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Really original idea and great execution!  So far the best game I've played that does the "only one attempt" theme.

Thank you for the constructive feedback.  This was my first real foray into programming AI beyond having enemies just run at you, so I struggled to find a good balance between aggression and telegraphing moves.  This was mostly a super useful learning experience for me, even if the final product is kind of a mess.

Amazing design for all the levels.  Only complaint is that I wish it were longer so I could use the grapple more lol.

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Cool concept, though I'm unsure how it relates to the theme.  I really like the enemy design and how they can extinguish torches.  It was rather difficult to see the walls though as they are nearly the same color as the ground.

Now THIS is what I was really hoping for with this type of jam theme.  I've wondered about making a non-combat tactical RPG for a while as well, but never got around to it.  To see 3 fully functional, balanced, fleshed out levels made in only 48 hours is just stunning.  Not to mention the art is phenomenal, it's pretty much on par with FE:H.  It really feels like you poured a lot of love and passion into this game.

As you may be able to tell from my name and avatar, I am quite the avid Fire Emblem fan, so when I say this game holds its own against the actual games in that series (the levels here are better than some entire FE games), I hope that really makes it clear how great I think this entry is.

Hi, the executable does not appear to do anything for me on Windows 10, just a heads up.  So I couldn't try your game :(

Yeah if I had more time I probably would have tuned the difficulty more.  Thanks for the feedback!

Pretty good concept, it's pretty fun for a while.  The difficulty curve is perfect.

Nice animations and solid concept!

There is a minor glitch on the title screen if you click the left mouse button.  If you want a version without the glitch you can download the game here:

The linked game is the exact same as the version except for the fixed glitch.

This is the funnest game I've played so far.  The movement is surprisingly intuitive and precise, and the music and art is top notch.  Really great job!