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The game has some promise but it also has a lot of issues. The most blatant problem is the spelling - there's a lot of bad spelling scattered through-out. This is kinda of weird considering that the writing is rather decent aside from that aspect - grammar and punctuation isn't noticeably problematic, which is weird as one usually leads to the other. This caused a bit of a weird disconnect for me. The characters were... well, they were okay. Nothing amazing but not bad. That really kind of sums up the whole game for me, to be honest.

It was very standard RPG horror game. The mapping was decent, the battles were a bit on the easier side but were pretty basic. I did question a fair few design choices when it came to the gameplay - having some items shown on the map while others were hidden, having menu choices that seemed to be added just to be 'cool' instead of being useful... that kind of thing.

I liked that items had uses, like the broom being used to sweep up glass and the boards being able to be picked up and reused. That felt nice, though the broom being suddenly full of glass was a bit weird (since you can just give a broom a shake to dislodge items stuck in it. Felt a bit ham-fisted as a way to limit it's uses). 

As to the sanity system. It's alright. I noticed people were comparing it to Darkest Dungeon and I don't really see it - it's not the first RPG horror game to use a sanity system in and out of battle, so I was kinda surprised that people were clamouring about it so much. It felt like just another stat, where-as the sanity in Darkest Dungeon is a lot more present and something you need to keep an eye on. In this game it just felt like another stat, like a TP or stress counter.

I also got to a point where I was 20 minutes in and just wanted to do something beyond talking to more people. It was a little annoying that it took so long to get into the game, I guess.

Overall the game was okay. Decent but with some issues. No offence meant, dev-chan, but I don't see why it was in the top ten as it seemed a fairly solid but standard game, but congrats for someone seeing enough in it to put it there. I went into it knowing it was a top ten title and thus my expectations were a bit higher for it than would normally be, so I did get rather frustrated with it at points.


Hello! And thanks for playing my game! Yeah there's a lot of issues that I'm well aware of and be sure that I'm going to iron them out. Part of the writing issues comes from me writing the dialogue at three in the morning and using a new method of writing from what I usually do. For the sanity meter thing I was inspired by DD to implant it but because of time constraints I didn't really get a chance to flesh it out like I wanted to. Same with the item obstacles and just the overall balancing of the battle system. There was going to be a whole section on the basement area that the first team would have had to go through to find the keycard, but it was just me working on this and unfortunately life decided to get hectic midway through development. Honestly I'm just as surprised as you are that my little fever pitch of an project was acknowledged as something with potential. Even if I don't win the final round I do plan on continue working on the game and I hope I can get your feedback on a more better balanced and finished product.