn't a lot of information feedback visually, like undead brute has no actual swing. I tried capturing the enemies when I had 4 already and despite being fully "bound" when I switched to the character I wanted to die the fully bound killed it but was not then bound and I had to attack again with bind. Not a flaw but it would be nice to "replace" a bound charcter.

The capturing of enemies reminded me of Thralls from Conan Exiles, I also like that you gave us the freedom to capture multiple of the same enemy.

It took me a moment to understand the Dash, much like the attacks was based on which direction my mouse was and not the direction my avatar was facing. Seeing as it has no attack it was hard to understand as I assumed it was a linear dash... but once I understood it was based on mouse location it was a much more versatile dash... I just wished there was more introduction for that... Also considering you have good art, I would have considered making a custom mouse cursor and then using it to show Dash direction facing.
Overall great game!

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Overall Great game!
Art was fantastic and the subtle changes for breathing and movement were nice.  Music was a good choice as well as the sound effects, though the balance is a bit off... the gunshots are too much stronger than music and are a bit off putting on the ear. Sam with the zombie noises considering the distance they felt too close all the time... but if that was just for ambiance It makes sense. 

The use of the theme was all right but I would have preferred something a bit more then just shooting two sides... perhaps putting the two gunners on a rotating platform and allowing them to swap positions would have been a better use of the theme?

The bullet drop randomization was a bit high on the machine gun considering the distance and that made aiming harder. Also clicking on the ammo dropping into the middle of the map seemed odd to me considering their position was stationary and the plane should have just dropped it on them. I though it was like terminator and I had to shoot the ammo box and as a result I ran out of ammo. It wasn't until I played again that I saw the "click on ammo"  but I feel like that would also fire a random round in the air, which is counter intuitive a bit.

Still, all in all I enjoyed it and it looked amazing!

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Incredible! So far, a lot of games don't have "synergy" my game included (we wanted to but it was out of scope) so at first I thought, "oh another play together game but really I could play each side separately" so when I died I was like.. meh it was too hard to kill the big ships... Then I tried again and realized (why does he give me the shadow ship? Can it shoot? Can they swap positions?) So I tried lining them up and then BAM Power shots. 

You really captured the stronger together in the way you did your game imo. Even if you can play this together with a friend the synnergy really sells the them! Aces!

Oh also I like the music and sfx choices, but I am impressed with Innovation and game design :) 
Oh also I like the artistic choice of red blue and purple for color schemes!

Great game!

Personally I read a little bit faster than the typing speed so a key bind to print out the whole statement would do well for me. I like the choices for music and sfx. Each unique alien was adorable in its own way haha. The text and humor of it was relaxed and chill, which, can be uncommon. 

Thanks for your detailed feedback!
Getting lost a lot of the time was something we left in because when it's dark it hard to tell where you have been... in fact, some of the "doors" you can open can actually be bypassed if you take a longer route.  We considered a minimap for the HUD but decided against it because it made the level too easy to navigate which took away from the horror.

Yes, I noticed that the light and character had some jitter. We can look into your solution, thank you!

Yes the alien is quite powerful, I have actually dodged the alien in a narrow hallway multiple times. if you spent time trying to shoot it... it will kill you. The monster is meant not to die but only retreat if it takes enough damage. It is better to hide from it (you can hear it as it gets closer) or peek around corners before barreling off.  For the horror aspect we tried to leave it more powerful but we can look into slowing it down or lessening the AI some. As a side note, scientist is super fast but can't shoot any guns so he is also good for exploration but I default the smuggler every time. :) 

That was an intentional choice. We had scoped some "stronger together" synergy between all 4 characters but when time ran low we scrapped it and made it so every character had access to the ship but without the others couldn't get key items to fix it... if you find all 3 key items before anyone dies then you can win... or if you get lucky and the one who dies you already got their key item.

Originally we did want the player to be able to win without the other members being alive but that was because we had another synergy scoped between all 4 members. Due to time we had to scrap that idea and to maintain the theme we had to make it so if one of them died you lost access to fix ship... even if you had access to it.

