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Shadow Ledger 7DRLView game page

Accounting Rogue-like
Submitted by Kyace — 1 day, 18 hours before the deadline

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  • A very intriguing attempt to subvert the roguelike genre!  I really enjoyed the variety of neat reasons provided for the unusual transactions.

    Completeness:  Solid and stable

    Aesthetics: An interesting thing to judge.  The "bad" UI is part of the charm of this sort of work-game.  My complaint here may be it wasn't taken far enough - the g-codes allows highlighting, but I was looking for weird meta-g-codes to allow flagging, or to allow teleporting to other lines via search (to avoid grid bugs) or what not.  This could make it suddenly a multi-dimensional game of how to flag what you see with fewest commands.  Currently it is very one-dimensional as you have the solitary axis of movement.

    Fun:  Unfortunately, the game is balanced way too easily.  The bad transactions are obvious.  Too much time is available to complete it.  While the elbereth/grid bug interaction is interesting, you don't require it to finish the game.

    Innovation: Very cool departure from the norm; but holds back enough to let us still see the roguelike source.  I like the whole  idea that the current line is "me", but I'm also the operator...

    Scope: Very limited set.  I would have loved to have more RNG in the items to make it harder to tell correct from fake, and more g-codes.

    Roguelikeness:  Lack of 2d motion really prevents it from being a true roguelike disguised as a ledger.  The grid bugs, though, bring it from the abyss of non-roguelike into a roguelike world by causing the spreadsheet to suddenly become a 2d cave complex....

  • No idea how this can relate to roguelikes. Even looking at it as a game not related to roguelikes - no idea how I'm supposed to make assumptions about some items... There is not enough information! Well, I can just memorize... But then there are only 3 levels. This game leaves "Uh? What was that?" feeling...

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Interesting game! I included it in my 7DRL Challenge compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thanks for playing and commenting on my game. :)

I ran into a bug on the 3rd or 4th level. The "You correct flagged 100% of the transaction." message was stuck at the top of the screen and I couldn't see the first 2 ledger entries. Nothing seemed to get rid of it.

Doh, I apparently displayed both the "You win" message along side the "You beat this level" after level 3 and only got rid of one of them. Sorry about that, I'll fix it and push an update. There are only three levels at the moment, so you won the game it just bugged out at displaying it.