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It's actually pretty nice. Balancing is a bit off, played on normal, couldn't get past the second wave of skeletons(gave up after 3 tries), but I like the combat system. I think you need to put some effort into finetuning that, as it is now, it doesn't play fluently yet.

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Thanks for the feedback HilmB! Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of playtesters so I was only able to balance things so far. However, I can offer some general advice if you feel like revisiting. You should invest early into armor if you can afford it but didn't get any favorable events in the introductory chapters. The game has several different (somewhat randomly) generated starts, some of which are stronger than others, but I took care to provide the player with just enough gold if they don't see some of the more favorable ones to at least get a helmet. That may help.

Otherwise, if you would like to experience the rest of the game (don't feel like you have to though) feel free to play on easy. You should stomp the enemies rather easily other then outside of maybe the last boss. You stopped right before my personal favorite part too haha. Well, thank you so much for playing and I'm glad you seemed to have a bit of fun at least :)