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The tech demo has a lot of promise to be an interesting game when it's complete. The ideas presented in text form is, I thought, an interesting way to present your case to the judges on what to expect and how the game would play out. It wouldn't work in another IGMC but in this one where the idea is to showcase your idea for them to see if it's viable for publishing and winning, it might work out really well. Maybe? It might also make them think about the fact that the game is missing a lot of the interesting stuff that they didn't get to play.

The art is very nice, as is the sound. Presentation was well done and though I was a bit annoyed at the slow speed of some pieces, the promise of a full game made in this style has made me more interesting in following the game to see where it goes, so good job in that. 


Thank you, Libby!  I'm glad you think it's at least worth following!  Also, that floor pixel drawn directly off of the real floor of the Space Shuttle Endeavor.  Those are modular panels and the direction of the design is supposed to indicate how they interlock for easy replacement in case of damage.