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Was definitely one of my favorite conceptually from the game jam. The only minor gripes I had: 1) you can shoot the boxes off screen so before some levels I would just spam in an area to get rid of all the boxes than go, 2) hitboxes were a little rough X_X, 3) I actually spent 5 minutes before realizing I could wasd to move. I feel that if you placed the starting disk in level 1 at an angle it would allow people to not instinctively fire and miss the wasd part. Another option would be designing the game where you don't blow up hitting a wall, which would fix gripes 2 & 3. All in all though, was definitely a great game!

I think it's got a really great concept, but I feel the level design doesn't serve the concept justice. Still, I would love to see a full game of this!

I wasn't expecting this to be so enjoyable! Nice job, it's really fun.

Last game I expected to have E3 Coverage.