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This game had some really neat ideas, but it had a lot of big issues that made playing it a frustration and impossible. The graphics are, eh, alright for a demo of what the game could be. They're a bit hard to figure out what some things are, but they worked well enough as a showcase. The main issues are that everything is too fast and your equipment doesn't really seem to be doing anything for the hero.

There's just a lot going on all at the same time - you can't actually do a good job of arranging the pack, dishing out equipment, fixing the pack and destroying stuff while keeping an eye on your hero. If this were a bit slower paced, it would be a lot more interesting and fun. Collecting items, fitting them in the pack, dealing with space issues, choosing what to take and what not to take, equipping your hero so that they can go further and helping them defeat enemies by giving information so that you can plan ahead... that would make a really interesting game, however in it's current iteration it needs so much work.