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You've made my friend very confused and worried about me from the sounds in this game.  In all seriousness, it's a unique game, and fits the theme well.  I found it was possible to align the rotating bits and hold one of the plungers and make it pretty much impossible to lose.

I really enjoyed the mechanics of this game, but the level design soured my experience too much.  The small, narrow passageways made it more of a crap shoot than skill to get though the level, and the maze in level three was very frustrating.  Wider camera angles matching sections would make it easier to see a hazard before dropping into it.  I was honest though about liking how this worked, playing around more with the level design could do wonders; and perhaps adding in some other level elements such as blocks that move to match the orientation of gravity or open and close by orientation would add variety and puzzle work without making the game completely treacherous. 

That was fantastic!  Very creative, and very good at telling a story and giving options without using words.  Even the radio was a great touch, and edits to animate.  You used your medium very well.  I would have loved to see this go further.

It's an interesting concept but the game is very tricky to hit the stars at the right.  I'm not sure if it was the number of buttons to hit on or the difficulty of getting a rhythm going.  At four buttons the game could be played on one hand, making it an easier analog between the controls and what was on the screen.  The other thing is that as you hit something the constellation speeds up, making it difficult to time the next hit.  It may makes sense not to speed up but mark the constellation points for a set amount of time or rotations as activated and keep it at a constant speed.

I really like the concept and it's well put together.  There are a few issues with controls that had issues though.  The magnet felt inconsistent.  Sometimes the magnet pulled strong, other times it pulled weakly and I couldn't figure out the reason.  If there was a power level the got depleated or it was split between objects on the level I couldn't tell; perhaps some player feed back could help.  

I'm going to admit I only made it past the first level, early in the second level I I got stuck at the second spike cannon.  I noticed that at the beginning of the first and second levels there was a tight difficult part right at the beginning, it may makes sense to put that tighter place later in the level once the user is used to the mechanics in place.

we had a big with the water we weren’t able to correct before the deadline, continuing the slide until you jump was out compromise.  We can look in a permanent solution in the post jam version.

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback.  We are looking into fixing the collision masks on the player and hazards to be a bit more forgiving.  We’ve also moved the mines about a bit to make them less of a blind hazard and will probably make them res pawn but work more fairly.  As for controls we have a few ideas to simplify them for ease of play but don’t have anything specific yet.

we are looking into rebalancing the levels, as well as making the collision masks for the player and other objects more accurate in a post jam version.