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A jam submission

Aimi No ToraburuView game page

A short atmospheric horror game with puzzles elements! (Made for the IGMC2018)
Submitted by RPGtime — 4 days, 4 hours before the deadline

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People's Choice Vote#863.0003.000

Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
Jonah (RPGtime). Solo Dev


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That was really odd. I have no idea what was going on, the story felt really loose and I couldn't link anything that happened together. I don't understand the title screen. You have a perfectly fine image here on the site, why didn't you use that for the game? The title also requires some music and not the white noise that is looping in the background. 

There was some of those sudden death things that I really dislike. I don't understand why you would have a choice in the starting cutscene which if you choose, you will die and have to go through all of the cutscene again. You say on your game page that "there are only around 30-45 minutes of heavily polished gameplay." I would disagree on the heavily polished part. The maps are average at best. Most of them are too big with a lot of empty unused space. There's simply too much blood everywhere, you get so used to it that it gets boring. The randomly placed holes and cracks and missing floors, walls etc. feels really off and while the same is seen everywhere, it's boring level design, same as the blood. 

The dialogue doesn't feel natural at all. All of these people end up in this strange place and they really don't seem to have any worry in the world. The player character especially. She's just making jokes while she should be terrified. Which kinda shows that you don't know what you want the game to be. Is it horror? Is it comedy? There's also some foreign words mixed in that I do not understand, it merely breaks immersion if I have to google what the words mean to have any idea what they're talking about. Most of the scenes in the game happened so fast that I barely had any idea what was going on. Some random shadows pop in, a couple sound effects, then they disappear. And the player continues on like nothing happened.

The puzzles feel either too easy or weirdly placed. There's some chemical in a bathroom that purifies blood? The thing just breaks, I don't know what just happened, there's a timer in the corner, and by just clicking around randomly the character says something stupid and I've completed the puzzle. I mean, okay? That was super weird. I laughed so hard at the puzzle with the jumping thing and the floating trees (there was a typo.) She seems to be more concerned about the freaking floating trees as opposed to the slaughter that had been going on there. Seriously? I don't know anymore what to think about this. Should I take this seriously? It's really hard to do at this point. Then there was the running away thing. There's a maze like thing which you only have one chance to get through without dying, and you will very likely fail on the first try as you can't know which way to go. When I got to the final puzzle, the character just happens to figure out by herself what to do. "make the room symmetrical" or whatever. How would she know that? And the teacher just so painfully conveniently happens to have the item you need for the said puzzle. That's just very poor design. The puzzles need to seem like they belong there, have a meaning for them. Not be simply random quick puzzles that seem to have no real connection to the story itself.  

You really have to work on your mapping, dialogue, story and puzzles. So that's what, everything really? Find out what genre you want the game to be give us a bit more backstory and work on how you're presenting it. I'm giving it two stars for the effort.


Pretty good roast Sky. It’s interesting to see your take on this since it is very different than the feedback I have been receiving. You feel the puzzles are too easy? That’s possible however I don’t want them to be too difficult for those who are not amazing at puzzles and I have received feedback that they are in a good place, but I’ll tweak with it a bit. I understand the story feeling incoherent since that was my biggest difficulty getting right. No, you shouldn’t be taking the game seriously, no game of mine should be taken that way. Thanks for your honest and lengthy review, I’ll tweak things to the best of my ability and hopefully things will end up meeting your standards. Have a good day :)


Good job making this in such a short time! All the puzzles were intuitive  and there are some legit tense moments.


I’m so glad you enjoyed it Lord Kirk!


Great game Toasty! I'm impressed you made this in only tow weeks, you did a great job : D


The screen showing the controls is missing the interact button.


It’s set on a timer. It will last 300 frames then go away. I do suppose I should change that...


No, I mean you have a list of controls that doesn't show how to interact with in-game objects.


Oh, yes that’s true however I figured that since you’ve been using said key to go through dialogue up to this point that that wouldn’t be necessary 


It's too late now, I guess, but either after the contest or in future work, I would recommend putting all commonly used buttons in any list of controls you include. Such a list doesn't just say what the buttons are. It also tells the player what they should be trying to do regularly. In the case of this game, I got the initial impression that I only needed to walk around.


Ahh okay! That makes perfect sense!


I honestly would love to see you expand on the lore of the tengu and maybe flesh out the main character and her classmates? the atmosphere is there but the feelings of terror and fear are overridden by my confusion cause i have no idea what's going on. keep it up though. that banner really is eye-grabbing too. would love to see some glowing eyes in the character models of the tengu personally.


Looking good puzzles in short game.


It's short, but sweet. I really enjoyed it and the puzzles were nicely done.

Developer (4 edits)


Update 1.1: I have removed all known bugs in the game as well as updated the title screen to be more accurate.

Hello everyone! I didn't originally intend to submit this game to the IGMC 2018 but since I started development while the contest was on going, I made a mad dash to add as much as possible and submit it. The game should run about 30-45 minutes and while it is not an hour, it's polished to about the best I think it can be. There may be bugs, as in most jam submissions. But I hope we can look past the faults and enjoy what is presented. I hope you have a fun time playing, and thanks for checking this game out!