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Thank you!

Great little game with a lot of personality. Could see having a bit more control over the jump height (sort of mario-eque where the longer you hold jump, the higher you jump), but it works now with double jump as the analog control. The series of spikes in the saw-blade level were frustrating in that the hit box was fairly large and play doesn't have any avenue of control other than where to start the first jump in a series of three. As a game dev, I'm envious of the ending credits and the glow trail. ;) Great job!

Thank you for playing and giving it a try even if it isn't usually your type of game. I'm glad you liked it.

I gave your game a try and posted feedback on your page. Nicely done. :)

Thanks for playing and the feedback. Yep, I had more plans but ran out of time (as is traditional for game jams).

There is a goal (with game over) after the 9th room, my apologizes that it wasn't clear. I'm glad you loved it! Thank you

I'm glad you enjoyed the game. If you can spam up and down and not have the cross-hairs catch you, well done.  :) My issue with making it more non-stop is that I wanted the controls to feel responsive so if it ignores commands too quickly after turns or prevent you from going back, then you might miss gaps in the walls.  Basically, I was trying to not surprise the player with the control scheme. You can make a good game with surprising controls (Wario-Ware, for example) but that wasn't quite was I was aiming for with this game. :)

I'm really glad you enjoyed it and liked the targets. The ranking was meant to allow people to finish imperfectly (great for a game jam, not every judge is going to be great at every type of game) while allowing people to try the Hitman 'ghost' runs for people who find the imperfect runs too easy. And then I screwed up the detection mechanics right before the deadline making imperfect runs much harder. Oops.

Slight spoiler: The easiest way past the final radar zone is to go up the right hallway, wait for the radars to sweep by (by doing switch backs in the hallway to wait). There are other ways past, but that is the easiest by far.

Very solid game with an interesting twist on 'run and gun'. There were some very slight bugs with dying zombies still attacking/firing after they are disappearing. Bonus points for having a tutorial.

Lovely art and a creative control system. The controls remind me of the "keep the balloon up" game I used to play as a kid, perfect for the theme.

Fun little stealth game. The controls are a bit unforgiving (quite fast and if you clip a pit slightly you fall in). It has a fast-paced puzzle-feeling to it. Well done. :)

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

I'm sorry to hear that. I'm glad you were able to persevere and finish.

The clock runs very quickly when I tried to play, going from 100 to 0 in about a second, resulting in a game over before I can really explore the game. I'm not sure if I'm missing a step, setting or something here. Going to hold off on judging until I can figure out how to play. The second of game play I can see looks like an interesting take on breakout.

Thank you, I'm thrilled you liked it!

Thank you for playing. Heh, trying to solve glitches ate up a lot of my finishing up time and I didn't get all of them.

Rated and commented on your game. :)

Thank you for playing. "Fun and stressful" were the two adjectives I was aiming for :)

I agree with gsanz95, a bit of music or sound effects would have gone a long way in this game. Very simple choose your own adventure with a lot of potential, would have liked to have seen more. :)

I tried to play your game on Firefox (Windows 10, 64-bit, 61.0.2) but got stuck at the first choice (Get Sunglasses or Don't Get Them).  It wasn't allowing me to click on either button. Was able to get it working on Chrome to play.

Thanks! Funny story but I had tuned the radar lock difficult and then found a bug last minute that was causing the about 20% of the detections to be ignored (among other things, it was also breaking the lasers about 20% of the frames) so when I fixed the bug it accidentally sped up the lose condition a bit. Rated and commented on your game, nicely done. :)

Good music, fun game, felt very in that you are running away from things and then circumstantially turning around to jam them. Well done. :)

Nice start to a bullet hell game. The 'stun' on hit preventing you from using the charge is good, and could have been useful to have a recharge after a charge attack to prevent charge spamming. And the controls have a few minor issues (you can't move diagonally because horizontal movement cancels out vertical movement). If you continue working on the game, I might suggest allowing the player to slightly steer the charge attack (to give some counter-play to straight down firing enemies) and have where the charge attack exit the top of the screen determine where the ship teleports back into (to give the player a way to deal with "well, I'm going to teleport back into a nest of bullets"). Overall, good concept and fun prototype. :)

Thanks for playing and commenting on my game. :)

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

The Gridbugs exist to make the shortest path non-trivial. Without them, you could play the game with moving left and right. Now, for a good timed run, you should ideally dodge them (typically 1 to 2 extra minutes vs the 5/10 minute penalty for hitting one). Sorry, they aren't very complicated at the moment.

Doh, I apparently displayed both the "You win" message along side the "You beat this level" after level 3 and only got rid of one of them. Sorry about that, I'll fix it and push an update. There are only three levels at the moment, so you won the game it just bugged out at displaying it.

First, your watercolor box art really caught my eye. The sprites also felt very flowing in motion and made it feel very quick and active even as a turn based game. I also liked the arrow mechanics, it was fun making the robots shoot each other by mistake.

Some minor quibbles I noticed playing (and no worries if you were already aware and just ran out of time). Maybe have some command buffering so that a command pressed during an animation will trigger after the animation? There were times when I was trying to jump across gaps, had the key commands down but the animation ate a command so it ended up not crossing the gap as intended. I might also suggest having an on screen reminder for the verb keys (ZXC) and what they do. Some people (*cough*myself*cough*) will forget what does what and I couldn't scroll down afterwards. I couldn't get Chat to seem to do anything and couldn't progress past the second level (those monks wrecked me ;)

Very nice attempt and sorry that you all weren't able to finish it.

Added the only 'monster' of my game: Gridbugs. These glitches will cost you minutes of your workday if they happen to touch your cursor.

Working on a 20% joke game regarding playing a rogue-like in a DOS-era accounting program. Might not get it done due to work schedule, but giving it a few hours when I can.

Thank you for playing my game. Sorry that the instructions were not as clear as they should have been. It was interesting to see you play the games rapid fire as it really reinforces how quickly game jam games need to get people up to speed. Lesson learned for next time. :)

Sorry, didn't realize that the game page info wouldn't show up here too.

Some quick start info.

Controls are ASDF and Arrow Keys.

Access begins hacking, attempts to escalate your user privilege
(dealing damage to the enemy console). If you finish a command line with
Access which finishes off the console, then you will unlock a door or
increase your max health (depending on console).

Scan gives your current status and inside hacking will act as a multiplier for the next command in the command line. Multiple Scans can stack. If you finish a console off with Scan, you receive some information.

Defend allows you to heal inside the hacking minigame. Had I had more time, I was intending to have mobile enemies where Defend could be used to brace, take cover and hide. If you finish a console off with Defend, you recharge to full charge/health outside of hacking minigame.

Fry deals damage in the hacking minigame and turns the console into a sparking wreck. I was intending to have the sparking consoles damage pursuing robots who got too close.

Overall, I feel conflicted about ICE Wall. It had a lot of promise but I think I dreamed a bit too big. It is playable now but I don't find it fun. Overall, this is my first GameJam with Unity and I like it. Need to be more familiar with it but it generally worked as fast or faster than myself.

Esc + Esc (within 5 seconds) will exit from the game. Esc + A will refresh a new level. The levels are procedural and are not guaranteed to be solvable (although there should always enough keys to unlock every door, if you Access every key console).

Tips: When you send in a Command Line of four commands, the miniscreen on top will tell you if each command worked or was blocked, in order. Each console may block up to two commands on each 'port'. Even if the last command was blocked, it still counts for "Last Hit" purposes.