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Confusing, but I was able to get the jist of it in a couple of minutes. Great game!

the character who saves you is the same one from that other game. the one that just goes on forever without any fighting. are you assembling a hero team like marvel did the avengers?

I played a bit, and then I stopped shooting. 


a bit rough. it's interesting how you need to think ahead of your jumps. maybe make the falling springs travel with the background?

How did this potato get robot arms and legs? and why does he not use them? nevermind. BECAUSE POTATOES.

I would greaty enjoy it if I could control the guy. I thouht it was a bit counterintuitive that you can't turn around. maybe say so at the beginning?

Can't get past the second level. I'm not sure how to improve my technique.

yeah the bottom lines were cut off sometimes during gameplay. (I forgot to mention that there was also the button in the bottom-left)

it is possible to win, right?

you sir, deserve a medal.

lots of games in this jam went with "Platforming without gravity," but you have executed it best.

firstly, you knew exactly how to design the first jump to have the players expect an ordinary platformer. it gets me every time. secondly, you made the powerups so that they play with the no gravity idea rather than falling back on the tropes. Not to mention that the robot guy is really cute and he SQUINTS when going at high speeds! Also, I started the game and without any text but "Gravity Error Detected" I knew that the ship got blown up because of the tilesets and the backgrounds. Also the fact that you used the yellow paint stuff to tell the player that they could just jump off into space was genius. Overall, the controls were smooth and intuitive. I don't care who actually wins this jam. you,  sir, have won it to me.

I feel like you spent so long on this AWESOME art that you didn't have time for any AWESOME levels. I personally love slimes, so you have my vote.

Interesting, but too hard for me. consider making some checkpoints midway through levels.

after the second fight I just die once I go off screen. it seems like there are some ninjas over there that I can't see. appropriate for ninjas, but bad for gameplay.

otherwise, it's a good concept.

it's not really an improvement on the inventory screen. it makes it more tedious, not more interesting.


it's too fancy for my computer, even on lowest graphics.

is it possible to win? I was trying to be as boring as possible and I ended up with a black screen, some letters in the top-right corner, and some jammin' choir tunes.

it took me a while to figure out that I could suck with shift, but once I did, it was EPIC.

The enemies feel smart, most of the time. like they know that you only have a knife so they'll hang back to take the most advantage of it. the one advantage you have is your jump.

I like it.


tricky sometimes. it's a mix of puzzle and skill, which is interesting.

I can't get past the first boss. It seems random whether your shot is effective or not. The first time I played it said the belly was blue and I shot it and it worked, so I assumed that I should shoot blue things always. but it didn't work. I can see no correlation btween the colors and the effectiveness of your shot.

I could not for the life of me finish that last level. so I skipped it. LOVE the ending.


sorry about the glitches; I thought I fixed that. thanks for the comment!

Too hard for me.. got to the second level; but that said, it's a REALLY cool idea. you should keep developing it!

btw, I missed how to activate powerups in the tutorial.

too hard for me. cool concept though.

good concept, but it needs refining and more levels.

too hard for me. for futre iterations, maybe call it Stealth Shark? because they can't stop moving?

fun, but it's a bit confusing. it would help if the camera didn't always center on the level so I could see what was going on.

I can't survive for more than a couple of seconds.

I can't survive for more than a couple seconds... is there a button I don't know about?

fun game. almost impossible to control with any competency. I didn't know you could shoot the stars until the level with the long hallway that was blocked.

Hard as nails. I can't finish it. GREAT idea though!

umm, there's no game uploaded.

hard sometimes, but fun.

Really, Really hard.

I need a password to view the game...

Yeah I agree.

fixed it. thx!