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Thanks for your comments. We tried to stick with the megaman feel so I'm glad it still felt similar to the franchise :)

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, we realized too late about the Noire issue and are looking into a fix for it.

I think we are working on a charged cannon shot. As for the other issues that was a topic we debated but we will look into fixing that issue. Thanks for the feedback!

We are actually a majority part the team that created Lunar Encore as well and that one we knew about all those bugs... too large of a scope. lol

Thank you for your feedback!

Pretty neat there! I intentionally ran into everything... so I assume there was not a "death" scenario? Probably would have been cool if there were consequences for getting "hurt" other than screen shake... maybe lower visibility range or lower battery power but otherwise pretty neat concept. Also the mouse for look while moving was not something I could get used to especially since the flashlight always faced the mouse cursor. It become a little tedious when I "move past my mouse" and the flashlight shoots behind me suddenly.

Also nice choice of font for comments haha. You clearly have an eye for design.

AH got it. That makes sense

I'm not entirely sure how out of reach was used... I guess the swimming pool and the monster coat? Overall it felt like a narrative story. While it didn't seem to be much of a game it did give me nostalgia of what web games were like back in their early days.

Initial concept was nostalgic but starting all over from scratch each time was a tiny bit annoying. I got bored and started falling asleep but then quickly advanced to the last boss so i guess it worked out. The tie to the theme made some sense but again this kind of redo is tedious lol. Anyway pretty good.

Wow I am impressed. I had way more fun on this game than I expected.  The redo mechanic was well done in the game mechanics and the out of reach I assume was a standard platformer. Still the sfx were good and due to ambient sounds I didn't even notice the music, until this very moment, was missing. I tried to see how many times I could rust myself and the result was as below. I figured if I hit R enough I could break the game but shift apparently breaks previous versions of myself so level and game design was pretty well thought out! Kudos team you got very high marks from me :)

Has anyone played your game yet? I can't seem to find the executable

Took me a while to realize ingredients had multiple uses... was not expecting that for some reason. I liked the use of the theme redo in this game more then out of reach as redo in your case was more unique as I have seen a few ladder game. All in all pretty good!

Overall I like it. I liked that I could pause at any time and build myself platforms and protective walls. I made it to almost 3000 distance before I died. Despite the art being basic, it gave me enough information to tell me what to do. I wish i could look further down instead of just right but overall great concept!

I think this is ironically one of the most unique approaches to the themes I have seen so far. Many people used platformers for out of reach and redo being infinite lives. The distance matching or unmatching is a very unique spin on it. As a puzzle game the mechanics are relatively simple as the combinations could be endless. Redo is by trying over and over until you find the right (and not always the same) spot. The music was very relaxing and ironically I played about 10 levels before I started getting sleepy HAHA. I gave you top marks my friend!

Overall the idea was good. It was a shopkeeper/barkeep type game where you have to fill orders. However the only issue I had was not telling me where I needed to turn things in. It took me a while to realize what I thought was a shoe in the background was a register. and in level 2 and 3 it took me several games to realize that the feather thing was a combiner. Since you had the mechanic pretty solid I think a very basic tutorial would have been good or possibly some better cues artistically. I assume the "white" was how we were supposed to interact with things but I would want maybe some color matching pallet for the shopkeeper and his interactables. I think the random stuff on the shelf also confused me as to what I could actually interact with. 
If you did some proper pixel shading you might be able to make those two things appear to be in the foreground making it easier to realize we needed to interact with them. I kept trying to turn things in at the door for the longest time. Another possibility would have been to very minimally animate those interactables. 
Either way not too bad of a game.

Well for a second attempt it is very good. Keep it up!

I'm not all sure what to comment on. While I give you commendations for giving credit where it was due I'm also uncertain as to what was done. There are credits for music, art, even some programming. I can only base it off the concept which was okay at best. I initially thought it was a great piece of music but it was mostly a choice of music. 

Overall it was a pretty good attempt. Sound design was amazing. The jump sfx and the can tossing fit perfectly with your choice of music. The music also somewhat (though admittedly stereo-typically) fits with your narrative. The art style very definitely lends itself to you overall them and artistically in visual and audio this matches very well. The out of reach and redo themes were there but only very minimally.

