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That's weird, what's the error you've gotten? And on what OS?

I've tested this version before submitting it, I'll be sure to give it another look when I have the time.

Edit: I'm not getting any errors upon starting/playing.. Maybe it got corrupted during the downloading? You could try downloading it again.

Game has encountered a bug. Please report it.

TypeError: Cannot read property 'blendModes' of undefined
at Function.Graphics._createRenderer (KhasUltraLighting.js:397:28)
at Function.Graphics._createAllElements (rpg_core.js:2339:10)
at Function.Graphics.initialize (rpg_core.js:1769:10)
at Function.SceneManager.initGraphics (rpg_managers.js:1822:14)
at Function.SceneManager.initialize [as khas_core_initialize] (rpg_managers.js:1811:10)
at Function.SceneManager.initialize (KhasCore.js:126:10)
at (rpg_managers.js:1802:14)
at (YEP_CoreEngine.js:1367:32)
at window.onload (main.js:8:18)

Press F5 to restart the game.

I downloaded it again. Same error.

I really don't understand how that's possible... It seems like you're missing a script, but I double checked the files, and it's in there. Are more people having this issue?