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I like the idea! As randomerz said this would probably be pretty nice as a coop or multiplayer game. I can see a 2v2 working really well for this. The visuals and audio were also pretty slick! I like the proper menu and loading system as well as the tips parts too. Sorcerer AI was competent enough to keep the game engaging.

As for what I would change, Id say not a whole lot. The movement is a little sticky and janky, and it took a little time to get the hang of controls, but once both were done with it was smooth sailing.  You were also kinda able to cheese the game by just running up to the sorcerer and spamming attack :p.

Honestly, I can see this going somewhere. With some more work and balance put into it I reckon you got something promising. Best of luck with the jam and I wish you well!

Also managed a no hit, fire damage only run!

It was a neat lil concept, I like the idea! As Jon said the particle effects are pretty great, especially the massive wave of fire at the end of each level and the screen shake, both added alot to the game ngl. I also liked that you could kill the Pingolems with the ball of fire which was the most fun and satisfying part for me. Arena mode was also a nice touch, as well as the LOL and marshmallows at the end.

As for parts that faltered slightly, the slight delay after kicking where you cannot move is for most times fatal, and the pingolems are a liiiittle too fast in my opinion, especially since they can go through walls. Last part is that it was hard to tell if I could kick the ball of fire sometimes, at times I just held space and stood there like an idiot.

If I could change it, it would be that instead of there being a meter, you just hit space and it just instantly launches the ball in the angle away from you at a set strength ,tune up the heating speed, and make the pingolems about 2/3s of the speed. You get to kick the ball quicker and kirr more pingolems  (admittedly the game would be easier and Im sure you guys needed to pad out the game time somewhat). Just a suggestion tho, im sure there are even better ways.

Other than that it was a pretty good entry, especially for the time constraint, and with further tweaks and stuff this has some potential, I mean POTENCH.

no you

screw off Tenji

Shoot, sorry I didn't notice the comment sooner. This was done in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and was modified from some stuff I found online:

Basically: player movement and animation was recorded every tick and then added to an array. When player dies, make them semi transparent, turn off movement + collisions and make them follow the array. Make a new player at spawn location and respective array then have the player control that instead.

Thank you for the clarification, help's reassure us a lot more. If that is the case I do indeed hope things work out well, and wish you luck in your endeavors! 

Who is funding this and which company is handling the potential marketing and publishing for this game jam? Because don't get me wrong, but having $12,000 on the line and very few names outside of an email address seems a bit sketchy to say the least.

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The music was a great touch (got blasted in the ears by When Johnny Comes Marching Home) and the art nice, but the information coming in was a little too much for me to handle all at once, and in the end I kind of just cheesed it by having my 2 Man O' Wars both concentrate and blast at enemy ships one by one, taking them out before they have any chance to retaliate.

I also feel this is one of the few games I have played so far that would benefit from having a slower rate of gameplay. Perhaps a turn based system that would tell you what your and the enemies ships are firing next would allow for more strategy and planing (you still dont get to control what they are firing ), where you can then press a button and watch the exchange happen before repeating.

Overall though, definitely not perfect, but also definitely not without potential. I hope this gets developed further. Good luck!

For your first game jam, I have to say, the audio is great. I also like the nice touch with the quotes and how many there were. The art was also really nicely done.

In terms of critique, well, for gameplay there wasn't really much to do other than dodge the plastic waste (and im not sure if there is an ending or if it was infinite), but considering what you were aiming for id say it was alright.

Overall, for your first entry, not bad!

Shoo, Tenji, shoooo

A nice little game, the audio and visuals were pretty well done, and I liked how unique each attack was. Honestly I dont really have anything to nitpick on, so great entry!

Brilliantly done in my opinion. The art and sound design were top notch, the gameplay was both relaxing and tense. I managed to get through the entire game in my first try (although im not sure if this was intentional), but still had another go because why not?

As for things to change, I really have no complaints, overall, an excellent entry!

I like the idea of the game and the art style is quite nice, and the randomly generated levels were impressive, but like the others I simply lacked or missed a little too much information (enemy HP, vehicles firing). Nonetheless gameplay was alright, and with some further polish this could be a pretty nice game.

This actually turned out surprisingly fun, and im actually pretty interested in how the water works. After I got the hang of the controls it also turned into a bit of a strategy, and I can see this being a pretty fun coop experience.

Only really 2 problems I had from me, the sound at first was a kinda loud, bit of a warning would have been nice, and that getting stuck in a block I created actually stopped me from drowning since it removed the water. Using this strategy I managed a total of 437 seconds till I ran out of stuff.

Actually a pretty neat lil game, gj!

Well this was stupidly fun to play. I wish the explosions were louder but I was so captivated to keep throwing people down a mine infested hill I didnt mind really.

Indeed I was so captivated I even developed a strat, the hold-down-W-and-hope-for-the-best strat, and using this glorious strat I must have yeeted myself halfway across China.

