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Thank you for posting this, I really appreciate it!

Wa da 


is dis





Thank you for playin! Well I could certainly try adding Metal-Gear-Solid-massive bosses. As for the shoot em up, I wish you the best of luck!

Perhaps one day.

Is that so? I will need to check it out. Thanks for letting me know!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for the praise in the first paragraph.

The reason I used space didn't really exist, I just rest my finger on it a lot of times and decided to use it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As for the WASD and Space for the menus, it is to comply with the game jam rules for the jam this game was made for: GB30. One of the minimum requirements was:

  • Four directional inputs, two "action" buttons (A, B), and two "menu" buttons (Start, Select)

So a mouse system would have been a wee bit cheating. As for the exit button, you are correct, it is for the desktop version.

Finally, the 'select' instead of the 'move-the-cursor system' would in fact be better, but I didn't have time to implement it.

Thx for playing! Glad you liked the enemies.

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Thank you for playing and the praise!

By D are you refering to the browser game/ game not working or the D button not working?

If it is the former, try a different browser/ reload the page or re-download the game.

If it is the latter, basically just do the same thing.

Thank you for playing, I'll be sure to make the contrast better. Glad you enjoyed it.

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I'll admit in regards to the ambitious part, I didn't think it through too much and just went "F--k it, let's do it".

As for the elevator, you need to press E with the cursor on the control panel (with the wee lil yellow bit). This was suppose to be highlighted but time constraints mean't it didn't happen. For the uniforms i'll do more signposting.  As for the controls, streamlining is in the process.

Nonetheless, glad you liked it!

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Considering im a few short of 40, I hope you have fun!

If you have any problems, read the desc or msg me.

"and bad fan art"

Bloody jolly good deal

If you have any problems, please refer to the desc, and have fun!

Thank you for the exchange! Im glad you enjoyed it. Both the CEO and control part has been noted, and a better tutorial is on the way!

HHHHHey finally got to playing your game. It's a pretty well put together one and the theme part is solidly done. The sound design and art is also great.

Not sure why Esc at the game over screen didn't work tho.

Actually, if you were refering to being shot and not hurt, im guessing you didnt see the massive "Read me" in the desc.

I left the debug god mode on :P

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There are warnings, but they are small, and the audio feedback wasn't completed in time. As for shooting, you can only shoot the target, missing will automatically fail the mission. (You only have one bullet, that is the take)

Still, thanks for playing!

Thank you! glad you enjoyed it

Thank you! A better tutorial is on the way!

Very very nicely done. The aesthetic is great and the theme idea was excellent, one of the best I have played. The only thing I could not judge is the audio as my headphones broke sadly.

nice work!

All is good!

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No worries! and thanks for playing

Im sorry if im wrong, but im a little confused by the comment you left on my page

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Surely you are refering to the wrong game....? This is One Shot

You cannot kill anyone other than the target and if you miss with the gun, it's game over.

If you are refering to knocking people out, doing that in plain sight will get you killed anyhow

Thank you!

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I did some sound design in my game:

It is set in a large map, and I made it so everytime you entered a zone the atmosphere changes

Construction site has machinery, lobby has the chatter of people, the generator room has the sound of pistons, you get the deal.

I also softened the transition so it's not as jarring, and added some small details. Like when the phone rings the guy at the counter actually picks it up.

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Ok this game turned about alot cooler after I discovered that. Nice work! 

The summon back and hitting abuncha em part was also really satisfying

Oh I just realised you can summon it, ok gimme a sec.

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I played the browser version. Very simple and polished. Challenging as well, bit too much for me. Sadly my headphones broke so I could not judge the sound.

No real complaints really, just really simple, nice work

Did you save rating btw?

Here is my game, also named oneshot! I hope you will enjoy it.

If you have any problems, desc should help

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A one shot hitman! Hope you enjoy it

If you have problems you can try looking at the desc

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I'll pop mine I guess, Hope you enjoy, any problems can mostly be solved by the desc btw

Command to Papa Bear, stand by for debrief.

Thank you for playing, I plan to let the player run is in the works, along with a better tutorial and a scrapping of the need for a mouse (atleast, not extensively). As for the expansion... there may or may not be some in the works. wink wink

As for the theme, I whole heartedly agree. Originally it would have a much higher focus on the theme, with stealth mechanics and a bunch of guards everywhere - that you could not shoot. This proved hard to envision into a good game tho, and when the disguise idea came to mind... well....

Thank you for the in depth comment and playing!

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Well, I think the best way for you to explain it is how to do the generator way

Get staff soup

Lax the construction worker and get his uniform

Get the gas and then spill wine on the staff guy to get his uniform

Re-enter the staff area and sabotage the generator. Then walk straight to his office and shoot him, no one will see you coming (haha shitty pun).

As for the guard suit, yep, it's basically the highest priority so you can go anywhere with it. As for the theme, when I realised this was a problem it was a lil too late, so out the window it went and with the project I ran. Thank you for playing and the very detailed comment!

Oh yeah and the walking speed, guess i'll let you run in the post jam version

Thank you!

Yup! Lots to expand on that I didnt get to have in the original. Thank you for the praise and playing!

An actually pretty well done comment if I say so my self!

I actually though of removing the need for a cursor, since everything happened to be so far away. That was post jam however, but it is planned for implementation.

As for the restricted areas, I agree with you and was originally planning to signpost the areas, for example: A "staff only" sign for staff areas, and a large "Construction staff only" banner laying outside the site. This didnt happen due to time constraints sadly. I also watched the video and it was great! Maybe I should try out the "owner" part.

Finally, I kinda regret the disguise path I laid out. It made the game too easy and as mark said, the player will optimize the fun out of a game. I was gonna add special guard outside the door and have another part, but once again, time is a cruel master.

Thank you for playing, and i'll probably remake it into a better version!

Got it! See ya next time for an updated version of Agent 74!