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Sadly, games developed in rpgmaker mv aren't compatible with mac osx catalina and later versions (it's stated in the download link but we will do a better job making it clearer).

You can still play using a windows virtual machine and/or apps like Parallels.

Thanks for the thorough explanation.

I'm actually on Rpg Maker MZ, so instead of Yanfly's plugins I have the Visustella set, I think they're very similar so it's probably doable. I'll look into it!


Thank you, I appreciate it! FQ is a different type of game but it's set in the same world. I hope you like it.

If not, DD2 is coming! (the demo is already available for download) :)


I think you're psychic and have powers. You posted right now and the OSX version has just been fully uploaded


Hello, it's compatible with systems before Catalina.

The download for mac might have been offline. If you want we can reupload the Mac version (pre-Catalina unfortunately)


so I understand that you can use all of your cards in the same turn unless some card has the appropriate notetag.

But is it possible to set a specified number of cards to be used each turn? (examplke: 3 cards max per turn) Preferably controllable with a variable in game (example: level up, now you can use 4 cards)

Or is it possible to add a "cost" like most card games to (like hearthstone) to each card so that you have, say, 10 total points to spend, and after that your turn is over?



Looks nice



:) I agree :)

the game is complete

(1 edit)

Thank you for your interest in this project! Sadly there won't be an android release, though. Windows only :(

There are different routes. In one, Konrad asks Faylinn to be monogamous with her. 

In another, Konrad romances Natasha first, and then you can convince him to "involve" Faylinn in their relationship.

There are plenty of scenes with maleXfemale characters.

Faylinn can romance Konrad as well as another male companion named Red Fox (thieves' guild route only) all the way to the end with their own ending!

Count me in as a buyer!

Another question or feedback.

For example, what if I am only interested in a "scene" like the one in the menu where you browse cards?

If you had a separate plugin for a scene like that,  where you can only browse cards, that would be very useful for games where you have collectible cards. I'd definitely purchase it!

Very cool! Can this be used in synergy with the default battle system?

Meaning: can I alternate between normal battles and card-based battles in the same game? Also, is this availabe in case of commercial projects?

Thank you


Hi! We have planned 10 marriageable characters but the list will hopefully expand. And yes, Loryel is included, she's a monogamous romance for all gender types.  Thanks for asking!

You don't need your old save, for technical reason, you will be able to create your backstory directly in DD2.

Wow, thank you so much!

Thank you so much!

Price and release date haven't set yet, but a demo is coming in the summer! (June/July)

Well well well, once you meet her and learn about her personality you might change your mind! :O


It's up!

The game is being updated now!

Thank you. Do you have a saved game before that scene? If you can share it with us ( or discord) we can take a look at it and eventually update the game for everybody. But we will look into it anyway. Thanks

Wow. This is awesome.  Does it also come with a menu to browse all the cards you own?



you mean a newer version of the game, or a version that's compatible on a more recent OS than Catalina? The second case, sadly, won't be possible, but some players have reported that they can the windows version with the browser.


Hello, sadly the demo is unavailable at the moment. Apologies.

Hi, couple quick questions:

- Can you turn the map off and on via plugin combat in game?

- Does the map self-generate as you explore, or do you see the entire floor immediately?


Thank you for pointing these out. We'll get right to work!

If you want you can join the Discord where we have a dedicated channel for collecting and solving bugs:

Hello, yes, it is full, but will be updated soon and progressively because we are still finetuning a couple things. (there will be an update about this soon)

We're also planning to give out Steam Keys with every purchase so that you can, if you want, play it there, where updates are automatic.

We don't recommend porting the saved game from the demo.

Yes, thank you, this will be fixed in the full release! :)

Thank you, this is fixed in the full version

Thank you for asking, but the android version is not available anymore. The Patreon page is off but will reopen soon, with the development of Dungeon Dreams 2.


Sadly the Android version is not supported anymore


Thank you for your interest! The full game will be out on Steam in Early Access, October 11, and hopefully soon after, officially released here and on Steam.