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Wow I can't believe you made a 3D game! It's so cool!

This game was great! and addictive! OwO 

DUDE! This is such a cool concept!!!! I really liked this game!

haha coool! *spams screen with 0w0s*

This game is pretty fun. It's pretty difficult though, so would need a checkpoint system! 

Falling collectable games always make me feel nostalgic of my childhood. Fun little game! That's a nice big 0w0 too.

Nice game! In level 2 some of the bullet timings make the platforming a little too difficult, and I think you should add checkpoints where the musical notes are. Other than that it was fun and I had fun playing!

Cute game! I love the little one eyed creature. You should finish this!

Yo! Fun game!! I didn't expect the different angles (top down and front view haha). The top down section is a little too difficult though :p

Fun game! Level 4 was way too hard though, Spent about 20 minutes on it and nearly rage quit. Level 5 also wasn't as strong design wise as the others. But awesome concept and the movement was fun and fluid!