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Same feedback as plocked. I really like the mechanic, and the fact that you restart the level right away encourages me to find the solution, but the camera movement really get in the way. A very simple fix would be to fix the camera position for the whole level if its not too big, or of course you can implement a pause button, but fixing the camera movement would be less invasive for the gameplay I feel. Also you get no benefit from having the camera following the ball, its more of a disadvantage. Again, very fun mechanic, and gosh you finished this 1 day early? Kudos!!


Thanks, yep I agree compleatly about the camera movement and am currrently working on a solution. Also I did not actually finish this 1 day early, I made this submittion page, and submitted a prototype yesterday, but I didn't upload this current .zip file until about 30 minutes before the jam ended. That way I would get a few more veiws from participents before the rest of the games flooded the page, thus allowing for my game to be recommended more often on the download screen of another project.

Ahh I see. I made the prototype too but didnt think of submitting it. Will be a useful tip for my future game jams on, thanks :D