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is there non con in the game?

Is there a guide out for this yet? I am Too Dumb(TM) to figure out a good chunk of these endings

is the player character male or female? or is it kept ambiguous?

follow up question, where do i get the tape

where do i get the glasses for the employee of the month thing please im begging

how do i register a slave for the census? im struggling to get upgrade points

are there any current plans to bring the full version of the game to itchio or another site besides steam??

I love it!! Just wish I was better at it rip

This game has a ton of potential, but it does need cleaning up in a lot of places.

I love these types of games! Would love to see more of this

Honestly one of my favorite visual novels I've ever played

The suspense was killing me with every choice and I could feel my own heart racing. Wonderful use of colors too, it really helped build the atmosphere

Absolutely beautiful

Very cute, just wish it was longer

Obsessed with the mobile version

All these years later and I finally got an itchio account and I still love this game. Hilarious and adorable

It was hilarious and surprisingly very sweet

Loved it a lot

I totally adore your work, I've never seen anything like it before- keep up the good work

Love love love surrealist stuff like this

I absolutely adore this game, the art style, the message, the gameplay, the characters- the list goes on.. Very excited for the full version

The characters were handled wonderfully. Very sweet story