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Nope. Because then the ball will always bounce between your and Ai's paddles. So neither you, nor AI will win.

Nice! I liked the music and those platforms, synced with the music, was really good idea.

The idea with those orbs of instruments is very clever. Good job!

Pretty neat! Some polish and it would be a great game. By the way, it is really hard to know when you were hit.

It's not possible because the music beat analyzing is not made with some algorithm - I just have those beat times... Because making pre-processing audio analyzer was too hard for me


Yup, I haven't finished analyzing that music.

Thanks for the feedback :D ! Yeah, this game could fit many more features in it.

The graphics and audio visualization is awesome! Good job! But the character movement didn't feel right.

Really enjoyed this game. But it was too hard. Maybe increase time liimit.

It feels that this game is really polished! Nice ans simplistic art. Cool visual effects and great music. I could really feel the rhythm on the jumps. Good job!

The main idea and art is really good but the movement doesn't feel very smooth.

Lol nice! Cute bongo cat,

Awesome game! Minimalistic art fits really well and the game itself feels juicy and polished. By the way, I can't reach more than 1 on score :(

Tutorial would be really helpful here.

Nice idea! I liked the concept and the visualss but it was a bit too hard for me.

Thanks! Tho soundtrack wasn't made by myself.

Yeah, those few are way too fast but I left them so it would be a real challenge. :D

Interesting idea

Sounds were a bit annoying. But the visuals, especially that water shader, were fantastic.

Incredible! The game is hard but really interesting. Also, music was perfect for this kind of game. Good job!

I liked how those yellow cones were releasing particles on beats! However, car "footprints" were a bit glitchy

Funny and unusual game! This was one of the best comedy shows I've ever seen. And those animations look really nice. Good job!

Yeah, because I didn't complete analyzing all beats of that music... Lack of time...

Nice game! Art and music fits well and I really like the idea.

Thanks for the feedback!

Maybe changing colors wasn't the best thing, I agree, but it gives the feeling that beat is happening at the same time when the ball is colliding with the racket.

Yeah, I know. Because the game is not finished, it doesn't have "Game over" screen so that stop motion is reloading the sceen. Gonna fix that!

Nice!! I liked this puzzle game! 

Hi! Thanks for comment, I'll try my best to fix these!

About your first point: yeah, that's the strategy tha people should try to do. And, yeah, it's easy, but still, you need sometimes to see if there aren't coming particles from the other side...

And also (3rd and 5th points), those bugs only appeared for me in builded game but not in Unity editor... so I will try my best to fix that.

Oh lol... as I tried this is impossible xddd.

Hi! Thanks for playing my game!!! btw, that first time you didn't die, you escaped.

Nice game!! I really liked that story and it was fun to find the way to go through window!!!

Thanks for trying and for feedback!! I was running out of time so I haven't made that people couldn't write at that "tutorial" level but I think it's pretty good. (Thanks for feedback :D)

Nice idea! Nice soccer and battle royale mix!!! You did great!