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This is such a clever twist on bullethell games and a good fit for the theme as well. Really cute aethetics. I couldn't get far because I am bad at bullethell games but I really enjoyed this!

I played all the way through to the end and I loved it! The concept was simple which made it really intuitive and meant that a lot of depth could be built in with the guards, directional-panels, spikes etc. I think my favorite thing about it is how it broke me out of the way I/we usually play platformers; almost every level had me calculating whether it would take fewer inputs to turn left and right to get across a platform, or fewer inputs to go at a sharp angle and time a few risky jumps. And because the player can't stop, that calculation has to take place quickly and it makes it extremely fun. I really really loved this!!! Honestly if you expand on this I would buy it!!! [I did think level 17 had a big difficulty spike but I got through it!]

Solid idea for sure! If there was a time limit on levels I think it could become really manic and hectic (in a fun way!)

Feels imprecise in a way that hurts the platforming, but it's a solid idea, and I like that there is a visual indicator of when the next jump will come (even if it didn't help me much). Really cute aesthetics and a nice tune as well!

There is no button for downloading or launching the game in any way 

This is a fun concept for sure, but I wasn't sure what goal I was supposed to be working toward, since the game didn't seem to be keeping track of my combos for anything; plus, I'm not sure if the string of each four inputs was randomly generated, but for my playthroughs, no combos started with a "left" input. But I really like the aesthetics and the idea, I think it just needs fleshed out more

I liked this a lot, it fit the theme extremely well too! I'd love to see some more indicators of where new fires will start, and how quickly/in which directions it might spread, but it's a really solid execution even in its current form; the different shapes for putting them out was also really clever and got me thinking critically about what to use, even in such a short period of time! Great work!

I really like the idea behind this, I think the control scheme would need some tweaking to feel better (I kept dying because of how my fingers/hands had to be positioned) but there were several moments where I was manically trying to type out the letters while still blocking and those moments were really fun!

It's unclear how the mechanics work; I understand that you took away the mechanic of slashing or hitting, but it's just not clear what gameplay emerges from that change.

Maybe there was a problem with my browser but I think there was only one level? It had a lot of potential, like if left-clicking and right-clicking sent the knight in different directions, and I could see it being really fun and frantic if the speed were increased (perhaps in a later level)

A really cool concept, but very clunky controls. I think I would've pushed much farther in if your direction input changed with the camera, such that pressing up always pushes you into the screen, rather than the direction the character faces.