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Good fortune for the development process!

Haha WOW! I love this! Not since Dark Messiah of Might and Magic has there been a kick as formidable as that bestowed upon Adalia de Volador

Awwwww yeah, fresh update!

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Lookin 'forward to giving it a try

Really enjoyed this one, great job!

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Not even sure what I'm supposed to be doing :\

Hmm can't seem to start the game from the menu. I can move the sword cursor up and down between Play and Instructions but no other button my keyboard or mouse seem to do anything else. Hope it's a good'un!

Love the concept of a passive-mode only Castlevania game! A bit slower paced, focus on blocks, parries, dodge rolls, smoke bombs etc.. Could really be somethin'!

Love a good little dungeon crawler as much as the next guy! Felt better replaying it knowing where I needed to go for a change haha

Kinda struggled in this without much feedback and was thoroughly stun-locked a few times haha. Having a local co-op game to share with my missus was a surprise though, thank you!

Would prefer to play a game like this that is much faster! :)

A sentient bullet out for revenge against slimes at ate his family (the other bullets in the magazine) that were ineffectually shot into a Jelly) would be a great story basis for this haha. Really enjoyed it! Would definitely play it again with more

Definitely value for this concept in the runner genre. Found it a bit hard to keep up with the camera though and I imagine you could make some really creative levels with a pause button

Love the idea of a melee weapon in an asteroids game, heaps of potential! Flails, whips, ice cream cones haha. Found this super challenging but the idea is solid, great work

Fantastic execution of a neat concept! Got pretty difficult when I got into the teen levels and wasn't 100% on how grapple blocks worked, but all the pieces are there to polish this up. Great work!!