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Zak comments · Replied to sha0 in Zak comments

Thanks. I did everything except some of the music. The software I used is in the credits.

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The Cal game is a prototype made for ProcJam, which I currently don't plan on turning into a full game. I've been working on Zak 2 for a long time (way too long) and Cal will feature heavily in that!


Wow, thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

Hey thanks! I totally planned on making checkpoints , but unfortunately I ran out of time. :( 

Thanks for all the nice words, everyone! The plan is to give this project a month or two of development after I finish my current project (which should hopefully be later this month)

I decided to not do enemies or sound 'cause I wanted to focus on getting the feel right for the jam build.

(Shameless plug for my twitter if you want to keep up with my stuff)

Yes, I intend to do more games in this series. I'll need to ask for a bit of patience, though. As small as Zak is, it took me over 3 months to finish. Thanks :)