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Super Gravity Magic Ping Pong Balls.
Submitted by Phaneron (@chrlsjswt) — 3 hours, 11 minutes before the deadline
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I really enjoyed the mechanics of this game, but the level design soured my experience too much.  The small, narrow passageways made it more of a crap shoot than skill to get though the level, and the maze in level three was very frustrating.  Wider camera angles matching sections would make it easier to see a hazard before dropping into it.  I was honest though about liking how this worked, playing around more with the level design could do wonders; and perhaps adding in some other level elements such as blocks that move to match the orientation of gravity or open and close by orientation would add variety and puzzle work without making the game completely treacherous. 


Thanks for the honest feedback, wanted to implement some of the stuff you said but ran out of time in the 48 hours. Thanks for trying it out! 


Consider checkpoints and maybe a more comfortable to the eye viewing angles. Or add an option for a set view. Other than that solid game, hope to see this somewhere soon.


Already ahead of you, thanks for the advice!


Hey ! Very good game !  I love the "poc" sound effect, it's very satistying.

Tight space could use more work, it's very hard to pass through, but anyway, good work !


Thanks for playing! 


Interesting, but too hard for me. consider making some checkpoints midway through levels.


Will do that. Thanks for playing the game!


Really cool look and gameplay


Thanks for playing the game!

Really fun game! It can get pretty frustrating though with the tight spaces 

Developer (1 edit)

I agree, and thanks for the feedback and I’m glad you had fun!


Really fun and responsive game. Loved the feel and sound design.

I did feel that tight spaces really weren't this game's strong suit, and level 3 kind of got me lost a one point.

How does this game fit with the theme by the way? Platformer with unorthodox controls?


The idea for the game is to to have a platformer with nonstop jumping. Early prototyping Friday night showed that this type of gravity manipulation was the best and most fun way to substitute the missing mechanic (which is running and/or idling on a  surface).  The gravity mechanic also allows more interesting level designs, and adds some player agency that is lacking in most 2D platformers. But I feel that the heart and soul of a 2D platformer is still there, especially in areas like the beginning of level 4. Thanks for playing the game, and thanks for the honest feedback. I’m really happy the movement and feel is landing with people (no pun intended). 

Fun game! Level 4 was way too hard though, Spent about 20 minutes on it and nearly rage quit. Level 5 also wasn't as strong design wise as the others. But awesome concept and the movement was fun and fluid!


Thanks for the feedback, I’m happy that the movement landed.