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Fun little game! Very challenging...

I really liked the game and plan to continue playing it. The only complains I have with the game are easily remedied: I found myself trying to dodge pickups (Orb things) like they were projectiles when I saw them out of the corner of my eye, perhaps the visual design of the pickups could be tweaked slightly? I also have to comment on the controls, though I see many others have done this already. Particularly, switching weapons is very difficult. Maybe the mouse wheel could control it as well as shift? A key-binding screen would solve the control problems, but I understand that is difficult to implement. The game is a lot of fun though, and the art is spectacular. Keep on developing, I'm excited to see where the game will go!

I like the game, though I won't claim to understand it...

This is fantastic! I almost got it... I just couldn't figure out the symbol third from the right. Really great work!

Just out of curiosity... What?

The game is quite fun and the art and animation are impressive considering the limited time. However, the behavior of the enemies (moving straight towards you) would normally encourage crowd control tactics but the inherent design of the game makes this impossible. The mechanic is good, but it could use enemies to match it. Perhaps the shooting ones could stay a certain distance away from the player and the melee ones could wander towards the player less directly. But overall I had a genuinely good time playing your game.  The concept definitely shows potential that you should expand on in the future.

I'm glad you enjoyed my game! I'll check out and rate yours.

Good concept. Execution was, meh...

It was fun at first and fits the theme well, but it gets a bit chaotic after 30 seconds or so...

The changing colors do help. And I totally get how the deadline creeps up on you.

The concept is mindbogglingly amazing! There are just 2 problems. 1: The controls and physics are a bit wonky and sometimes push the player into the dimension they cannot see. (This makes physical sense, but is confusing in this context.) 2: All of the platforms look exactly the same, that combined with the already confusing nature of the game makes competent navigation nearly impossible. I get the draw of an abstract art style, and it even looks quite beautiful in this game, but something as simple as different colors and patterns on the platforms would make getting your bearings so much easier. But,  I am still in awe that you managed to pull off something like this in 48 hours. Well done!

Great concept! However, it is just too limited to be particularly enjoyable.

This is great, Amazing Idea! Seriously impressive that you made this is just 2 days! My only gripe is that the controls are a bit wonky...

I did think that problem might occur. But from my experience, that only occurs in earlier waves, when there are only enemies in one or two locations, and not so much later on when you are surrounded. But that was just me...

I would love to hear people's high score.


First off, no there is only one enemy type (I was in a Game-Jam, so I didn't have time) Second, your idea about regaining energy faster when you are near missiles or enemies, is great. And if I re-visit this game in the future (With more time) I will definitely add it in.

Overall i'm glad you enjoyed my game!

This game is fairly fun but does not follow the theme at all!