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The callingView game page

Turn-based platformer
Submitted by Carenalga (@mapedorr), Agar3s (@agar3s) — 1 day, 5 minutes before the deadline
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  • Kill enemies to continue. If there is an end goal I didn't find it.

    Completeness 3
    When I exit the game, then click restore game, the game is frozen (reloading the web page fixes this).
    The instructions swap "W" and "D".
    The dialogue system is basically nonexistent.

    Aesthetics 3
    Tiles are OK.
    Controls are OK. QWEASD for movement, ZX for attacking.

    Fun 2
    I couldn't find any strategy other than spamming arrows.

    Innovation 3
    Side view platforming.

    Scope 2
    Stationary or moving enemies in a limited number of level shapes.

    Roguelikeness 3
    Turn/grid based
    A few different map/enemy combinations
    No RPG stuff
    Not much tactics/strategy
    Side view

  • Nice attempt at making turn based platformer. Unfortunately combat system is quite abusable and enemie's damage scales way too fast. At some point single hit of an enemy can kill you from full hp. And since amount of enemies grow too, it is impossible to not take that hit with a bit of bad luck. Levels seems to be randomly taken from a pool of pre-designed levels and one level might repeat several times. Shooting with a bow could be significantly improved with single change - next shot should have placed target marker on the previous position. As it is right now, shooting requires waaay to many key pressed for a comfortable gameplay. IMO turn based gameplay is not enough for the game to be called even roguelite, not to say roguelike.

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Nice graphics! I included it in my 7DRL Challenge compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thanks for playing our game Jupiter. We're glad you liked the graphics.


Cool art style and sounds! The controls take a bit of time getting used to, but they are fine after a while.

The first time I started the game the level was impassable, so I thought I missed something. But it was just the random level generator. (My game has problems with that too ;) )

I would've liked to see my dexterity, because it levels up. But other than that, very nice entry!


Sorry for the late reply. We were working in other things.

First of all, thanks for playing the game and your comments. We have a lot of things to improve and fix, the level generation among them, and we'll do so in a couple of weeks.

So glad you like it!


First, your watercolor box art really caught my eye. The sprites also felt very flowing in motion and made it feel very quick and active even as a turn based game. I also liked the arrow mechanics, it was fun making the robots shoot each other by mistake.

Some minor quibbles I noticed playing (and no worries if you were already aware and just ran out of time). Maybe have some command buffering so that a command pressed during an animation will trigger after the animation? There were times when I was trying to jump across gaps, had the key commands down but the animation ate a command so it ended up not crossing the gap as intended. I might also suggest having an on screen reminder for the verb keys (ZXC) and what they do. Some people (*cough*myself*cough*) will forget what does what and I couldn't scroll down afterwards. I couldn't get Chat to seem to do anything and couldn't progress past the second level (those monks wrecked me ;)

Very nice attempt and sorry that you all weren't able to finish it.


Thanks for your feedback Kyace. We still have to run some tests to adjust the mechanics, but it is good to know, from the side of a player, what kind of things we should look at. Regarding the reminders for ZXC, we already have those icons but hadn't the time to put them in the current release. The chat mechanic is something we haven't implemented yet, but it will be there in the next versions of the prototype.

It makes us feel happy you liked a part of the aesthetics of the game. And we hope you can play the next version of the prototype.