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The game is lovely and has a lot going for it. I can easily see it made into a longer, better game that would be a lot of fun to play. The main issues currently are the zombie dodging and the infodumps that give away the mystery right at the start. As cliche as it sounds, having the player find diary entries as they search through town and the lab would be a lot better as a story-despensing device. Also, having some kind of reaction to his parents talking about the lab stuff would be nice too (since I assume they were his parents and that he knows their names...)

Another issue was the introduction of the girl, who we had no idea about beyond the hamfisted reveal at the end. Hinting that he had a sister, that he was worried about her or that the mystery girl was linked to him in some way would have been nice instead of a sudden "Oh yeah, hi sis, oh no, bye sis" kind of thing at the end.

Overall, though, the game shows a lot of promise and with a bit of work could become something really special. I enjoyed what I played, even if I did get stuck a few times (I ended up playing to the end off-video and liked the aspect of the ending though I could easily see it being a multiple ending game based on actions you do and how 'affected' you get through your travels).