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DONE rating! Except mine......oh wait! I can't.

Just a hobby.

Oh man, the scene and musics work perfectly.

No word. Just curious.

Thank you.

Last hour submitted. Congrats. 

Man, that lil' fox was really "sugar rush".

Scary and awesome.

The battle system was my curiosity. Good work.



Thank you.

Good Smile Builder?

Good work?

SCORE: 14900

Got few errors of writing, but I'm really enjoyed the story. Good work, Denom.

Hello, ansimuz. Can I enlarge the tileset just in case? And what’s the terms of use?




Good puzzle RPG game. There are things you might wanna fix/improve.

I love that using skill to move object and find hidden doors to solve puzzles but kinda hassle if I open the menu and use the skills every times. Maybe hotkeys / shortcut keys will do.

It is a short game, and I had fun. Thanks.

I felt.....nostalgic T_T

I felt....nostalgic.

Thank you T_T

What I got:

-the game is so narrative and focus on story. Nobody talks but the narrative story.
-still got text error, but it's fine.
-particles like sakura flower, starry, etc. I like it
-map got confuse as the trees blocked my view. Yet beautiful with filters.
-the game narrating in battle.
-game crashed after VS Wvyren. Restart, and okay. (but I donno the cause of crash)
-Remnants and Sorceries
-sleep in Inn, defeat Nightmare, but no recovery.
-After vs Nightmare, went to Gabriella, I lost. I donno what to do next...
-story about Helenies - I'm really curious!
-after the story, the blacksmith told me to meet Gabriella in chapel, but Gabriella keep saying about pretending to read.
-meet Gabriella at the fountain......okay.
-...okay, found the 'F' word.

Me, personally
-skipper, doesn't read too much. I wanna skip but reading is important to RPG games, but I really want to skip.
-almost asleep while playing
-the story mission: protect the Chalice - I hope you can visualize it whether image or make a scene. 
-almost lost my objective. Except talk again to the blacksmith, I finally know my next objective.

Now : I stopped where the black-hooded guy appeared. I'll continue later coz' I'm busy.

Thanks for the game.

Oh.....I thought it’s gonna be First Person Viev or Side View battle something. It’s a simple tactic yet puzzle on map battle. 

Waiting for further update. Keep it up.

Thanks, Kemsyn. Hope you enjoy it.

And love your cyberpunk RPG game.

Yay, thanks. And I enjoyed with your game.

Yup, I'm still bad for dialog-ging but thanks.

What engine gonna use?

Oh yeah! Cyberpunk! Neon! Vaporwave! Guns!

Da cat at the beginning shocked me! Haha!

Good luck, Denom.


Full production?! I would. But I have hobby project to do.


Thank you.



Maybe. But I need some rest. 

Well, everyone. I finished and submitted my game.

Should I credit you for the logo?

(1 edit)

It is an RPG game but I don’t like first person view battle. I wanna see heroes’ faces with expression like DOOM 1993 by ID Software. Finally, thanks to RPG Maker MV with Yanfly plugins, I made it as shown in video above.

Dungeon Buster (name may pending) is an RPG game, like other RPG game but not plan yet for what mission is. 

Given 4 heroes , Hero, Warrior, Mage and Archer enters dungeons.....for reasons. Missions, treasures, enemies, adventure....yup, for some reason.

Engine : RPG Maker MV

Pre-existing materials like RTP and assets allowed.  Check.

No pre-existing project like made project before the beginning of the competition. Understood.

Got it.

2. What counts for the "Pre-existing assets that were not created specifically for the contest" clause of rule 1 of the official rules?

This clause is mainly focused on allowing people to use pre-existing assets such as RPG Maker resource packs, Unity Store assets, Unity Frameworks, RPG Maker Plugins, and similar items that are publicly available, for purchase or for free.

It does also include materials that you had made for a previous project, as long as you can prove that it was not made for the IGMC project. An example of  proof would be:

  • A previously released game containing the material.
  • Old posts (Pre-IGMC 2018 announce) on forums/blogs that clearly show that it was made for another project.

So, my question:

 1) Can I use default tileset and characters that I own RPG Maker MV and previous for this competition?

2) I still can use my previous project for this competition?

I'm still confused about FAQ no.2.