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Oh gosh, thank you so much!

Yes, there are going to be more characters. You would have met them shortly after the encounter with the reaper. I never got to that point sadly, and the implementation of a second character(balancing mostly)probably would have taken me a couple of days by itself haha..

The mapping system isn't fully there yet. I plan on having 'empty' locations, but also story based area's. The story based area's, like the introduction forest, the abandoned city... basically places where you can find a marble at the end of the dungeon. Once you've been in any of those locations, it gets saved to a "known location" spot.  And you can always open portals to any of those locations(for a small fee).

I will keep working on this entry. I might start a new project, and properly setup everything(everything behind the scenes is kinda a mess haha), but yeah :)

I'll keep my eye on the game page for when you have a new demo of the game (and I'm gonna keep playing this one for awhile at least). Pretty impressive for a game made in a month!