The guns hack away at its aggression meter but don't kill it. If you shoot it enough it will eventually back away but other than Marine chances are you will get eaten if you try to fight it... The goal is to escape.

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I had the same bug... I planted the first flower seed where I stood and was able to jump up onto it

I really enjoyed this! I like how you made the platformer something you could use multiple seeds in various situations. I didn't know I could throw seed by jumping... then I did it and was like OHHHH that's how you get across... then later when the missile seed was fired I accidentally was jumping to throw a different seed and landed on it... Then I was like OHHH or maybe THAT's how I was supposed to get across! The amount of water needed for growing seeds felt like the right amount and the platforming wasn't so bad that I couldn't escape any part of the map if I ran out of water ... and even if I did there was no real consequence to death.

I also like how the platform seed protected from lava drops which was a nice added touch.  The audio was mellow and slightly repetitive but not to an annoying degree.

I feel the theme could have been used a little better here but I also noticed how there looked like there were plans for more seeds? (at least in the UI) So maybe this wasn't everything you had scoped out for. 

I just read your description I thought the plants were on a timer I didn't realize they withered based on their distance from me... so the theme was better used but I still think it could use some seed synergy. 

Great game!

Doors open to the matching color character. Marine opens green doors, Scientist Opens White doors and engineer opens the yellow doors. The "red key card" is a fuel tank that you need for the shuttle...if you get all 3 items you can leave in the shuttle :) It's in the How To Play menu.

Thank you for the feedback!

Scientist runs faster :) If you chose Marine once he is found, he is the slowest

I'm not sure what is going on. I'm guessing the game isn't ready? My character sits there and I couldn't figure out controls. I can't fairly rate an unfinished game (at least as far as the jam goes) so let me know if and when you complete it. :)

I also didn't realize we had to hit enter to get through the door at first and did the same thing haha

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Pretty fun game!
Your levels and puzzles were fairly well done but I suggest a couple things. I understand the need to make each dwarf a key before leaving the dungeon but I suggest then, putting the door near the end of the puzzle level rather than back at the beginning. For the last level all three dwarves were on the far right side and then I had to travel with each dwarf individually to the door just to reach the "Game End". So either make the door closer to the end or just allow the dwarves to "follow" the current leader.

The only other thing I could mention is the bgm. While it did have that retro 8 bit feel it was too repetitive and was very noticeable. Some variation would have been nice, though I know not everyone can make music I think something longer than 5 seconds would have been preferable.

Also the swing animations were just left and right even though up and down feels like it should be viable.  the hitboxes or collision for the swings was a bit clunky.

Still, overall great work!

Overall I liked the clone concept but they disappeared on a timer and I think they should stay until I summon another clone... Often I was in the middle of trying to kill an enemy and my clone disappeared before I could finish killing it and as a result I had to spawn a new clone... but my previous version of me didn't do the things I needed soon enough.

Removing clone timers, letting the player decide when to sacrifice an old clone or simply creating an alternate path past enemies will probably improve playability. Especially when monsters respawn every time the player summons a new clone and the monster is blocking an entire platform (or just make monsters one shot since the current player has no ability to shoot)

Also you may not be aware but as a webGL game you need to be careful with ctrl. Ctrl-S is save page, ctrl-w is close tab, ctrl-e is search and ctrl-d is bookmark page.  These functions are still active while playing your game and it bothered me when it would pop up or I would accidentally close the page while trying to jump and shoot. I'd suggest either using the mouse for the right hand or pick something close to jkl; as those are the standard positions for typing.

I rated your game well but those controls were a real issue for me.

Sadly, if you didn't rescue everyone, its very possible you can't leave lol. However the ship is accessible to everyone... if you can get the key items. We had some trouble with the enemy AI... it improved a lot but it does get stuck now and again. Also, the gun doesn't kill the monster but if it reaches a certain threshold then it will retreat, though having an sfx to tell the player that is a great suggestion!  As far rushing into them, yeah the low visibility was part of that... however you can hear the slime more intensely as you are closer to it. 

Thanks for your feedback!

