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you sir, deserve a medal.

lots of games in this jam went with "Platforming without gravity," but you have executed it best.

firstly, you knew exactly how to design the first jump to have the players expect an ordinary platformer. it gets me every time. secondly, you made the powerups so that they play with the no gravity idea rather than falling back on the tropes. Not to mention that the robot guy is really cute and he SQUINTS when going at high speeds! Also, I started the game and without any text but "Gravity Error Detected" I knew that the ship got blown up because of the tilesets and the backgrounds. Also the fact that you used the yellow paint stuff to tell the player that they could just jump off into space was genius. Overall, the controls were smooth and intuitive. I don't care who actually wins this jam. you,  sir, have won it to me.

Wow, thanks, I'm glad you liked it!