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Submitted by mobiusclimber — 7 minutes, 27 seconds before the deadline
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Alright this is your secret santa review (so sorry for the delay!!!) so first I type up a sort of live reaction review, then a summary at the bottom. 

Ok so first off I LOVE this music and title screen!! I can tell I'm in for something intense! degica in the opening cutscene is cut out by the width of the screen. Interesting premise, interesting title scene, I could certainly read everything even if it was time limited. A bit weird how Tituba stops when talking, but I do like the music and words themselves. Ah after she introduces the witch hunter they all move to the right one tile, a bit weird but not a big deal. hahaha I don't mind the cop out you did it funny. Huh weird but interesting cutscene. The fights are actually nice! A bit annoying that sinners pyre does basically the same amount as just a regular attack though! But still enjoyable! Woah that witch killed me in just one hit!! There is a problem with tile passability in the hallway! I imagine its on purpose though to get to further rooms.. The sexy witch doesn't go away when fighting it. Maybe put on weapons how many hits they do? I feel bad for this, but I genuinely can't figure out what to do next when in the school :/  I'll hold off properly rating it til you respond and tell me what to do further.

Overall I haven't experienced the full game but the art works and the music is fantastic. I think the drop rate is a bit off but good regardless. Excited to finish it properly soon!


Thank you so much for the great review! I hate to have to confess this but there isn't  really anything else done in the game. I had part of the puzzle done, but only the part in the first room, which requires items  from the other rooms, but I ran out of time doing that. There were also several things that were supposed to happen that I messed up the events on so they don't trigger properly. (There are more enemies, for instance, but the event for them has them off because I put the wrong switch as the page condition.) I also had been implementing a skill level up system that I didn't finish putting in. The drop rate was turned up high so I could test how much junk vs good items you'd get, and also see if any of the permutations I put in are too strong. 

If you're interested, I plan on putting up a new demo for this game, maybe in a couple weeks, with the first floor done. I, unfortunately, work fairly slowly bc I have a full time job and a family. And I just got MV earlier this year so I'm still learning. That's one reason I didn't have more to show for it in a "make a game in a month" contest. XD I'm actually a bit embarrassed seeing everyone's games and my submission is so amateurish. But I'm gonna keep plugging away at it. 


No need to feel embarrassed at all!!! I thought it was a fantastic first time entry!! You can always gauge how good something like that is by the potential of it all. You story and music were great. The systems you had in place were unbalanced, but great!! It's worth being prouf of to have completed anything at all. Send me a pm when you complete that update ok? I'd love to play it. Keep your head up!


I also figured out why the font was getting cut off for the credits sequence: I guess Windows doesn't like .ttc fonts and won't load/install them. I even included the font but it doesn't work. Works fine on Mac tho (which is what I used to make the game). Really weird. I need to try making a Mac version and see if the font works or not, then figure out what to do for Windows.


The game has quite a few beginner game dev problems, but the story has potential. Good job finishing and submitting an entry! 


Thanks for the kind words! Let me know if you have any suggestions. I kinda have a good idea of what the weaknesses are in the game so far, but I might be missing something obvious. (Intro is too long, everything is spelled out, player has no control for most of it, and when you finally get control there's nothing to do bc I barely worked on the dungeon at all.)


I actually think your story is more interesting then most of the things I've seen so far. Your dialogues aren't bad either. I like the setting as well, it's just pretty short right?

Keep going. I think this can be really nice if you take the time, plan correctly and keep at it. It has potential :)


Thank you, I appreciate the kind words! Yeah, what I submitted was really short. I just kinda ran out of time to get things done. A lot of the description for what happened in the past isn't going to be spelled out immediately - I only did that because I knew I wouldn't have time to finish the actual game and didn't want to be vague for no reason. I'm definitely going to be working on this again, but I think I have three or four projects all in various stages. I really need to find someone to help me with the graphics bc far and away that is the thing I have the most trouble with and what seriously ate up all my time while not ever turning out how I wanted. I'm definitely going to be practicing stuff like parallax mapping, but... I'm just not good with art and don't think I ever really will be. I think tho that just not having a lot of time meant I didn't even bother trying to do anything more advanced with the mapping. XD


I think you should focus more about the core elements, instead of building the story from step 1 to 10. Use placeholder scenes for now, like you did with the explaining, keep the explaining short and work yourself toward the climax of the story.

And stay positive, I think you can do way more than you realise :)


Now that I have the introduction to the story, I can work on filling out the first "dungeon" with puzzles and enemies and whatnot. I don't think I have a whole lot of complicated scenes ahead, but I'll try to just narrate through them if I do. But I do think that writing is my strong suit, and I'd rather focus on that aspect until I have a better grasp of how to do things in MV. I do plan on expanding the gameplay mechanics to include things like a branching skill tree (that the player won't see, it'll be based on which skill the player selects when they level up another skill), projectile-based puzzles, and two ways of solving problems.

Did you have an entry as well? I'd love to play your game if you do.


It sounds nice, keep at it!

And I do, I think you'll see it if you click my profile. But if not, it's called Dcay :)


I've been playing your game. Really like it! I'll write up a review and give it a rating when I finish playing it. Is it complete? There seems to both be a lot of things in the game, and not a lot of things. I can see how there could be endless permutations of how much of the different colored powder you use on the altar. Anyway, it's gonna take me awhile to finish it, regardless, bc the computer I use during the week is a mac and I think your game is windows, and at any rate, I'd have to start over if I wanted to keep playing (or figure out how to access my save on another computer). But at any rate I'm enjoying it so far!


Those automated bits weren't worth the cost of the player not getting to read at their own pace, and story is meaningless if there's no motivation to pay attention. Also, the second enemy can one-shot the player.


Thanks for the feedback! I tried to make the opening dialogue scene stay on the screen long enough so it would be easier to read, but I can see why some wouldn't like it regardless. I had planned to record voice-over for that scene but didn't get around to it in time. Originally, they would be riding in a stagecoach, and that whole scene was going to take place with them sitting around a table in a stagecoach, with sky and plants showing through the window. If I had the graphics for it, that's how I would have done it, anyway.

As for the second enemy, do you mean one of the ones inside a classroom? Those are meant to be bosses. I tried to set it up so the low-level enemies will respawn after a few minutes, and will drop random equipment. But I didn't get a chance to test the bosses - would have meant doing quite a bit of grinding and I only put those in last minute. Also, your skills level up and get stronger, and after awhile they make new skills.