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So the idea behind this is something like QWOP volleyball?
Hard to test local multiplayer alone, but it could be a lot of fun.

I agree with Pyrians feedback in that how far you can go into the ceiling is hard to judge. I also think the gravity is a bit too steep that it makes it a bit hard to get the right timing on things, you just drop like a brick if you don't flap.

It's clear that this game is designed that you die a lot, so I think the death penalty needs to be reduced. At this point it's a pretty annoying penalty with the long death sequence and the sound starts to get annoying as well after a while.

I'd suggest, allow skipping the death sequence with space, make it a bit shorter in general and don't play that death sound and instead play a more uplifting cuckoo sound when you respawn.

Try messing around with levels to get really short or really long cycles, or try beating levels with less barriers/bounce, that can keep you busy for a while :) I kinda like going for really long cycles because they tend to have barriers in really odd positions, where you'd not think it'd work at a first glance. For example, this is a 31.4 second cycle of the first level:

I think it'd work better if movement was put on a "polar grid", as I've had several cases where something would just not fit, or I just overshot it, and had to go all the way around to fix that or reset the level.

There are a lot of blind turns, and the screen effects are a bit disorienting, and as Zanryu mentioned, the lack of easily distinguishable reference points makes memorization of the track hard. There is also no clear feedback on whether you're turned around, so if you make a mistake, you can end up being totally lost, not knowing what the way forward is. That last part can be easily fixed by making the lights on the side of the track more arrow shaped (so they actually point backwards if you're turned around)

No I didn't, got to about 70% lushness.

I love it, I didn't mind the timing levels as much.

That was a lot of fun :)

50% keeps getting me, that's so tight, and it's already hard to keep track of flickering orbs (I had to turn down brightness/contrast, and actively avoid looking at the game directly) :P

I don't really get what the point of this game is. In my experience, there is no reason to shoot ever (shots don't seem to do anything but hurt yourself occasionally). Besides that, the enemy patterns are so predictable and repetitive that it gets boring fast.

Amazing game, the screen shake gives it a great feel.

(Got a 1:34 btw)

Unfortunately it seems you forgot to actually upload the game.

So it's a racing game without steering, and without actually racing? Since there is absolutely no pressure to actually get through it fast (aside from the constant speed of the car). It also doesn't really feel like the car is going fast. Additionally, although said in other comments:
Hitboxes are brutal when steering, since you can hit your back against a wall when you turn, and then crash. Also, that the camera auto-scrolls with the car, but the gun doesn't, makes it hard to line up shots. So I'd either make the camera scroll with the gun, or make the gun also move when the camera moves (so it'll stay at the same position on the screen if you don't press anything).

Using space instead of W/up arrow for jump while requiring mouse input is clunky.

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I created a web build, including some fixes:
Of course if you want to rate it fairly, you'd need to play the windows version.

That portal gun needs to be buffed, wings are OP.
Anyway, great concept.

Water does nothing to Emily, but it makes the fly (only the player fly) unable to spark and Emily stops being scared of it (you can still force her to jump). You can refresh the spark by flying near a light.

It's so sensitive! Probably needs to have an option to pan the camera without shaking it.