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Control your units by ​running and shouting ​in the battlefield.
Submitted by zmc (@_zhimingchen) — 3 hours, 21 minutes before the deadline

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Very funny and interesting! The only thing I'd like about the sounds is maybe a different sound for each call? And maybe if my units came closer during the call, in a Pikmin-esque way? Also, the sprites and animations look really good. Congratulations!

The game is really funny! I took me some time to understand how to call the units, and that made my gameplay a little clumsy. Would prefer to call units closer to me from the distance, I guess. Also, a different sound for each call would make it easier to understand which command you're doing! I loved the visuals :) 


These are the cutest sprites. Really looking forward to  playing this later :D


Love this, super fun first level and the presentation is so cute!


Really cool concept and nice art. I was expecting the "yell to control" mechanic to work differently. More like, "yell here and your units move away from you or toward you". This type of mechanic may have fit more with the theme since it doesn't give direct control.

If waves/stage were made so that strategy had to be employed to pass, this would have been much more fun/challenging. Being able to put melee in the front, then just charge head first to win made it a bit lackluster. With that said, still a fun game. Great job!


Love the idea of indirect control! Think we were a little afraid of whether it'd be annoying but looking back now, it would've been more aligned with the theme.

Ah yes. We wanted to make formations more integral to the game. The melee guys were  supposed to take less damage from the ranged attacks and stuff like that. We even had our artists made pretty animations to reflect that.

Both really cool suggestions! Maybe we'll implement it if we do another iteration. Thanks for the great feedback!


Very nice, assets. Intresting gameplay, but the idea isn't that intresting if you ask me. Thought it is entertaining to play. Love toucans btw 


Thanks! Our artists did a great job.
Yea. I think there are ways for us to make it more interesting and we didn't have enough time to implement it. Regrets!
Thanks for playing our game! 


extremely good birbs!!!!!!!!


Thanks! We like them too! 


I like the animations but what is the genre and what is the missing mechaninc here?

RTS and absolute control if I understand right

Thank you! The animations were really fun to create 

The genre is real-time strategy. Usually in real-time strategy games, the player has god-like control (example: simply click-and-drag from point A to B, to make the troops move from A to B). Our game removes that, and explores what it's like to have to run around and yell commands to get troops to move


This is pretty great, even thought I dislike the visual theme and it could use a lot more complexety


Thanks we’re glad you enjoyed it :)

What kind visual theme would you have liked? Would love any feedback! 

- Jewell

I would prefer a more realistic setting I think, Medieval/Sci Fi I don't realy care but I still think it is absolutely amazing adresses the thing that anoys me the most about RTSs, the need to manage everything

No, the art style it has is the best part of this game.  I love the idea of birds vs fish, OP.

While the art is definetly well done, I feel a bit silly playing it. But the mechanics are waht impresses me here most.


Love it!


1) This was hilarious and fun!

2) I played this in front of my pet parrots and they were going crazy! Bonus!


Thank you!! Our team laughed when we read your comment