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Platformer with no movement: Steal the egg while you still can!
Submitted by TimRuswick (@timruswick) — 10 minutes, 40 seconds before the deadline
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I really like the concept and it's well put together.  There are a few issues with controls that had issues though.  The magnet felt inconsistent.  Sometimes the magnet pulled strong, other times it pulled weakly and I couldn't figure out the reason.  If there was a power level the got depleated or it was split between objects on the level I couldn't tell; perhaps some player feed back could help.  

I'm going to admit I only made it past the first level, early in the second level I I got stuck at the second spike cannon.  I noticed that at the beginning of the first and second levels there was a tight difficult part right at the beginning, it may makes sense to put that tighter place later in the level once the user is used to the mechanics in place.


The game id definitively well produced.  The idea is simple but well done. The physics is well balanced and the collisions are precise which is not always easy to do.

I like the details like the eyes that follow the player (why do both of them look so pissed, did they had a bas day or something?)

Correct me if I'm wrong but there is a cooldown on the magnet probably to avoid the player to keep the magnet on (not in the menu however). But it was really ambiguous when the cooldown was trigger because the sparkles on the magnet are still on even though the magnet is not anymore. That made the game harder IMO.

The first level is nice but the difficulty is raising a lot, in level 2 and 3 and it felt more punishing than challenging. This is a subtlety that is difficult to nail in 48 hours of course.

Well done for completing the game. It is a quite polished submission.


Now that I understand the mechanic better; I think this is very good! Tim knows how to make a game and this proves it. Much like my entry, it's not the most original idea; (platformer without movement) but the execution is. Good job Tim! 

overall the game is good but need sound and more levels and a twist with it like make it where there is a level where the chicken is on the right wall of the screen not up

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I love this.  Great concept, and everything about it is smartly designed-- from the fact that it's an egg with a prolate sphere with that egg shape so it rests on two specific sides and needs to be angled a certain way to fit through dangerous areas... rather than just being a perfect sphere, to the very granular checkpointing between challenges, to the difficulty curve.

I legitimately felt myself improving and learning new techniques throughout as I played and didn't feel too discouraged when I failed.

I was going to suggest that the main character be a metallic chicken, but I only at the end noticed that the little guy behind the magnet was in fact a chicken.

Well done. Great work.

Was this made with Construct? 


I've played a few platformers without direct control already but this one is executed quite well. It looks great and the sound is good too. The controls are a little strange as the magnet seems to lose power but there is no indicator for this. I would expect that if the magnet is able to attract the egg to the ceiling that it would also be able to keep it there. There is obviously some fluctuation in its pulling power but this makes controls a bit random at times. I found feathering the magnet was the best approach but still found some parts pretty frustrating, particularly the high-low-high-low saws in the narrow section of level 2. A plus for having checkpoints though.

oooo. Nice gameplay. Physics and controls are tight. The fact that you don't notice bad controls is a tribute to how much effort must've gone into calibrating this game. I didn't find the coins' function intuitive at first. Other than that, you've got a good base with which you can flesh this game out a bit more

Great mechanic - and very fun to play!  (I like having the simple mouse control).

Played to the end. A little difficult, but manageable. The save points before a puzzle is also nice. Thanks Tim for this nice gem of a game.

Made it to the end! It was pretty difficult at times. Good thing there are checkpoints.  For what it is and the time frame it was built in, this is a great little game. Thanks Tim!

I had a hard time enjoying this game.  When I got to the flying spike level I thought "How does this magnet even work?  Is it better to be close or far to go faster?" but I've faced a similar complaint to my game "Toad Mountain" so I can understand making the mistake, but even so I still had a hard time playing this.

Was it original though?  Would I play it more if it was a full Indie game?  Did it properly address the theme for this game jam?  Absolutely!

Tim. Got to see a lot of the development of the game and different iterations of what you conceived it to be to the final product... great lesson for all indie developers.

Played to the end... those saws are just brutal; almost to the point of a rage game but then each level has it's own objective which is really cool.

As I mentioned to you in live-stream; really great name for the game and what an idea to take away the traditional WASD/ <- ^ v ->. Great idea wonderful execution and I am absolutely sure with more time you could have a complete game (more levels and better sound).

Not only did you complete this task on time but also took the time to live-stream and talk us through what you were doing for almost the whole project which I am sure took time out of your design time.


Not a bad little game, but kinda buggy with the magnet controls since sometimes the magnet will just stop pulling the egg more than a few pixels and you have to restart. It's supposed to be a platformer where you can't jump, but really you're still jumping, just really imprecisely with a magnet. Maybe reversing the flow and having the dominant movement be to pull the egg with the magnet, releasing the attraction to navigate obstacles would've been more interesting.

I think Tim made it so you cant pull the egg forever, you don't have to restart it

Good one. Awesome mechanic. The egg shape helps to make it pretty unique. A ball shape would be less random and control a little better. For a game jame, the egg is a good decision. For a longer game I'd go for the ball for sure. :D

I really think that the egg shape is what makes the game. With a ball it is much more predictable whereas with the egg shape you have think more about what you are doing and in what position the egg is in.

This game is very unique and fun.  Great concept.  It definitely can get "rage-like", but the challenge is addicting.  Awesome job Tim!

Made me laugh, made me cry...


I had a blast with this game! Very challenging, but not unfair as far as difficulty either. I had a good time also watching you make this on live stream as well! Great job!!


Love this game, difficult but beatable.  Really enjoyed this game.

Really love the idea, here. It's well executed for a game jam, but I feel like some of the mechanics could have benefited from a polish. More fluidity in the magnet controls would have been great! Love the idea, though, and would love to see this polished!


Really clever idea! I had fun with the physics based movement. Though sometimes I had trouble getting the egg to move and had to mash left click. I'm not sure if that was intentional. Still, nice job on this jam! I really like the art style too.

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