FAN FREAKING TASTIC! I had a ball! ;) 
I have not been more impressed yet. The music and art style gave it such a retro 80's feel. The use of the 80's arcade claw machine and the neon lights! It all just screamed retro to me and I enjoyed it! The little balls each had faces. Even the balls themselves were enjoyable as I remember these big pink bouncy balls and the more plastic like small blue ones. Green was a great support ball character and of course grey for that heavy stone feel. 

The level design and mechanics were so polished. FULL marks! Also you finished early! Great job you two!

Ah my mistake for phrasing that poorly. R to reset worked just fine.  Even though I restarted every time I got to the sand part, the avatars collided with the walls and failed to move. As a result I couldn't progress past that level. 

Overall it was a neat concept. Either knight stops zombies blue Knight can stop ghosts and Orange Knight can stop skeletons. Though with a name like "Spinny Knight" I was expecting their collisions to do something special rather than just spin... I get that it makes their positions change and creates some confusion for the player overall but the game felt a little lacking. Music wasn't to my taste but it was relaxing and chill, though I don't really understand what it has to do with knights? I would have made the characters bouncers or something and changed the enemies to people trying to sneak in maybe?

Stronger together as the theme works here but could be improved upon overall. Maybe if when they spin they move faster it would encourage having them collide more often.

Overall well done!

Wow! I usually just get a general idea but I really wanted to play yours through. Some levels were so hard! I mean is it EVEN POSSIBLE to beat the game without losing any people or destroying any wildlife? (because there is a house blocking the only path through the mountains and wildlife everywhere in some levels ... I'm guessing the intent was to make it impossible to avoid all collateral damage, which, saddens the idealist in me) 

Amazing use of a tetris mechanic and it really frustrated me (in a good way) when I couldn't get past some levels (elephant and final level YEESH). The music did get a little annoying after a while... some variety would have been nice but I get that the music came from other sources. 

I like the use of the theme as a "lesson learned" but personally I like mechanics -- though to be fair, Tetris is stronger together in the sense that they combine so I gave some leeway there. Honestly the puzzle mechanic was fantastic and I can't ask more for a week's time.

Amazing job!

Overall the concept was interesting. I made it to the second level? (the music changing level) Also I rather enjoyed that you could change the octave of the music even if it was more of a cool mechanic and not related to the game. If you implemented such a mechanic, I would suggest making that integrated with your game somehow. 

The only thing I suggest in the short term is change your collision area. Either a) make paths a bit wider, b) make the characters smaller or c)change the size of the hitbox to the path. When I got to the music change level I tried to get past the slippery sand and they collided with the wall and were unable to move anymore. I saw you can press R to restart the level but it failed on multiple occasions.

Also, your in game instructions don't say to use spacebar to interact so I didn't understand until I went back to read the page. 

Keep up the good work!

Yeah we figured lighting in as a big part of the suspense. If we had more time we would have added smaller enemies too.

Great concept! I liked the AI pathing. Considering the levels are randomly generated it's very possible to get your "minions" stuck in places and in 30 or so levels it only happened like once or twice. (and that was me actively trying to get them stuck) I would recommend you change "special attack" into mind control or puppetry as I didn't understand "team up with enemies" meant take over them. 

Also I don't mind reading the controls on the submission page but some reference in game would be nice, icons on the HUD or an in game How to Page would be nice to have. 

Finally as hard as it is to hit enemies sometimes, I think special attack could have either a larger radius or if you are concerned about mind controlling more than one enemy from that, a used on successful control. I depleted multiple charges trying to get one unit and went through several levels solo as a result. (That or increase the frequency of mind control charges throughout levels)

Great work! It was a little tough to control both at the same time haha. I had to go back and read the controls on submission page so some kind of instruction in game would have been useful. Also any form of background would have been great for immersion. Overall though pretty neat concept... like an Overcooked kind of play style.

We did our best to keep the unease in mind

Thanks for your comments. We tried to stick with the megaman feel so I'm glad it still felt similar to the franchise :)

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, we realized too late about the Noire issue and are looking into a fix for it.