Mechanically it needs some tweaking. Disappearing platforms should give some kind of warning before they just fall off the earth. Also I don't know if it was a clipping issue but despite dozen attempts, I just couldn't "ride" Debbie. If I tried to land on her she would move on without me but if I tried to run with her the timing became difficult because I was clipping on her head. 

Still, overall I enjoyed what I could play of it.

Interesting use of the mechanic. I would have liked some audio of any kind. I think the disabling mechanic hurts some of the point of the main reverse mechanic but I also realize level design wise that would be difficult

Wow great game! The music got a bit too repetitive but otherwise it was really cute. The art is cute as well and the concept and level design were pretty good. Other than a slight clipping issue I had with well.. my previous selves and the weird looking shrub (which I might replace with a vine in any future versions) I could see this as a casual mobile game. Great work you two!

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Wow, I am sorry that happened. Next time get an analog headset ;)
In that case this was a very well done first attempt at a platform game!

Thank you! We weren't able to fully complete it as we also ran out of time and the team was in 3-4 different time zones but we somehow made it work! lol

I usually keep my headset low as game jams tend to have music and SFX BLARINGLY loud. Ironically I found yours quite quiet in comparison and I appreciate that. 

I don't know if it was intentional but I'm not a big fan of how the fire/spark flower/plants shoot balls of energy at you that both "float through all objects" and "chase you forever" Every time I was respawned I had to fight those things off which was okay until I ran into three of them and respawned with like 6-8 on me. I was down to 10 hp before I left the respawn point. 

Mechanically it needs a little work, the jump was a little clunky and thematically it could have benefited from a double jump as the Main Character is a ninja.  I'm also not a big fan of "leaps of faith" where I have to jump or drop to something I can't see in the game and without a double jump I can't even try to evade before its too late.

It seems like your team is mostly sound designers so I have respect for your effort. The "redo" being a redo of the level is a bit commonplace for platforming and isn't the most favorable way of achieving the theme. I'm not entirely certain where "out of reach" comes into play either

However the sprites were good and the MC is cute.
Good work all!

I can't rate for some reason that I probably yet to understand but when I can I will come and rate. I would suggest you make jump and dash two different buttons as in this case my computer, keyboard or your game could tell the difference between a key stroke and a key hold. You can either increase the necessary hold time or, easier option is just assign a different key. I would have been okay with space/shift or even LMB/RMB. Otherwise the art and music and even environemnt were pretty cute... oh the slime as well! 

Good game keep up the work!

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I also am not a big fan of the controls either but it's a BIT easier if you release the mouse altogether and play on keyboard.  Though attack as h and L as dash seemed far apart. I'm guessing they have other abilities for j and k?

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Overall the game is pretty decent. I am not a good platformer player so I know I'm not a great judge of character for stuff like this but I felt the ground friction was too low. Because you have spinning blades ON platforms, someone like me who isn't a good platformer was having a lot of trouble landing without dying because I tend to over shoot. For a game where "out of reach" is an important theme aspect putting something within reach only to die because of overshooting was a bit frustrating.

As far as "redo" I am guessing it was because you could redo every time you died? I personally would have liked a health bar and redo be implemented a different way. I did like that the Main Character is a cyborg and the enemies appear to be mechanical as well.

I also noticed Wafflz point about sometimes not getting my second jump. I'm guessing the low friction made the MC slide downward and that caused the MC to be "off the ground" and thus only get one jump? Even in reality a small ramp like that shouldn't make you slide downward. The whole level felt a little bit like we were one ice.

I noticed that if you melee attack while mid air it stops all forward movement and friction which was one way I used melee to land properly but also it was not fun if I was landing near an enemy and thought I could strike before I landed as that would usually get me killed. 

I'm not sure why the dash only played out of the left side... At first I thought it played on the side you were dashing to which honestly might have been kind of cool but when I dashed right it didn't change the sfx at all. 

