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Really cool concept and nice art. I was expecting the "yell to control" mechanic to work differently. More like, "yell here and your units move away from you or toward you". This type of mechanic may have fit more with the theme since it doesn't give direct control.

If waves/stage were made so that strategy had to be employed to pass, this would have been much more fun/challenging. Being able to put melee in the front, then just charge head first to win made it a bit lackluster. With that said, still a fun game. Great job!


Love the idea of indirect control! Think we were a little afraid of whether it'd be annoying but looking back now, it would've been more aligned with the theme.

Ah yes. We wanted to make formations more integral to the game. The melee guys were  supposed to take less damage from the ranged attacks and stuff like that. We even had our artists made pretty animations to reflect that.

Both really cool suggestions! Maybe we'll implement it if we do another iteration. Thanks for the great feedback!