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This was freaking cool!!! Takes me right back, thank you very much for making it <3

Black bars work well on an ultrawide monitor btw, just tested it at 1980x1080

As an ultrawide monitor owner, thank you! And what's this? Oh nooo a reason to play through the prologue again what a shame what a shame what. a. shame

A fantastic little game, thanks very much!

A delightful game!

Really cute, I like it!

It feels like the strong suit should be driving around and things falling off and causing mayhem, but all I've experienced so far is meticulious planning followed by very slow speed failure after a few seconds driving - then back to the drawing board. Maybe a score system that rewards more points for arriving with more stuff, but still lets you lose some things?

Controls are really touchy. Would like to see more of the game but I keep falling into pits haha!

Hmm can't download the game, at least from the launcher

Ahh multiplayer only? Sorry mate, don't have anyone else at hand to play!

Haha WOW! I love this! Not since Dark Messiah of Might and Magic has there been a kick as formidable as that bestowed upon Adalia de Volador

Awwwww yeah, fresh update!

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Lookin 'forward to giving it a try

Really enjoyed this one, great job!

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Not even sure what I'm supposed to be doing :\

Hmm can't seem to start the game from the menu. I can move the sword cursor up and down between Play and Instructions but no other button my keyboard or mouse seem to do anything else. Hope it's a good'un!

Love the concept of a passive-mode only Castlevania game! A bit slower paced, focus on blocks, parries, dodge rolls, smoke bombs etc.. Could really be somethin'!

Love a good little dungeon crawler as much as the next guy! Felt better replaying it knowing where I needed to go for a change haha

Kinda struggled in this without much feedback and was thoroughly stun-locked a few times haha. Having a local co-op game to share with my missus was a surprise though, thank you!

Would prefer to play a game like this that is much faster! :)

A sentient bullet out for revenge against slimes at ate his family (the other bullets in the magazine) that were ineffectually shot into a Jelly) would be a great story basis for this haha. Really enjoyed it! Would definitely play it again with more

Definitely value for this concept in the runner genre. Found it a bit hard to keep up with the camera though and I imagine you could make some really creative levels with a pause button

Love the idea of a melee weapon in an asteroids game, heaps of potential! Flails, whips, ice cream cones haha. Found this super challenging but the idea is solid, great work

Fantastic execution of a neat concept! Got pretty difficult when I got into the teen levels and wasn't 100% on how grapple blocks worked, but all the pieces are there to polish this up. Great work!!