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Don't Loot BackView game page

The Last Treasure Chest They Will Ever Loot
Submitted by Elokas Creative Oy — 1 day, 18 hours before the deadline
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People's Choice Vote#1152.6672.667

Ranked from 12 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
Developer & Composer:
Elias Luukkanen

Title Screen Artwork:

Art & Resources:
Matias Luukkanen

Scripts and Plugins:
Aloe Guvner,
Modern Algebra,
Tor Damian Design,

Minor Resources:

RPG Maker MV

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Unfortunately I couldn't get far into the game as the spike trap wouldn't set. Pity, since there was promise and the game sounded interesting. I wasn't a fan of the zoomed-out view, personally.


Thank you for all of the feedback! I think that zoomed out view can be fixed. I myself have 1920-1080 resolution and I did not realize that so many other machines might have a smaller resolution. The spike traps can be placed by pressing let mouse key and space at the same time, but I might need to either change or explain it better in the game. Thank you for the let's play!

Interesting, but even when I followed the instructions on how to set the spike trap, I wasn't able to place them on the proper tile. I then restarted it (using the F12...or was it 5?) and the game wouldn't load at all. Tried a few times before giving up. Some null name error.


Hi HawkZombie, thanks for the feedback!

Spike trap can be set with this: once you got the spike selected, press down constantly with left mouse key at the position you want to set the trap at. Then while pressing left mouse key down, press SPACE at one of those three tiles in which those traps can be placed. In that first section where Spikes had to be placed on the road where those mannequins walk, there are only three tiles where that is possible.

I am sad to see that being unable to save was the case. For some reason as I developed the game a bug of saving game came into action and this it gives an error if you try using F12. I simply cannot tell why that is, I did use the basic MV save system without any plugin going against it. Unfortunately I could not remove that in time as it came to be within last day. If you don't save or reload, it should work without a hitch.

Hopefully this helps. Making the system from the ground-up was a challenge and is definitely going to be made smoother as the time goes on. Whatever happens in the competition, I am going to develop and release this fully. 


I liked it, Zan is funny and the dailog is well written. The game could use a cross hair below where you are about to mouse click for more accuracy. Other then that I would change the house placing button from mouse click space to maybe double click or the Z or X button. Really cool idea I had fun playing this one. :)


Thank you Digiflower for checking this one out! I think that is a very good suggestion. There is a lot I need to handle with control scheme. I will put effort on that going future


It was a pleasure to work on this demo for 30 days. It was an interesting experience to make RPG Maker into something completely different. Whatever happens in the competition, I will make sure to finish the project, add better visuals and release it.