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Oh gosh, thank you so much!

Yes, there are going to be more characters. You would have met them shortly after the encounter with the reaper. I never got to that point sadly, and the implementation of a second character(balancing mostly)probably would have taken me a couple of days by itself haha..

The mapping system isn't fully there yet. I plan on having 'empty' locations, but also story based area's. The story based area's, like the introduction forest, the abandoned city... basically places where you can find a marble at the end of the dungeon. Once you've been in any of those locations, it gets saved to a "known location" spot.  And you can always open portals to any of those locations(for a small fee).

I will keep working on this entry. I might start a new project, and properly setup everything(everything behind the scenes is kinda a mess haha), but yeah :)

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Thank you so much for your review!

There is more use for the flowers yes. Not in the demo,  but flowers will aid in unlocking new features in the main hub. If you've ever gotten hold onto a ring, for example, you are told there is a man who made special substances for those rings. If you have enough flowers, and resque the man in the "underworld", he will setup a shop. Sadly I couldn't get that part done in time, but oh well.

And as for the equipment, I figured many equipment slots would be hard to manage. I want certain equipment slots to be specifically for certain classes. For example, wristbands are especially for magic, as they restrain fluent movement of the hands, they always reduce attack power. I could simply lock those up, buuut... I want "classes" to be able to mix. Have a melee build that uses MP to defend itself(little less damage, but not a glass cannon anymore), or a shell class utilizing CP to dish out a decent amount of damage, while still being able to defend themselves from whatever attack.

It's going to be hard to balance, sure. But I can do this. I believe balancing is one of my strongpoints, and I want to show that with this little demo of mine. Even though all three options are completely different from another, everything, both monsters and player skills are balanced around them.

Yes, I balanced every fight around every type of skill you can have! You can see if in the Brayon's little skirmish thing, but every weapon or spell you hold, provokes a different setup from Brayon. Same with the bosses. The lich for example, reacts differntly if you can't kill him fast enough(shells), at the same time also has anti magic tactics, and anti fists tactics going(he tends to drain CP more often if you hold a fist)

So yeah. Thanks a lot for your review, it helps a lot! :)

Thank you for your review, sorry I reply this late, was quite busy..

The big map you couldn't get across was the last map I have been working on. I planned to have random events happenings at the small villages you found here and there, but I never got to that point, so it was just one big map sadly..

And yes, the suicide pill was the only way out there: I never had time to finish that map either(it would have taken way too much time, so I figured to finish other stuff haha..). In the final version, You'll be able to talk on the black stuff as well. Forgot to change that to passable, but in the end, that didn't matter anyways.

Again, thank you for your review, it's super helpful! I will continue with this project, I have to. I promised I'd finish it, so I will :)

Hi, it's me, B Your Secret Santa!

First impression:
"Catgirls? I like those!"
The main menu looks solid. It's completely different from the rmmv standarts, so that's good. Music is okay as well. I like how there's some explaining what moe culture is about so non-NEETs(LIKE ME, I SWEAR)understand the important things about the game. Good thinking!

Okay, I'm loving this already. I love the idea of narrative in comics. It's a little short and rushed, but that's what you get with just one month of programming right? 
The art style is neat overall. The busts look good, tiles look great, love how the mapping is done as well(layered).

During the game:
Battling looks great! Although, all the zooming in and casting, does take up a lot of time.. That will get boring after a while. Especially since enemies don't die in one round. The gathering part is nice. I like how some ingrediënts require battle to be obtained.
The battles overall take a little too much time for my liking. Especially so early on. Maybe it's because of all the animations, but I'd definitely tone down the lenght of the earlier battles, either by reducing animations, or just shorten the rounds a battle need.

The difficulty is a bit too easy early on. The first enemy that actually did some damage were those ghosts, and only when they appeared in pairs. Nothing wrong with that really, but since you spend a lot of time in battle, it'd be nice if the choices you make during the battle, actually matter.

I don't get a different vibe from most of the catgirls. Sure, they are all cute, but I can't really say one has a different character archetype. They all seem.. similar to another. I think in a game like this, having a good contrast between girls is very important.

