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The game has a lot of great points going for it. It really put me in mind of jRPGs from the early Playstation 1 and 2, and I really liked the overall feel of the game. The characterisation is a bit bland at points, however, and can seem a little rushed. Understandable that this is a prototype and not the full game, so it doesn't take the time it normally would to let the characters get to know each other and fill in the NPCs and world with more than just a quick splash of identity. Something to look forward to in the future, though.

I do wish the skill learning were a bit less 'my first skill tree' in visual - it lets down the rest of the game. I'm also not a big fan of the way you choose which character to upgrade during it. It's one of the biggest issues I have with the game for as much as I played it. I think it'd work as a menu styled thing than just 'floating in space with staaaars'. The aesthetic is a bit weird.

That said, the sound, gameplay and overall charm the game exudes makes it one of the few I've given 5 stars. I really enjoyed this game. Great job!


Thank you so much for playing! :D I'm really happy you liked the game. PS1 era JRPGs are some of my biggest inspiration. I really want to flesh out the world more in the future like you mentioned.

The Skill Tree was something I really wanted in the game but had no options in the original engine (Smile Game Builder) to add as a menu, which I would have also preferred. So, to my own demise, I decided to event the whole thing. Looking back, I might have scaled it down a bit and made it more graphically appealing, and more snappy like an actual menu. Oh well, I got the time to do it now! lol 

Thank you so much for the valuable feedback and for scoring it so high as well. Made my night!