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Good luck.

To be honest, I like the presentation. Creepy and beautiful. Without dialogues, it's still understandable where bubbles show their emotions and their movement gave a hint,especially the two switches.

Love the style and gameplay.

Nobody can touch my cake!!!!

Hello, can I use it to other engine like Pixel Game Maker MV?


It's okay.


Thanks for playing. And your game too.

Thank you 👌

Thank you for playing.

Yup, sorry that I didn't make it.

Spike part?

It is a great game! Water deathmatch! I don't know what to say.

🙈 Water armed maidens in battle-swimming-suits. 

Great game. Beautiful pixel sprites and background. Good mechanism.

Mostly in tunnel where I rolled then stand up and got stuck. But managed to finish the game. Got ice cream

6m 35s fastest beatdown I did.

It's a great beat'em up game. The sweep is the advantage but it has a cooldown, better than consume HP like classic beat'em up games.

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Good mechanics and but super jump was something that annoyed me.

In Stage 2, I tried to jump on next floating platform but I missed. Sometimes overshot, sometimes undershot.

It's a fun game (must use keyboard and mouse)

Simple design but good. I love '???' mission.

Scored 16076. 

Great game and it's really hard until I got used to the mechanic game. 

Simple control (directional only), beautiful game with arcade style with cabinet frame but the gameplay is hard. Can't reverse and forward (except attack to move forward a bit or jump and hold attack to move further)

Lady with cradle - one-hit death

Soldier - cause knock back but gives players advantage

Hole -hard to land on moving platformer.

Laser behind player - you guess it...

It's a fun game but pick and throw rock to coconut tree, then pick up coconut and put in a box to get coconut currency was such a hassle

I died many times in stage 2-2 but it's a fun puzzle game.

And I loved the manual. You used Sega controller?

Got 4 hearts.

I scored 72

It's a good lil' metroidvania game. Got glitch where I got stuck in 4th stage tunnel.

So, what are you gonna say about the the game, especially the control.

I mean 'prone'. Press down to sit/prone/ lie down.

Dude, now I duck.

Purchased. It DOES include sprites!!! I gonna test them out with tiles.

Is the package includes player sprites?

DONE rating! Except mine......oh wait! I can't.

Just a hobby.

Oh man, the scene and musics work perfectly.

No word. Just curious.

Thank you.

Last hour submitted. Congrats. 

Man, that lil' fox was really "sugar rush".

Scary and awesome.

The battle system was my curiosity. Good work.