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yeah im not that creative with naming and stuff

But certainly you're very creative with animations and visual depictions ;)

Interesting story and fits the theme well. Good luck.

I think something is messed up with the resolutions. The game appears stretched on my monitor and I am unable to cross the first wall itself. Maybe the developers hard coded aspect ratio. 

My only gripe with this game is that the wall clock time doesn't change. Who wants to work in an office where it is always 3 PM? 

Liked the descriptions of the characters and there is good variation in the numbers. 

A simple platformer game with football as the player. 

The only reference to sport here is the football. It would be better if the backgrounds, the elements, enemies are also football themed.

Really enjoyed the science fiction vibes. It reminded me a lot of the science fiction writing by Ursula le Guin, especially the book, The Left Hand of Darkness. Fits well with the themes Mundane and Politics.

I liked the drawings but the story became depressing by the end. I was expecting more choices given in the early part of the game to emotionally connect with the characters.
The game part of flying a kite was just 1 click on the screen. I don't know whether that was intended or a bug. A bit more description of the concept and intended gameplay would be helpful.

Thanks for the review and I agree with your point. Level design needs to be very careful if we keep the blowing away of obstacles  as a mechanic. 

The challenge of this game as we imagined is to find the gaps in the patterns of seeds (bullets) to push air through without disturbing them. 

I couldn't see how this game fits the theme of the jam. A better description is needed, what genre, what mechanic? It was fun to roll around and smash objects.

Really cute character and a fun concept. My 10 month old was watching me playing and started laughing when the character puffed up to jump.  The game fits the theme well and works well.

Came for the driving, stayed for the indignation.

This game is fun.  The car doesn't seem to have any momentum,  it quickly changes direction regardless of how fast it is going. I believe if the car can be drifted at high speed it'll be cool. 

Cool concept that you use the momentum of cars crashing into you for speeding up.  However the momentum gained by cars crashing didn't feel satisfying.  It looks like it would give a big push but it doesn't. Also, blender game engine is cool 8)

Great concept and execution. Fits well with the theme. I like how the placement of camera is used as a strategic element.

Good concept. Fits well with the theme.  Reminded me of And Yet It Moves game. 

Implementation could be better, physics was wonky for me when I played. The box jumped around with slightest of the movement. I think you have to reduce the physics timestep or do raycasting based collisions to make it smoother. Overall, I liked it.

Good concept. Mechanic for balancing the plane using people's weight could have been clearer in the implementation.  It was hard to follow what's happening 'cause  of too much movement.

Note: In last minute changes a bug was introduced. When you die in game, clicking Play to restart the game is not working. Please quit the game and launch again to replay. Thanks.

Note: In last minute changes a bug was introduced. When you die in game, clicking Play to restart the game is not working properly. Please quit the game and launch again to replay. Thanks.