Oh right! One thing I really dislike in platformers are "leaps of faith", where as a player you don't know if a jump or fall will lead to your death and it easily gets overlooked in platformers, especially as forgiving as simple "redo"ing the level is. HOWEVER your telescope/binocular idea was a pretty unique way of getting around that and It was one of the things I really enjoyed about your game.


Thank you for the great review! If at any time during the dialogue you "hung up" You would get called back just the once. We considered implementing a branching checkpoint system but it was cut in the interest of time. 

These graphics lend themselves to a zelda type action/rpg type game but I like the merchant thing you have going on! I also like how you used the mouse to nvigate the screen rather than just controlling the player with wasd, since in this game movement is pretty irrelevant. Great Job!

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Not at all. There were some mechanics issues which we resolved about an hour after deadline but we can't upload until after voting is over.

same problem I had.

Game Design: Overall pretty good. I wasn't really a fan of w being the jump... it make sense but I found the jump mechanics a little bit clunky. I think my main issue was he would always grab onto walls and it would probably be better if holding w grabbed the wall while pressing w jumped. The rewind q/r mechanic was confusing to me. Either it didn't work the way I thought it would or something was off. I couldn't really control when I went into slow time or how to get out of it... much less turn it on and rewind. I'm not sure what the purpose of the mouse was on that one level and I got stuck in one room because I had no idea I was supposed to walk to a specific spot to get to the next level. When you don't have doors you need a way to show that a certain spot will advance to the next room.
Fun: I think fun suffered because I couldn't figure out the controls
Innovation: The concept is neat, like Prince of Persia but it's not in and of itself innovative
Theme: I think we hit the theme here but like I said I couldn't really figure out the rewind
Graphics: Graphics were great! 
Audio: The bell is too loud, like turn that down 75%. The music was okay but seemed too tech for an Arabic feeling game.

Game Design: I would have liked to know about the double jump in the initial tutorial. I didn't know we had a double jump until I got to a platform jump that seemed impossible given the mechanics. There were many jumps before that one that were difficult for me to do within the one jump. So at first I simply thought it was poor level design.  Also, I'm not a big fan of "leaps of faith" - pitfalls where you travel a long distance only to possibly land on spikes you didn't know were there. Normally a double jump helps prevent these deaths but ironically if I don't jump off, I don't get my second double jump and just plummet to a possible death. For future reference make sure we can still do one jump as we fall as a safety or don't place long drops with spiked death in places the player can't see until it's too late. Not a fan of "f" being an attack key when wasd are the move keys. Maybe left shift would have been a better choice? Basically it was hard to attack an enemy and then move back to avoid damage for me at least. Oh the pop up message text also pulled me out of the game immersion wise and when the words were finished it sat on the bottom of the screen rather than completely disappearing which continued to pull me out of the game.
Fun: Overall it was fun. I didn't have any unique elements as a platformer but the story did a decent job of keeping me engaged.
Innovation: Its a standard platformer and normally I don't give high marks on these but your story element at the end ties in the theme pretty well and since there is no category for story I'll give you some extra points here.
Theme: If I had not made it to the end I would not have understood your theme but since I did I gave you higher marks here. I still like it when a theme is tied more into the mechanics though.
Graphics: Graphics were great I gave you full marks for that. One of the nicer looking platformers I've played. I mistook your chandelier for a falling cage trap and felt like it was something I was supposed to interact with. Part of the reasoning for that could be that your game has a very dark atmosphere and yet they were more clearly in the foreground. If they serve no purpose for the platformer I suggest you make them dimmer so they look more like the background elemnt and not a foreground element (like the special boxes did). Also I would darken the background boxes.
Audio: I like the music that was used, it added to the atmosphere and I generally liked the sfx. I think a death sfx would be nice too though.

Overall great game! I look forward to seeing more!

