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Use programming to navigate through a treacherous course!
Submitted by ArcanePanda — 5 hours, 30 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
THE EXPERIENCE#82.1902.190
SOUNDS AND MUSIC#142.1192.119

Ranked from 42 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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your game's concept is pretty innovative! i love how we need to type and press enter to do everything!

Submitted (4 edits) (+1)

It's a hardcore game with a cool concept! I really like how everything had to be written by player, just like programming :) There are some issues with player pushing platforms away and other small bugs, but other than that, this game is a great time-killer and I had fun playing it!

You can watch my playthrough (if you haven't yet) at


Haha, this is a really cool concept, made me smile a lot!
As others have said it is really challenging, but very well executed, really like the D'n'B-music!
Great job!


Very challenging indeed. But the innovation of typing out the commands was fun. Would have been interesting if you could create a sequence of actions to take? Good work.


Nice concept, well made and very challenging! Good job!

It's very difficult when you have big fingers like mine ^^' I tried to cheat by pasting “jump” but ctrl+v didn’t work ;) 


Really interesting concept, the color scheme is pretty neat. The mechanics are unique and are something that takes some time to get used to. Great job overall and 10/10 for innovation.


it was difficult at the start, but the mechanic of commands is really innovated! Good job my friend


Woah, this is really cool! I am no good at it, I liked the presentation and especially the fact that you had to type everything, even starting the game.


This is a challenging typing game with a lot of variety! There are multiple commands at your disposal that can be used to defeat your enemies and overcome challenges. The music is great, the sound effects are simple but effective. I like how the art is all code and ascii art. It totally matches the theme. Overall very fun, but could be more fun if the player were more powerful. I think jumps are a little too close together so space out platforms more, and a health bar would be cool too so the player can take more than one hit. Congrats on the Jam!


I like this type of game, and this one is very challenging :D
It's a good game..

Congratulationss on your entry for the gamejam ^^'


The concept is great, the game was difficult on easy but probably just takes some practice.  Would be excited to see this streamed.  Very on theme.


Very cool and very fun, despite how bad I am at it! Even playing it on easy, I type a little too slowly to really succeed, but I still enjoyed my time with it. Presentation is great; I like that I had to type out everything, including settings. A good compromise between giving the player the list of commands upfront and giving them autocomplete might be to fill in the console with the closest command to what they're typing, but they still have to enter the whole thing - this way they feel like they're discovering mechanics themselves but still have to do it in time to succeed. 

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Woaaah,this game just blew my mind.The gameplay is so unique and fresh.Combining two command inputs felt really tense,and rewarding.Pulling off moves that in other games would be just two button presses is so satisfying,.The game incorporates the theme perfectly.

Overall this is a really  unique,engaging and most importantly fun game.


Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for playing!


snazzyyyyyyyyyy mah brooo


no idea how a command-line line game can be smooth but this one is! i found the climb mechanic insanely useful to keep my momentum going. i agree about being able to enter your next move faster in order to make it just a bit easier, perhaps a "command+command" sort of input. i don't know, but i loved it




I loved the concept of this game! It's challenging because you have to see your next move and type fast enough to give the command before it's too late!

I would sugest to implement an autocomplete mechanics. Like, you type "ju" and press tab, and the game autocomplete to "jump". There's a game called Hacknet that you needed to imput Unix commands fast, and the autocomplete feature really helped a lot in the game!

And I think some commands, like Difficulty, were case sensitive, because I couldn't access them.

Congrats for your game, it's really fun! ^^


Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed playing. I thought about adding the auto complete, but decided not to because I felt that some of the funnest/most exhilarating moments happened when you made it through a gauntlet by typing the correct commands barely in time. Also, from what I remember of Hacknet, a lot of the commands are obnoxiously long IP addresses and such, so I don't feel its as necessary, but that's just me.  As for the case sensitive commands, that was totally my bad, all commands need to be lowercase in order to work.

Thanks again for playing!


That's a really neat game! You nailed the theme of the jam 100%. Nice visuals, very clean. Matching music choice! I enjoyed figuring out how to beat certain combinations of obstacles like red tower + a higher platform afterwards. But some points have insane difficulty (movement + the triangle tower shooting at you), even if you utilize all commands. A fast-input mode (no enter key necessary) would make it a bit easier to concat all commands you need. Only got a score of 99, but I'll come back and beat it for a 3 digit highscore :D

Some issues i've encountered (in case you want to continue to work on the game):
- The menu says "Start" and "Restart" so I thought I have to type it with the first letter uppercase. You should either rename them to "start" and "restart" or accept capital letters in the input.
- In the highscore screen, the game gets really slow and demands 100% GPU after a few minutes. Maybe you forgot to kill instance of your prefabs/objects?
- In the highscore screen, the second and third value are not saved properly and display the current score.
- The "@"-Coins can spawn under the tiles


Thanks for the feedback! I was thinking about adding a way to execute multiple commands simultaneously (by adding a space or something) but I never got around to it. As for the technical issues, I'll try and find out what's causing them, and fix them once the jam's over, so thanks for pointing those out. Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for playing!


AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. I really like it, even though it's incredibly difficult. I think you should improve on the visuals and the music, but the core mechanic is strong and intersting. Having to decide quickly what to do is important, and hard to execute, which is just wonderful. I think you should be able to jump just a little further, because a lot of the times I jumped, I couldn't reach the other platform. Maybe powerups are also a good idea to have in the game. Overall I think the game is really fun, hard and fitting the theme :D

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Visuals are definitely not my strong suit, so hopefully i can find a style that looks nice and also isn't too demanding. As for the jumping, it definitely is a little wonky at first, but once you get used to it, you can make most of the jumps no problem. Thanks for playing!