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Love it!

This game is AWESOME. Great execution


Short and sweet <3

I think the third room in the game might be unobtainable. This game was great. The English needs to be fixed a little, but other than those small gripes, I enjoyed it. 

My drivers don't support this game :(

The theming of this game is great

I am you from the future. There's No Time to Explain!

I love this idea, but the lack of instructions makes it a little difficult to tell how to play. I think the |_ symbols shows which corner to start the word in, while the slashes indicate where you move after that. Kind of a neat game

It's a lot like Ridiculous Fishing, but less ridiculous.

Cute, short game


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It's really easy to flip up-side down in this game. There isn't a clear, indicated way to restart or re-flip, so I decided I'd fly into the sky. Weight isn't programmed into the game, so I just flew around for a bit until I got bored. You can fly way up high, until you see the design of the level. It's a decent track, but it has many twists and turns, so flipping is inevitable.

A little dizzying, but neat

This is the first game from the competition that I actually had fun playing. When I first heard the concept, I thought this would be a boring rpg about being the side-kick character. It's actually a game in which you play as a slime, and you have to run away from a hero as he runs around the stage murdering all of your friends. Throughout the game, you watch as he gains more experience and loot. I think the biggest flaw to the game is that there's nothing that incentives you to have the enemy onscreen. You could probably leave the game on for a while and be safe. However, I found myself wanting to keep the hero onscreen, just so I could watch him slaughter everyone, or see the new armor he picked up.  This made the game more interesting, as I'd try to get as close as I could to watch him, then run away if he turned on me. I think this game need a little more polish so it encourages this watch and run behavior. Overall, I had a lot of fun!

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The platforming sections in this game are unfair, and not fun to traverse.

Apparently the floor, which is lava, damages you, but there's no tell when you're damaged, and way of knowing how close you are to death.

The idea of a platformer without running sounds neat I guess, but it isn't fun in this game.

Now, this is probably someone's first project, to which I say: Keep making games. Give the games you make to your friends and family, and find out what parts they find fun and what parts they dislike or grow frustrated at. Get rid of the bad parts and keep the good parts. Make the good parts even better.  But keep making games.

Sure, you don't build the deck, but there's  only a limited amount of cards that you pool from, which you can theoretically call a deck.

The goal of the game is to best your opponent by having a higher attack power than they do.

Some cards add attack bonuses every round.

It's a cute game, but I don't think the concept is a very strong one.

This game is really cute. I love the concept, and I like how you aren't completely blind when you shoot soundwaves. It isn't always clear where you're supposed to go, and the low visibility makes finding your way even more difficult.  The layout of the level isn't the greatest, but I can say this is the contest game I enjoyed playing the most so far.

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The game requires you put the folder in your E:\ drive and call it Blender. It needs a specific path of E:\BLENDER\YOU VS MUSHROMS\Game Archives. 

Cool. Did that.

Now it says my gpu needs OpenGL2.1 support


I'm a bit sad that I can't play this game :/

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It needs UnityPlayer.dll to run :/

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This game is ok for a two day contest. My biggest gripe is that there's no visual indication of whether or not anything was planted  (i.e. a mound of soil) . This makes it hard to know where I need to water, and if watering will do anything.  I think there's a lot of room for improvement.