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Spammed spacebar and got $1434. The gameplay got stale after a while. I understand that spacebar is the only key you're using in this game, but I wish there were more mechanical things you can do with Spacebar. Or maybe introducing some glass that you're not supposed to fill?

Greatly executed game. The timing of the platforms and when they're going to appear is crucial to this game, yet sometimes, the timing of platforms appearing / disappearing feels inconsistent. 

What a great game! I really enjoyed playing this game. I loved the design, but it eventually became stack all of my guys in one place and shoot as fast as you can. Also, there was no promised King Ghoul! I want my boss battle! The last map is repeated twice before the game abruptly ends. A "You win!" would have felt nice.

Was not a fan of that loud yell when you got caught. :( Wasn't sure exactly what to do - instructions were not clear, and left me wandering around for a little bit.

There's no game. :c

I failed the first two times because I thought I needed to type out everything in one setting. The atmosphere of the story and music & sfxs really put me on edge for a minute there! After I've beaten it on my third try, I realized... wait, aren't morse codes always tapped with one finger? And why would the book keep closing on its own?  :P Still, pretty cool game!

I like the simplicity of the game, but I think the visuals and sounds could have been a bit better.
Also, your YouTube link doesn't work! (And the way it is presented, it seems like it could be the 'start' button.

Thanks for your feedback! If we had more time, I would have loved to explore the idea of "Only One" with your suggestion. Hope you had fun! :)

Thanks for your kind words! Glad you liked our style!

Thank you! :) 

Just got to see it! Thanks for playing my game! Loved the video.

Hehe thank you trance! Appreciate your rating. :)

The smooth, minimalistic feel of the game kept me going! The game was very difficult, and as you can guess, I ended with 1 point left. If you curve out the difficulty or have a tutorial section to let the player know how to properly fight enemies, it will be a great game.

Great work. I wish you could have gotten a musician on the team! Music doesn't sync up to when the player goes through the cones perfectly. Sometimes the car goes through the floor! :)

Ball moved really slowly at some point. And then it stopped at the middle of my screen.

If the whole purpose of the game is to match the beats with the ball's speed, maybe you should speed up the music along with the ball's speed.

Once I understood what you were going for, I really liked the idea of the game!
The music cuts off at the end of the loop, which could have been easily fixed if you exported a WAV file with the tail end of the file attached to the beginning of the loop.
 Furthermore, when the player lifts up an orb in the middle of a musical phrase, it cuts off immediately, instead of fading in / out.

I got stuck on the Orange / Pink orb puzzle. No matter what I did did not open any new doors. I wish the audio hinted at the player what orbs belonged to which stations, so that the player isn't blindly guessing by randomly trying to put orbs into different stations.

The character occasionally got 'stuck' if they tried to walk into a wall for some reason.

As a person with a composition and theory degree, I think that this game is really cool. I understand that the game was made for a small niche of players who are musically trained. But even for musically trained person, if they're not not instructed clearly on what to listen for, it'll still be confusing.

Harmony section was too easy in my opinion because you just needed to listen to the bass. Inversions would be really cool but that would make it impossible for non-musicians to solve it. (But you intended this game to be played by musicians right?)

Thank you! Glad that you enjoyed it. Cheers! 

Wow, I was really impressed! This is a music game done right. I really liked the mechanics and how the music and the derived gameplay builds upon your performance earlier. The only thing I'd change is the art assets used for the game. Also, the choice of missile seemed really deadly and my immediate response was the dodge it instead of using my briefcase to swat it away. Maybe try using something else here that may encourage players to try deflecting instead!
When trying to play level 2, I couldn't play it, and got some weird errors on my browser.

I see a lot of potential for this game, and I think it'd be a really fun game when you fully develop it!

Great work. A big chunk of feedback coming through!

Above all, I think this is a plain platformer with a music theme to it. I think in a platformer where your vision is limited, you're opted to use sounds to navigate more - and I assume that was the original idea, but it came short of that idea. The player can't see much and the levels are linear, which means that you don't really need to listen to audio to look for clues, but just gotta be careful of pit falls and rising triangles. Like one of the players commented, foreground and actual areas where you can step are blurred. I think foreground elements can be colored differently solidify an expectation from the player.
Mechanic wise, I didn't know what collecting the music notes did. Did it brighten up my screen, or change the music in the background?
Some of the SFX were not standing up to the rest of the game. I really couldn't stand that death sound. Yes, you do want to discourage the player from dying in your game, but never use this kind of audio for death that can happen really often in a game like this. I really think you could use a shorter, and duller sound for narration text. The sound alone is painful to the ear, especially when you try to skip narration.

Great game, I really like games that try to push audio as the main gameplay mechanic! Well polished.

That's a valid feedback, and something that we'll explore more on how to explain to the players in-game. Thank you for the kind words, and for playing Flight! :)

Thank you very much Kaeveris! :)

Thanks for the feedback Derek! I'll have the Linux port ready soon. I'm glad that you really liked the art style. To each player their own pace! I opted out on putting enemies on purpose. In the next updates we'll be working on more levels and puzzles.

Didn't get why Red and Black were supposed to be avoided! Maybe if they were 'Rest' music notations instead, that would signify that the game would stop, it would be better.Also, catching Blue really slows up the gameplay and I always avoided it. 

There is no objective to the game other than see how far you can go! Maybe a points system would be really nice. I liked the game, it's a fun little game. :) Good job!

Great submission! The visual looks pretty calming, and the overall feel felt soothing. I had trouble hitting the rhythm and making progress, and couldn't get to see the layering happening. Boat that might just be me!

Thanks for your kind words Fledered! Glad that you made it to the very end! :)

Thanks! Hope you enjoyed! :) 

Very polished, I liked the music, and how the enemies spawned. The difficulty seemed to spike pretty hard! Cool visuals as well :)

Could be satisfying with SFX and nice visuals in. Maybe a 1-2-3-4 metronome when the player presses spacebar, so that they can get ready.  Also, it might be worth it to incentivize players to create interesting and unique melodies so that they don't just spam the same note for high scores. 

Got a pretty high score, really well made game! I noticed that you spawned in the enemies musically, which is extra bonus point from me. Enjoyed it a lot. :D 

Thank you Aszu for your kind words! I'm glad that you enjoyed our game! :D 
We have even more beautiful art coming in. Collisions are a bit wonky right now, I'll get to fixing them as soon as possible! :) 

Hey MetaBitly! I'm glad I got to join while you were streaming! Again, I wholeheartedly agree with the screen cluttering up. And THAT DANG TOWER. xD We have an actual 3D Modeler now, so I'm really excited about how the game will look in a few days. Will keep you updated!

Thanks so much for playing the game BlankGames! Hope you had a great time! :) 

Thanks Southocean! I'm glad that you enjoyed the game and thought that it was beautiful! I'll take your feedback into consideration. Thanks again! :)

Thanks! We appreciate your kind words. Glad you liked our game! :D

Hey, what an awesome game! The visuals drew me in instantly. I love how the music evolved as you progressed throughout the game. Great work!

Hey! Nice game you have here. I had trouble seeing which objects I was supposed to collect sometimes because the color blended in with the black bar. Also, the timing for the change in objective seems to happen a bit randomly, making it difficult to know when I was going to score a point or lose the game.

I love it! It's a sampling - DIY jazz improvising game. It didn't take me long enough to come up with some sick hip hop beats. Then I realized my rhythm was off due to a metronome not being there. I actually like that the metronome is not there. Adds on a bit of a challenge! Well done! :)