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It's all well and good to show instead of tell and remove tutorials that aren't necessary, but when you actually change gameplay choices - like, say, making a previously safe mob start attacking or giving an item to use in order to progress - you need to tell the player about that. Else they get annoyed and upset that the game is suddenly changing without letting them know.

That is, you can't just change the 'rules' half-way through and expect a player to be okay with that if you don't actually give them a heads-up that things are now different for them. It's straight up bad design choice. So, sure, remove unnecessary tutorials. Don't explain things that are pretty much straight forward. But inform them when you are changing shit. Or show instead of telling, if that's your hang-up. Have a pig chase you from a room and then have the character ask wtf changed and why they're suddenly aggressive.

Keep it in the game 'dialogue' instead if you must, but at least 'show' if you're not going to 'tell' in a way that the player can understand without having to die first.

The first stage of the Game was a disaster, I have to admit. I actually tryed to warn the player about the game-change with music (When the time comes to fight the Pigs, a Battle Theme plays on the arenas), BUT, I completely ignored the fact that the music starts with a huge delay, which will leave the player vulnerable for enough time to be killed.

Going into Spoiler territory, I'm thinking about changing Elisa's Attack from fire to a hammer strike - which would make a lot more sense considering what the Pigs represent. And by the time I make the changes, I'll definitely add cutscenes showing the rules - and change of rules - to the player. 

Again, thanks a lot for your feedback =)