Honestly this was pretty fun just to watch and play, and with a little more oohm and more stuff to send you flying downwards (or up!), this would make quite a nice casual game. Good work, and I hope it gets worked on more!

This is going to sound similar to the comment down below, but here goes

I like the idea and how simplistic it was, the in the end it turned out pretty hard for me to get into the rhythm and it proved a little frustrating. The lack of any sound also didn't help.

Perhaps some sort of timer at the top of the screen or some blip or audio beep would have helped alot with this. 

Honestly, although I dont really like the state it is in now, I still see quite alot of potential for this game and if fixed up right, I reckon id like it quite a lot. Add some music and some indicator of when you're going to shoot next and really you're good to go.

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The game was quite fun and I liked the gameplay, especially how meaty the audio was. The shadows on the ground also acted as a nice way to tell me where the fire was and I rather liked it. Movement also felt solid.

The only problem I had was how nauseating the camera was, and by then end of it my head hurt a little. Perhaps adding a way to disable it would be better, or toning down the effect

As for the shooting, I didn't end up really using it, electing to mostly just skip past enemies altogether and just try to beeline for the camp fire.

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The . goats . were . so . cute. I really like how the game mechanics were taught through out the game, and the legs were a very nice touch. The music was also nice and soothing and the art style well done.

Only complaint was that if I needed to move upwards it was a sliiiiiiiiiiiiight hastle since I would keep end up bringing up my taskbar and would need to keep doing slight bunny hops until I got where I needed, but this is only a minor nitpick. 

All in all,very nice game!

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I managed to get a 14 somehow! Im not sure how the system for getting right answers work, but some of them did manage to get a laugh outta me (most notably, I would keep my job because I hate my money for the last one). There was a problem with restarting however, where after pressing play again the music would continue but then end and id be stuck, forced to restart the game.

As for the art and music, both were brilliant and fit each other really well. great job!

A really fun little game really. I love the old school artstyle and the game play was pretty neat. I especially like how simple the controls were. 

Only two criticisms: 

Background music would have really made this a wonderful experience and its a shame it didn't have any, but considering you made everything in 48 hours I feel it's understandable.

As for the 2nd, due to how little hp is lost when the boss attacks, I was more or less able to cheese the entire boss battle by standing on the top most platform and doing some simple dodges and spamming X fast enough. Some more boss variety in terms of attacks would have also been nice. (maybe having platforms disappear under you and such, it would play more into the wizard having control over the game)

Overall, a nice game! Just needs a little music and more polish.

Not a bad game by any means, the art was nice and the gameplay solid. It was a little too slow paced for my liking though, and some music would have really rounded out the experience.

Thanks for playing. It had shooter mechanics, but because of how they were built around the theme the game ended up taking a little of a puzzle like feel.

The camera was, interesting, to say the least. Still though I managed to get the hang of it and it was actually not bad. The gameplay was also surprisingly addictive and I like the idea behind it.

Was there suppose to be audio however, because I couldn't hear any.

A nice and simplistic game, also a lil challenging though.  Congratz on submitting!

Great idea and game. The art was very pleasing and the audio well done.

The greatest problem for me though was that I couldn't see far enough ahead of me to properly plan and place down track, especially when moving upwards. Maybe a better camera angle or system can fix this, or a map that you can pull up showing the entire level.

Overall, me like.

Solid visuals and sound. If the shuttle had a smoother transition into each lane it would have been perfect, but hey, for 48 hours im not complaining really.

The art style was very nicely put together and the audio was well done. My only slight complaint is that it's a little frustrating having all your progress potentially ruined with one wrong move, and then being helpless about it.

Perhaps there can be a system where you can change back, but at the cost of a severe penalty (lose HP, or temporarily will be a one hit death for 10 seconds perhaps?)

My back hurts, my elbow hurts, my mouse has been abused and I wish I never had to sit like that again.

10/10 award winning game right here, see you at the Game Awards. 

Yeah, I'll add that in the desc, thx!

Thx for letting me know, I've fixed it.

I added a improved collision version, they should hopefully mostly be dealt with

It is soon to be a new year.

May everyone have fun, enjoy the last jam of the decade!

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Thank you for posting this, I really appreciate it!

Wa da 


is dis





Thank you for playin! Well I could certainly try adding Metal-Gear-Solid-massive bosses. As for the shoot em up, I wish you the best of luck!

Perhaps one day.

Is that so? I will need to check it out. Thanks for letting me know!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for the praise in the first paragraph.

The reason I used space didn't really exist, I just rest my finger on it a lot of times and decided to use it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As for the WASD and Space for the menus, it is to comply with the game jam rules for the jam this game was made for: GB30. One of the minimum requirements was:

  • Four directional inputs, two "action" buttons (A, B), and two "menu" buttons (Start, Select)

So a mouse system would have been a wee bit cheating. As for the exit button, you are correct, it is for the desktop version.

Finally, the 'select' instead of the 'move-the-cursor system' would in fact be better, but I didn't have time to implement it.

Thx for playing! Glad you liked the enemies.