The overall ambiance is good. I like how there's a big contrast between the village and the forest for example, how things suddenly get so dark.

I have to say, there is a LOT going on in this game. Everything you've done looks complete, finished. It's kinda amazing you managed to do this all by yourself in one month. So kudos for that!

I really don't understand how that's possible... It seems like you're missing a script, but I double checked the files, and it's in there. Are more people having this issue?

I really love the style, the characters are surprisingly nice, the dialogues are good as well. I don't think the confimation to enter a door is really necessary, and the footsteps are a bit.. loud.

(And the game is a bit very much short :( )

It's nice though, are you going to keep working at it solo?

It sounds nice, keep at it!

And I do, I think you'll see it if you click my profile. But if not, it's called Dcay :)

Why is there a game over screen when I talk to the pipe? ._____.

It's a nice game, I love the art style. The whole moving bullet things feel a little clunky, mostly due to the grid locked movement of objects and such. But it's  really nice :)

There is a softlock if you make too much tea during the first day? Anyways, I couldn't server the door guy any tea on day two since I didn't have enough water...

For some reason the game runs really slow on my PC as well(music stuttering etc). Shame, because even though the first day was... well. Kinda bad in execution(The whole intro gives a completely different vibe from what's going on in the next scene, the dialogue is odd, and... well. The MC is... I dunno, strangely okay with the fact she's all alone. "Granny is dead. Let's  open a shop!"), it got actually pretty interesting during the first night. 

Interesting idea, if you work on the executing, this could be pretty good :)

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That's weird, what's the error you've gotten? And on what OS?

I've tested this version before submitting it, I'll be sure to give it another look when I have the time.

Edit: I'm not getting any errors upon starting/playing.. Maybe it got corrupted during the downloading? You could try downloading it again.

I think you should focus more about the core elements, instead of building the story from step 1 to 10. Use placeholder scenes for now, like you did with the explaining, keep the explaining short and work yourself toward the climax of the story.

And stay positive, I think you can do way more than you realise :)

It's actually pretty nice. Balancing is a bit off, played on normal, couldn't get past the second wave of skeletons(gave up after 3 tries), but I like the combat system. I think you need to put some effort into finetuning that, as it is now, it doesn't play fluently yet.

I actually think your story is more interesting then most of the things I've seen so far. Your dialogues aren't bad either. I like the setting as well, it's just pretty short right?

Keep going. I think this can be really nice if you take the time, plan correctly and keep at it. It has potential :)

So the thief is more of a supportive character? Wouldn't it be awesome if it has more of a supportive role in battles as well? I imagine a sneaky thief sporting a dirty playstyle, actively blinding enemies or crippling them, so others have an easier time sustaining their attacks or something(think single target debuffer).

I look forward to a further release of the game :)

Yes I figured it was the floor, since I could access the menu. I'll give it another shot tomorrow!

I'll let you know if the same happens again.

Love it! You might want someone to help you with the translation, but it's nice and simple. I like it :)

The game got stuck pretty early(couldn't move in front of the gate to astrella), when I closed the game through the menu, it opened 20 instances of the game for some reason :s

Not sure what caused this, perhaps I held enter a tad too long or something? But if more people have this issue, you might want to have this checked out.

Okay, I played through the game on normal difficulty. I made my main hero(EEEEE)a Warrior, and his sister(YYYYY)a Priest. Third and 4th members were a thief and a tank.

Did you know the warrior is actually super overpowered? I did normal attack hits for around 250, while the rest did around.. 100? I thought the thief was the one dealing the big numbers, but even with it's backstabs, he felt so.. well. Weak?

I mean, doesn't really matter for now, since it's just the early parts of the game, I'm sure he'll grow in power?

The mines were a tad laggy. Mostly the transitions between area's. I also feel the encounter rate is a bit too high(it gets repetitive quickly).

It's nice though. I love the Etrian Odyssey style :)

Also, if you manage to get it done: busts when talking to townsfolk would be really amazing :D