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Hey. Cool Idea for a game. 

I like the way it looks. and feels, the controls are easy and fluid. I think the level of variation in terms of what to do needs to be a bit higher, but I understand that there was a time limit. As others have said, spamming space is Overpowered.  so I'd nerf it with a cooldown meter. Also, the amt of health is a bit too generous imo.

I liked the idea that if you get hit, you can't charge for a while, so you can't tank a bullet in the name of positioning yourself in front of an enemy. Good idea!

I'd be curious to see what the game would feel like with more enemies/powerups/etc.

The music is pretty nice to. did you make it yourself?

Anyway, great showing for the jam. Cheers.

Thanks for the critique! As you guessed, I ran short on time to implement counter mechanics and enemy variety. Still, as a solo one-man project I think the core concept turned out quite well. As for your question, the audio clips were royalty free that I just modified with a lower pitch.