Overall You had a decent theme.  The little cassette is cute and the rolls of tape are a nice touch. 
Fun and Innovation: It was a platformer but I would have liked an unique element. 
Theme: This barely hits the mark for rewind in the sense that rewinding is the same as replaying. Its a story element rewind and not really a game mechanic rewind. I would have like to see some innovation regarding the theme.
Graphics: Overall pretty cute cassette and I liked the millennials touch. I'm not sure if there was a reason for the different head wear though as they all seemed the same functionally. I thought maybe the spiky heads couldn't be stepped on? Also not sure why the ladders are the same as the background or why the platforms appear as they do. Since you are looking for a cassette player maybe the platformer could have been in a junk yard or an antiques shop?
Audio: From what I can tell it seemed like original content and i liked the sound effects but I would have like some more audio cues to signal game state changes to the player. Such as a damage noise. Also once I clipped on a millennial and was immediately drained of health and then didn't even respawn. Try adding an invulnerability moment like they do in Mario games so I don't instantly die.

Again, a pretty good attempt, I look forward to seeing more!

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I'm sorry. I'd like to leave a better rating but this game is too broken to give a fair rating for. 
Game Design: Too much exposition. Nothing wrong with a story set-up but if possible see if you can tell your story in the course of the game and not just at the beginning. 
Sadly fun was 1 star because without death and enemies working I was just double jumping through most of the level and when I fell into a trap I didn't respawn either and just sat there.
Innovation: It was a normal platformer and not even a working one.
Theme: You hit the theme in the story but I would have preferred the mechanics somehow include it
Graphics: The graphics were good. I like the animation of the main character double jumping. While the background is very flat and simple some depth to them (shading) would have added an unique aesthetic.
Think Castlevania.

Audio: The Star Wars Dubstep didn't really match the aesthetic of the game and there wasn't any credit given to the artist who wrote the song. Unless that artist is you and then I ask why you left the Star Wars references in? Please be careful with music sources. I very much doubt the composer or remix artist gave you permission to use his/her song. Make sure its royalty free music. Unless you wrote the music in which case see above comment

If you get a working build in later I'd like to play it again.

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This game is pretty neat and has that Prince of Persia rewind effect that I like. It seems like we are forgiven for dying once but then die after the second time. When we die though I can't seem to click the rewind or exit button as my actual mouse cursor is stuck in the middle : /

So for a one man team and considering it was submitted 2 days ago, this is great. I wish you could have taken some time to test more though.

I gave you a 3 star on audio since it was a good music choice for your theme but it was something you selected and not actually created during the jam however thank you for giving us the ability to control it's volume. I only wish music could have been set at 50% or the game remembered what level we had it at last as every time I die the second time I have to close the game, reopen the game and then turn the music down again before I start.
Based on the character's yellow tracksuit/jumpsuit and the music I get a DJ kind of feel for this game. I would have liked the rewind to have some kind of sound effect, like maybe the music rewinds or a DJ scratch effect or something.
I like that the city became some kind of platformer but also am confused as to why it looks that way and what the shooting alien guys have to do with it ( I mean I know your game page tells me but the falling into nothingness makes it seem like the city blew into space?) 

Overall I liked the game and I'd like to see what you can do with a bigger team!

I wish I had more than 48 seconds! I can see how this would be a neat point and click adventure game but the race against time is stressing me out haha!

I thought that too but there is actually enemies around hidden behind saltshakers and bowls.

Wow! The Jams (no pun intended) giving you backwards controls or knock-backs and speed slowing really spins the power-up idea on its head!The characters are adorable and the music is catchy!

This was a fun game! I love the simplicity and level design! great work!

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Wow... so the atmosphere was pretty cool. I saw 2 of the 4 endings... curious about the others... The changing of the elements of the room was a nice touch as well as the cool glitching in the main menu. Pretty good narrative overall. Well done! Okay I got all 4 endings... all of them were a bit dark. I was hoping for a more positive ending lol.

Pretty much the same comments as previous poster. I think a breaking feature would help with turns.

I Like the assets and most of the color theme. Sometimes lighting creates a weird bloom effect but otherwise pretty good. I think a little more forgiveness would be better or a few different options for the path so you can make a choice that makes you take too long. Also for a game where the lava keeps rising and the death floor is constantly going up, I wouldn't make a platform lower than the current platform I am on because that just makes me look at how I have time left to get to higher platforms but no way to actually get there. I think some slight touch ups such as decreasing the speed at which the lava rises or some redsign of the level would make a major difference. Good luck!